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Vista Neighbors Oppose Jet Noise In Survey

The Vista Neighborhood Association released a survey about airport noise and to the surprise of few, folks don’t want F-35 and F-15 noisy jet fighters.

Some of the results:

–Fifty-five percent of respondents say they were negatively impacted by the F-15 jets which were at Gowen during the summer while the runway at Mountain Home was being resurfaced.

–Eighty-sever percent were unaware of open house meetings in June and September.
–Seventy-seven percent opposed basing the F-35 in Boise.
–Eighty-five percent favored basing the F-35 at Mountain Home.

No doubt the survey is slanted toward Vista Neighbors since they were directly contacted about the survey. None-the-less, the results certainly are a worthwhile reflection of that area’s homeowners.

The entire survey results: survey monkey results

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  1. Thanks for helping spread the word about the stealth plan to make it seem as though Boiseans support bringing ridiculously loud military jets to the Boise airport.

    Dave Bieter is a coward (wont attend election debates) and a criminal (says Boise supports bringing LOUD military jets to Gowen field when we do not) and should NOT be reelected.

    This is a typical “boil the frog” dictatorial government action where they spread propaganda and just keep slowly pushing bad ideas year after year, hoping to wear us down until we capitulate.

  2. Henry Wiebe
    Oct 19, 2015, 9:12 am

    Story not quite true. I paid for it. I set it up and launched the distribution and posted the results. And no, I’m not on the VNA Board, but I do live in the neighborhood. Some of the questions were drafted by Dave Kangas who is the President of the VNA. I don’t think it would be fair to hang this around the neck of the VNA board members who knew nothing of it, –unless that’s what they want.

    EDITOR NOTE–Henry, we got the info and link from the VNA…I don’t think they or the GUARDIAN intended so slight you. I can only assume the info accurate regarding the results of the survey.
    Good job. You apparently are also more adept at getting the word out than officialdom.

  3. 87% unaware of open houses= 87% disregarding direct mail, posted signage in neighborhood, newspaper, etc. it is pathetic how little attention is paid to the outreach (big or small) done to provide information about the goings on in neighborhoods. It is apparent from involvement in the neighborhood organizations around the valley with low attendance and uninformed complaints.

  4. I noticed our $1M + benefits worth of county elected officials have said nothing about the noise issue which will impact county residents just the same as city folk.

    The Air Force has thousands of quiet aircraft and drones. I’m all-in for anything without an afterburner. It’s a no-brainier.

  5. I think the F-35 should be in mountain home, but I also think the survey presented bias in the wording of some of the questions.

    When the mayor and council are elected by the citizens they become our representatives on many issues. For better or worse the City leaders are backing the F-35 program in Boise, and they will be held accountable or verified in their position when it comes to elections.

    Those who do not vote, are still participating in the process, no vote supports incumbents.

    @JSmith: I know from your previous post you do not vote since voting is in your opinion a corrupt event that legitimizes our corrupt leaders, but by not voting you are supporting the mayor and current council and their effort to bring the F-35 to Boise.

    Whether they are good candidates or not, there are challengers to the Mayor and City Councilors, there are choices.

  6. JJ: That would be nice if true, but it’s not. Because the people are not getting the straight story… or any story at all. And the local mainstream media is participating in the lie.

    A few years from now Team Dave will address F-35 noise complaints by shrugging their shoulders and claiming they did all they could to stop the basing decisions… the media will help tell that lie too.

    I suspect Team Dave and their UR friends have big plans to destroy the bench residential with a few years of F-35 noise, then redevelop the area into expensive high-density rentals and commercial in time for a quiet aircraft to be based here.

    The media has refused to be a neutral party in many extremely important political issues. It’s a disgusting lack of ethics, morals, and duty on the part of those who call themselves journalists. Evidence the criminal, H Clinton, enthusiastically promoted by each and every MSM.

  7. Lisa – Nice try. Isn’t going to work.

    NEVER saw ANY mailer! Never saw a single sign. NEVER saw a single newspaper ad and I LOOKED FOR ALL THREE!

    So tell us again where you live? The North End?

  8. JJ – If voting worked, they would make it illegal.
    The campaign to get everyone to vote just encourages Joe Knownothing to waddle off to the voting booth with maybe an idea of one candidate or one issue, then they guess on everything else. What is a safe guess? Why the incumbent, of course! That is why everyone lines up to get appointed, but only a very few run in the election.
    Reference the BG story, which is the norm, not the exception.
    If only people who studied all of the candidates and issues voted, we might have a chance, but this nonsense of encouraging everyone to vote is exactly what keeps criminals like Dave Bieter in office forever.

  9. CJ Petrovsky
    Oct 19, 2015, 6:11 pm

    Lisa…not quite. I took the survey and I don’t live in Vista or environs, hence did not see (nor ignore) any direct mail, signage, etc. I do pay attention. This is a city-wide issue, given the noise factor, and it may influence my vote for mayor.

    I’m also curious about why there’s been no discussion of impacts if one of these birds goes down, jet fuel being pretty combustible.

    Jet fighter bases (e.g., Navy bases in Fallon, NV, and Miramar, CA) are in the middle of nowhere for a reason. They’re not appropriate in urban areas, period. Too much noise, too much risk.

  10. CJ, so are you worried about 737’s for “if one of these birds goes down”?

    Fighter bases are often in municipal areas.
    For one, your reference of Miramar is within the San Diego Metro area, surrounded by housing, albeit one direction has desert density, much like Nellis (an F-35 base) right next to Vegas.
    Oceana NAS, one of the busiest is surrounded by a city.
    Nearby Hill AFB in middle of Ogden and the list goes on.

    BTW, most of the US would consider Boise to be “in the middle of nowhere”. in case you haven’t been out lately, “we” are still surrounded by desert. So that must be perfect by your standard. 🙂

  11. CJ Petrovsky
    Oct 20, 2015, 3:38 pm

    So Easterner, you’re a fan I gather?
    I actually lived most of my life in San Francisco, so if Boise’s the middle of nowhere that’s good w/ me. I also worked for many years as a (civilian) Navy employee, overseeing construction projects, including housing. During those 15 years, any housing project needed clearance that it was not in the AICUZ (Air Installation Compatible Use Zone, if memory serves) at naval air stations. The reason? If one went down, they didn’t want any houses in the way nor people incinerated.

    I’m no pilot but fighter jets–and the maneuvers they execute–are not 737s.
    The Navy lost a jet at Miramar several years ago; the pilot ditched in the ocean. I’ve spent time at both Miramar and Fallon and seen the fighter jets in action…even passed up a ride at Fallon, preferring my natural color to green. (Also Lemoore and Adak, which don’t have these types of planes.) They’re loud and I’ll say it again, the bases are not in areas comparable to urban character near Gowen.

    I’ve no personal knowledge/experience with AF bases. Maybe you do and can enlighten me?

  12. Cj, your statement of “not in areas comparable to urban character near Gowen” is inaccurate.

    There is a list of locations for F-35s.
    A google map (satellite version) shows that most of those bases are VERY similar to Gowen- on the edge of a city or actually within a city. Although those other “cities” are more populated.
    Further, looking at other military airbases, being close to a city is common.

  13. The sound of the jets do not entertain just the people near the runway, but all the way to Cassia and Roosevelt (on the “first bench”). But why not bother them, they do not live in the North End. While this may be considered “VERY similar” to one commenter, it does not make it right.

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