Internal Audit Of Ada Treasurer Is Critical

image001An internal audit of the Ada County Treasurer’s office concentrating on the “Public Administrator” duties has turned up assorted critical issues. The issues all revolve around the estates of people who have died with no will and no living relatives.

A former Public Administrator and a state building security chief have been charged with assorted felonies over theft including a $31,000 check which was misappropriated. The internal audit obtained Tuesday by the GUARDIAN was performed in addition to the forensic audit.

We poked fun at the Ada Treasurer website where they sold personal items, including bras. Readers noted the web auction site probably cost more than it brought in. The auditors not only agreed with the GUARDIAN readers, they revealed that 25% of the sales were to Treasurer employees and 46% of the sales were to other county employees.

There was even an example of an employee putting a sticky note on a box of ammo to “reserve” it. Treasurer Vicky McIntyre told the GUARDIAN that all guns and ammo were sold to a registered firearms dealer, hence the note. She added, “They want the public to believe what they want to fabricate.”

Here’s an excerpt from the report: “Within the Treasurer’s Office, one of the seven Treasurer’s Office employees who purchased estate property consistently paid less than the minimum bid. This employee purchased four items for a total of $15 less than minimum bid. The same employee purchased a large display case of hunting knives that had been listed on e-Bay for $75, but was sold to the employee for $35.”

Much of the auditor’s committee report duplicated what the forensic auditor report noted previously.

The committee of five, a mix of county elected officials and department heads, noted the work load for the public administrator role had nearly doubled in the past few years and recommended that accounting practices and personnel assignments be initiated to create fiscal safeguards to prevent future problems.

The entire REPORT: Combined final report PDF (2)

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  1. Nothing new here
    Feb 17, 2016, 9:13 am

    Typical of low level elected officials. The whole process sounds like a sloppy mess from start to finish.

  2. “be initiated to create fiscal safeguards”

    It’s all fun and games until someone steals the money— or stealing the sales tax and lottery proceeds in the case of Commissioner Yzaguirre.

    I like the photo of the “secure” storage area on page 20. Someone will lose the key and the solution will be, “No worries. Let’s just hop over the fence”. I bet if the Treasurer “secured” her paycheck in that area, she would be more concerned.

    Albeit, there is something called “immaterial”. For the most part it looks like, and is easy to assess, most of that stuff ought to be hauled to the dump.

  3. The rule of law is disintegrating in our country. The poor are targeted by selective enforcement. The rich are ignored, or receive minor handslaps. Corporations are writing new laws and handing them off to “our” representatives to be passed without debate. The big banks are preparing to steal our money with “negative interest rates”, made possible by the elimination of cash. The big banks have already stolen unbelievable amounts of money through taxpayer bailouts for their reckless investing. Our representative government no longer represents the people. The financial markets are a rigged casino. The police stole more from American citizens last year than the “criminals”. Illegal, immoral wars. Etc, etc, etc…

    America is becoming nothing more than a free-for-all crime spree. The fact that locals are dipping their hands in the feeding trough is completely understandable based on the massive levels of corruption we are seeing across the nation. At some point, when the average citizen fully realizes what is going on, the riots and looting will begin so they can “get their share of the loot”.

  4. In your note you mention that guns were sold to a gun dealer.

    Was there any public notice of the sale or was that an inside deal as well? How many gun dealers bid?

    Keep digging.

  5. After reading the report it appears that we have the inmates running the jail.

    All the recommendations are just more “oversight” by the same county employees who have inside access and information – the same that have benefited. There is not a single independent third party in this process.

    The County as proven it cannot govern itself.

  6. Nothing new here
    Feb 17, 2016, 11:14 am

    Good point Rod. I know at least one person who works for the county who made out like a bandit on a large amount of firearms from a public administrator estate. I don’t think it was ever even open to public bid.

  7. Enjoy The Decline
    Feb 17, 2016, 11:18 am

    The result of and immense decades long organizational culture of disrespect for the taxpayers… which goes clear to the top… most of the people involved in this did not recognize they were doing wrong. Because the government can do no wrong they will not be judged harshly if at all. You might discover that those who did not participate where punished for their conscientiousness.

    Enjoy the decline people.

  8. Rod – I looked at the Ada County bid web site and do not see a single notice for any firearms sales over the last 4 years.

    You may have hit something here.

    Can the Guardian do a records request so we can find out when the sale was and to whom?

  9. Grumpy ole Guy
    Feb 18, 2016, 3:03 am

    Next steps?

  10. chicago sam
    Feb 18, 2016, 8:27 am

    Unfair to ask Guardian to file all of the Requests for Information. It is very easy to do from home and if info is relevant then forward it to Dave. He will appreciate the help.

  11. Yossarian_22
    Feb 19, 2016, 9:33 am

    It’s a messed up game of “finders..keepers” that gives the advantage to whatever authority assumes control of the dead person’s dispensation. This is definitely the reason you MAKE OUT A WILL!

  12. We should form a committee to decide if we need a committee to be formed to appoint a committee to look into this.

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