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Flood Season Means New Dope Reporter Awards!

Misty Inglet of KTVB-7 is the newest winner of the coveted GUARDIAN “DOPE REPORTER” award. She was caught Tuesday wading up to her ankles in the flooded Weiser River. Each year, especially during high water season, the GUARDIAN gives Dope Reporter awards to the newsies who insist on donning a pair of boots and standing […]

Kim Fields Latest Dope Reporter Winner

Normally a class act among local TV anchors, KTVB-7 showed Kim Fields standing in ankle-deep water wearing chest waders along the Wood River, earning her a coveted DOPE REPORTER award from the GUARDIAN. With three nominations in our morning mail, it is obvious KTVB has plenty of viewers. KBOI-2 showed stock images of Garden City […]

Jeff Platt Latest Dope Reporter Winner

Competition for the GUARDIAN “dope reporter award” is heating up among the local newsies. Not to be outdone by the crosstown rivals at KTVB, Jeff Platt of KBOI-TV 2 got caught Wednesday evening playing in a canal. While sternly warning viewers about the dangers of easily accessible canals and the number one cause of death […]

Morgan Boydston Wins Dope Reporter Award

KTVB Channel 7 is this year’s first winner of a coveted DOPE REPORTER award for standing in flood water along the Boise River wearing a pair of boots when the only reason to stand in the water was theatrics. In her stand up appearance during the Friday 10 pm newscast she noted the water was […]

“Dope Reporter” Warning During High Water

The long standing tradition of awarding the coveted GUARDIAN “Dope Reporter” status is about to re-emerge during the high water season along area rivers and streams. The rules are simple. Any TV newsy caught needlessly standing in water will get the award. True rescues, wading to get a good camera angle, and other legitimate moves […]

Dope Reporter Award: Do Inmates Shave Legs?

First 2016 winner of a coveted (dreaded?) GUARDIAN “Dope Reporter Award” is Sierra Oshrin at KBOI TV2 for her live report from the Canyon County Jail-tent. After an inmate cut through the tent-like material in a minimum security structure, Oshrin did her live stand up outside the scene of the escape, explaining Jose Esteban Coronado […]

Daily Paper Wins Dope Reporter Award

No doubt about it, the English language has taken a beating at the thumbs of today’s electronic media folks. The web reporter/editor at the Saturday IDAHO STATESMAN has just earned a coveted GUARDIAN “dope reporter award” with this gem: Man killed in US 20 wreck “A 53-year-old man died Friday night after being rearended on […]

Dope Reporter Nomination For Visual Math Effort

We haven’t made any “Dope Reporter” awards recently, but KIVI Channel 6 reporter Tina Jensen was nominated Tuesday by a reader for a convoluted attempt to use three “visuals” to make a TV story out of a dry census report about poverty. Jensen noted there are 255,000 thousand people in Idaho living at or below […]

First Dope Reporter Award Of 2012 Goes To Jennifer McGraw

With the high rate of turnover in the TV news business, KBOI-TV’s Jennifer McGraw can get a partial pass for not knowing, but when she got caught wading in the spring runoff in her cute plastic boots she won the first DOPE REPORTER award of the water year. Not only did she appear on air […]

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Another Dope Reporter Award

Most Dope Reporters at 6 or 7?

TV News Dope Reporter Award

Fox 12 Reporter Wins Dope Award

A reader has nominated Reporter Mike Vogel for a GUARDIAN ” TV Dope Reporter Award.” Vogel has been in, out, and back in the news game and probably didn’t even think about winning a GUARDIAN dope award when he touched his tongue to a metal pole at temperatures well below freezing on camera. He was […]

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Dope Award For Flood “Watch”

Dope Award For Flood “Watch”

Dope Award For Flood “Watch”

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