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Peavey-Derr “Dares” Bieter To Debate

The following is a press release from the Peavey-Derr Campaign Judy Peavey-Derr, candidate for Boise Mayor, was notified by Boise Chamber leaders that Mayor Dave Bieter has refused to debate Peavey-Derr in what has been a traditional debate in recent years. No clear excuse was given to the Chamber leadership. “The Mayor will likely dodge […]

Has Boise Shared Citizen Views In D.C.?

Boise Airport held an October 6th public meeting for the purpose of informing the public of the results of a new Joint Land Use airport noise study. A PowerPoint presentation was made by the airport manager. Monty Mericle opposes the F-35 or F-15 and his report is posted below. Of particular concern to the GUARDIAN […]

More Politicos Living High

Here is a great story from the IDAHO REPORTER–the publishing arm of the IDAHO FREEDOM FOUNDATION. A number of Idaho lawmakers and public officials won’t say who paid their tab to attend a posh weekend getaway in Sun Valley last month. The group of the unwilling includes some of Idaho’s most powerful officials, including Senate […]

West Bench Neighbors Mayor Forum

The West Bench Neighborhood Association is holding a forum for Boise mayoral candidates on October 21, 2015 from 7pm to 8:30pm at Morley Nelson Community Center on Northview St. This is a great opportunity for the voters to hear the candidate’s views prior to the election on November 3. Judy Peavey Derr and Seth Holden […]

JUMP Project About To Leap To Life

A sneak peek from atop a parking garage reveals the long awaited JUMP Project–for “Jack’s Urban Meeting Place”–is nearing completion. Simplot Company Chairman Scott Simplot told the GUARDIAN, “We are aiming for a December 4 opening, but plan to have it finished at least before the end of the year.” A source of pride for […]

More Chatter On Airport Noise

The meeting of mostly irate homeowners last week over the Boise Airport Noise Survey has caused the city to offer another chance for residents to sound off. The GUARDIAN has followed the issue, both from a practical and political standpoint. It appears the Air Guard and City leaders are in favor of basing high performance […]

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