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Doldrums, Apathy, Smoke, Limit Guardian News

We probably owe loyal GUARDIAN readers an apology and explanation for the dearth of posts during the past month or so (for non-library types, DEARTH: a scarcity or lack of something). To be frank, we haven’t had much to say. The fires are burning, the smoke comes and goes, and it takes the TV “chief […]

NW Smoke Settles In Boise

Epic Soda Fire Facts

The biggest wildfire in the continental USA is raging out of control in Owyhee County along a 40 mile wide line of flames visible at night from more than 50 miles away. Based on the size of the area burned–219,000 acres–the fire would be equivalent of a charred area from Detroit to Chicago a mile […]

“Scorched Earth” Policy Could Raise BOI Dust Cloud

A pilot contacted the GUARDIAN today, claiming last night’s dust storm at the airport was probably caused by recent removal of grass and vegetation along the runways. Seems that in an effort to eliminate gophers, ground squirrels and the birds that prey upon the little critters officials at BOI scraped the area along the runways […]

Shift In Winds Could Mean Smoke In Boise

GUARDIAN reader John Kangas sent us these photos of the 30,000 acre Soda fire burning in Owyhee County Tuesday evening at sunset. Kangas said if there is any shift in the wind, it could mean massive smoke settling into the Boise Valley. He noted the winds are currently out of the south, but a shift […]

Ed Super Wants Rules For Candidates Stricter Than President or Governor

Sherri Ybarra, Idaho’s Superintendent of Education, has announced plans to make it more difficult to run for her elected office than it is to run for Governor, President, Congress, or be appointed to the Supreme Court of the U.S. She is offering up legislation that would change the rules of candidacy. The qualifications bill would […]

U.S. Judge Removes Gag from Idaho “Ag-Gag” Law

Senior U.S. Judge Lynn Winmill overturned Idaho’s “Ag-Gag” law Monday in an order for summary judgment. Winmill ruled against Gov. Butch Otter and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden who were sued by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). Winmill based his ruling on the constitutional violation of the First Amendment right to free speech and […]

World Social Media Ablaze Over ISU Staffer “Huntress”

Social media is ablaze with comments over a series of posts and tweets featuring an Idaho “huntress” who is shown posing with a series of dead African game animals, in the wake of the controversy ignited by the death of “Cecil the lion.” While we don’t know if the images are really of Sabrina Corgatelli, […]

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