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Police Oversight Is Akin To Insurance Policy

The GUARDIAN has long considered the Boise Office of Police Oversight (Ombudsman) as a representative of the citizens and an “insurance policy.” You hope you don’t need it, but glad it is there.

After a series of “critical incidents” resulting in the death of a police officer and numerous suspects, the ombudsman office was established so we had an independent observer looking into incidents.

There have been fewer incidents which caused Mayor Dave Bieter to change the job description and reduce the office to a part time director–Natalie Camacho Mendoza.

Last week the GUARDIAN revealed she had been appointed interim City Attorney and questioned how she could fairly represent the city (and the police) while supposedly representing the public at the same time.

The IDAHO PRESS published a story which pretty much indicated she had left the oversight post and Cliff Ohler was the interim oversight guy.

Through a public records search the GUARDIAN has obtained documents which clearly show Mendoza has doubled her salary as acting city attorney and still supervises the police oversight office.

Mendoza memo detailing her supervisory role:DOUBLE DUTY

Promotion memo showing continued role as police oversight director:DoubleDuty2

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  1. If I were legal counsel for any case pending with the Boise City Police and or that was being reviewed I would use this as a clear conflict of interest and ask the court to dismiss my case with prejudice as Ms Mendoza cannot “oversee” both and not have a conflict.

    The problem here is that you are dealing with a Mayor and City Council that see “double representation” as a perfectly fine political and management strategy – IE. the CCDC. And even worse the County cares less and so do many of the other lawyers in town.

  2. Alexander Jones
    Oct 30, 2018, 10:09 pm

    I am absolutely sure that every time Mayor Bieter’s version of reality hits what should be the stone wall of “NO, that’s illegal” he just bounces off like a rubber ball…and goes on to do it again.
    Conflict of interest for Boise City/Police? What me worry? Aggressive seizure of public lands for a spoiled children’s bike race track? Sure.
    A mega glass castle posing as a library with a “leading edge (aka untried) five-million dollar automated book retrieval system? Why not? Who needs those librarians?
    He continues onward…on a Space Odyssey-weightless wobble through time. And we sit here and watch in open-mouthed disbelief. Unreal.

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