Dope Reporter Award: Do Inmates Shave Legs?

First 2016 winner of a coveted (dreaded?) GUARDIAN “Dope Reporter Award” is Sierra Oshrin at KBOI TV2 for her live report from the Canyon County Jail-tent.

Jose Esteban Coronado

Jose Esteban Coronado

After an inmate cut through the tent-like material in a minimum security structure, Oshrin did her live stand up outside the scene of the escape, explaining Jose Esteban Coronado cut a hole in an exterior wall. With a pantomime motion she said the escapee “used a plastic razor like you use to shave your legs.”

We immediately wondered how many inmates shave their legs. Guess it’s really a matter of perspective how one uses a razor.

Here are some previous WINNERS over the years.

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  1. Don't own a TV
    Feb 2, 2016, 3:02 pm

    Damn, I was hoping to see her shave her legs.

    In all seriousness, these people are really young with producers focused on form over content. Probably payed with cafeteria coupons.

    EDITOR NOTE–As always, we offer the award in good fun. Some past winners

  2. …a razor just like the bankers & Wall St executives use to lay out lines of cocaine.
    …a razor just like I’m going to use on my wrists when I am no longer young and beautiful enough to be a TelePrompter reader pretending to be a TV journalist.

  3. Local news reporting is just a launching pad to the cushy job of local government public relations person.

    That list is long.

  4. You’re giving the true reporters out there a bad name when you refer to these clueless news readers as “reporters”.

  5. It appears from the photo that Jose was somewhat, “clean-shaven”.

  6. Yossarian_22
    Feb 3, 2016, 11:11 am

    Pretty soon, they will use CGI “reporters” to lie to us. They will even let you design your own CGI hottie to lie to you. It will be the ultimate culmination of Don Henley’s -Dirty Laundry- hit from the 80s (takes me back).

  7. Local TV news: An endless fountain of comedy material.

    And they take themselves so seriously.

    Handing out “Dope Reporter” awards in Boise is very much akin to picking the low-hanging fruit.

    And it will get worse. February is a sweeps month. Lots of “Special Reports.”

  8. Dave,

    I had been heartened to see you had let up on these silly posts in recent years. They’re coarse and unneeded. These folks, many of them getting their start in the business, work hard each day. They don’t need to be harangued. Pointing out errors is fine… but calling individuals “dopes” is plain and simple name-calling and does nothing to improve discourse.

    I’m a long-time reader of this blog and find many of the posts great. But the ones that miss the mark don’t lead me to call you a “dope.”

    EDITOR NOTE–These “awards” are in good fun and are offered in the tone of “dope slaps” as in, “I coulda hada V-8.” Remember the live shot from the Garden Valley fire when the reporter said, “If we are lucky it will start up again.” Gosh, the BLOOPER shows make all kinds of money for TV. We get your point, but no harm intended.

  9. Don't own a TV
    Apr 20, 2016, 1:41 am

    Why are all TV ‘news’ entertainment shows just a series of soundbite sponsor infomercials ‘stories’ interrupted by a few government press releases and the same radar shot six times. It’s not news, and has not been news for decades. Thus, no, I don’t own a TV!

    What do I mean? How dare I? Here’s an example: Today a Trooper pulled over a pickup and then another pickup ran into the stopped pickup. Nobody dead. End of TV story. What I want from a news show is to find out if the collision happened because everybody had to jump over a lane because of the new law? Did the guy lose it because a semi suddenly changed lanes? Dig in man and give me something besides feelgood bullshit from mayor Bieter and pizza commercials. Thank god for the cute girls, the content is complete crap.

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