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Councilors Clueless On Lobby Effort

The Idaho legislature’s House Revenue and Taxation Committee heard testimony Friday on a proposed urban renewal law that would require members of agencies like Boise’s CCDC to be elected. The bill was held in committee and effectively killed by a 10-8 vote, but the REAL story is WHO testified and WHY. Two non-elected people paid […]

Vote Them Out Of Office

Boise’s urban renewal director and the Chamber of Commerce lobbyist were able to convince legislators to hold an urban renewal reform bill in committee Friday, effectively killing the proposal. From the reports and quotes we have seen–especially the great reporting by Lora Volkert at the Idaho Business News web site–it is another story of government […]

CCDC Gets Windfall From Schools

The new tax law passed during the one day session of the legislature might appropriately be called the “Law of Unintended Consequences.” One thing it did was create a windfall profit for the CCDC, (Capitol City Development Corp.) Boise’s urban renewal agency. Prior to passage of the new tax law, all the tax revenues on […]

G-BAD Convention Center Take IV

The bungling efforts of the Greater Boise Auditorium District have reached epic proportions as they announced Wednesday at least their fourth try to build a convention center in downtown Boise. –Voters have turned them down twice. On the first go around they couldn’t even get 50% of the required 67% majority required by law. –Round […]

Door Banger Parking Lot

Like one of those computer graphics programs, Boise’s newest parking garage was programmed to, “SHRINK TO FIT PAGE.” As a result, the Myrtle Garage is difficult for the upscale SUV crowd to navigate due to hairpin corners and substandard parking stalls. Instead of the 8 foot 6 inch width, the new garage features 7 foot […]

Mapp Gone–Almost

While we are not as exercised as a GUARDIAN reader about former city councilor Jerome Mapp remaining on the board of the urban renewal agency (CCDC), we fail to understand why only council members are appointed to a pair of seats, but they keep their CCDC positions after being voted out of office. Former Councilor […]

Big Lie Continues

The Idaho Statesman ran a front page puff piece Sunday about BoDo, the newest development about to open in downtown Boise and included the ”big lie” which remains untrue, though oft repeated. The Statesman reported, “The project will also boost Boise property tax revenues, create hundreds of jobs and is expected to trigger new Downtown […]

Boise, GROWING with Bieter

In a front page display by reporter Brad Hem, the IDAHO STATESMAN offered a retrospective of Mayor Dave Bieter’s first 21 months in office and the conclusion was “mixed reviews.” In typical mainstream media style, the newest link in the Knight-Ridder chain offered a near perfect blend of cheers and jeers. Bottom line in Hem’s […]

The Saga of John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones is a decorated Vietnam War veteran who will tire you out just listening to him because his sharp mind is usually about three steps ahead of his mouth. The result is a conversation with so many diversions he seems wacko. Well, he IS a little wacko and proud of it. JP is […]

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