Flood Season Means New Dope Reporter Awards!

Misty Inglet of KTVB-7 is the newest winner of the coveted GUARDIAN “DOPE REPORTER” award.

She was caught Tuesday wading up to her ankles in the flooded Weiser River. Each year, especially during high water season, the GUARDIAN gives Dope Reporter awards to the newsies who insist on donning a pair of boots and standing in the water while telling viewers there is high run off in area rivers and streams.

For some reason they don’t wade around in the mud or stand in the tar when a road is being resurfaced, but the lure of standing water is just too much to resist.

Congratulations Misty! You are the first winner in 2019. The awards are all in good fun, so feel free to make your own nominations…pictures are appreciated.


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  1. Dope reporter and dope viewers
    Apr 9, 2019, 6:42 pm

    Whatever it takes to keep people sitting hanging on the boob-tube. Our grandparents coined that term, and my gosh how right they are. More time in car dealer ads than ‘news’.

    I’ve heard thin rubber boots will protect from high voltage wires a few feet underground from were she stands. However I heard that on TV news so it’s almost certainly wrong/fake information.

  2. Eamonn Harter
    Apr 9, 2019, 11:03 pm

    KTVB only hires DOPE reporters, that is obvious. BTW, I would pay to see Scott Dorval and Rick Lantz compete in an MMA fight for DOPE meteorologist champion. My money is on Lantz.

  3. 3rdGenBoise
    Apr 10, 2019, 9:37 am

    A woman on camera should also be very aware of where her hands are. Hands draw attention not to her boots nor the water but to the shape of whatever invisible items she is holding at breast level. I am a woman and this isn’t ok with me.

  4. I have lived here for 57 years and have witnessed the steady to recent accelerated death dive of news quality. When I watched the movie Robocop for the first time in the 80s, it was a dystopian comedy of sorts. Now, it is HERE in reality. It’s not funny anymore. The corruption is real and the incompetence is real.

    I have just read where Portland is in severe need of competent police officers because so many have been driven off, due to the absolute lack of support from the Marxist mayor and city council and even the residents that have bought into the Antifa worldview. You would think that this would be news for our local reporters to pass on to us. Nada. We had a taste of the Antifa blemish when Occupy Boise had it’s 15 minutes of the spotlight. While I sympathized with many of the grievances they expressed, I saw extremist actors trying to spread nihilist concepts. That was disturbing. Question is, when do they pop back up on our streets? Will Team Dave embrace the new progressive trends? This new “Be Nice” schtick smacks of indoctrination. Who is it aimed at? Perhaps anyone who doesn’t sign on to the Portlandia concepts that are to be imported to our fair city?

  5. If only there was a Category One (Cat 1) hurricane strength wind to go with this reporter’s “in the field experience”. the wind blkowing her about a little would raise the drama level considerably or an ice chunk the size of a JOhn deere tractor floating by or a helicopter hovering…..I guess the rubber boots willl have to do. We just heard this week the annual “here comes the fire season” report. It will be later than normal due to moisture but that also means more tinder to burn when it drys verusus the season marked by less moisture and earlier dry conditions. Either way the4y atribute it all to climate change instead of the fact that other than lightening most fires are man caused regardless of climate.

  6. KTVB should send Misty to Boise City hall as she is dressed for it!

  7. Do they just “happen” to carry a set of waders with them in the car or do they have to go find them? (are the boots premeditated? :-))

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