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City Survey Costs $60 Per Interview

If you get one of those “survey” phone calls like the GUARDIAN did yesterday claiming to be working on behalf of the City of Boise, beware your tax dollars are paying $30,000 for the survey. That’s right. Boise City Councilors authorized $30,000 to be spent for a mere 500 responses to the survey–that comes out […]

Officials Fiesta Travel Style Differs

Guv Butch was reduced to hitch-hiking on his first official day in office. Seems he thumbed a ride to the Fiesta Bowl with ex-father-in-law J.R. Simplot on the company plane. J.R. is 98 today and recovering from a fall and bump on the head suffered outside the Fiesta Bowl. We wish him and the family […]

Two Wheeler Parking To Stay

Congratulations to GUARDIAN reader Hillary Haymond for her two wheeler PARKING IDEA. Insiders tell us the two parking experimental spots will become permanent and Team Dave may even expand with more. She sent a letter to Mayor Dave Bieter on May 2 and two months later Team Dave had the signs in place and had […]

New Pilot At Airport Control Stick

Mayor Dave Bieter named assistant Airport Director Garry Fraise as the interim director of Boise’s airport Tuesday following the sudden resignation of John Anderson. The GUARDIAN posted a story and comment from a reader saying John Anderson had been grounded by Mayor Dave Bieter and Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson was also “taxiing to a […]

Library Plan Overdue

Before Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and his Team Dave go too far politicizing libraries, we better talk to the hardworking folks who make it all work. The GUARDIAN has been working below the radar to come up with a plan for a county-wide system of libraries in Boise and we can assure you it involves […]

GUARDIAN State Of The City

On September 14 Team Dave leader Mayor Dave Bieter, will perform his second fund raiser gig for the Chamber of Commerce with a “State Of The City” address. At $30 a plate and 1,000 business types attending, the special interest political group stands to gross $30,000. To his credit, Bieter has asked for some “free […]

Media Rides Scooter Story

Scooter user Hillary Haymond–”HH” to GUARDIAN readers–got 15 minutes of fame Wednesday and secured a neat little parking perk for two wheel drivers…free parking at two downtown Boise locations. Like the activist she is, Hillary deftly handled on camera interviews and schmoozed with the mayor and council president. Hillary wrote to Mayor Dave Bieter and […]

Boise Council Starts 2006

The first Boise City Council meeting of 2006 looked more like a 60’s love-in than new millennium meeting of hard boiled politicians. Lots of hugs and kisses as Jerome Mapp said his farewells and just as many as Councilors Vern Bisterfeldt and Maryanne Jordan took their oaths of office. Former councilor Mike Wetherell, dressed in […]

Mayor Inappropriate On Inquest

The GUARDIAN finds it disturbing that Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has been communicating with the Coroner behind the scenes over a case involving one of Bieter’s cops. We agree the on-again-off-again-on-again inquest and surrounding publicity in the midst of a city election is a bungling effort at best. However, the mayor is out of line […]

Pandering To Business

Like the “unknown Democrat” who responds to the President’s Saturday radio address, the GUARDIAN is compelled to put Mayor Dave Bieter’s “state of the city” speech in perspective. You have to realize this cheerleading session is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the mayor raises a gross sum of about $30,000 so businesses can […]

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