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Idle Thoughts On City Vehicles

About a year ago the GUARDIAN caused a stir among coppers when we noted patrol cars left idling for long periods of time at convenience stores and even at dinner for an hour at a time. Comments on the post, POLICE PROWLERS GUZZLE GAS prompted a flurry of defenses for the idle arguments. Top Cop […]

City Survey Costs $60 Per Interview

If you get one of those “survey” phone calls like the GUARDIAN did yesterday claiming to be working on behalf of the City of Boise, beware your tax dollars are paying $30,000 for the survey. That’s right. Boise City Councilors authorized $30,000 to be spent for a mere 500 responses to the survey–that comes out […]

Boise Taxes Go to Private Lobbyists

The recent GUARDIAN piece questioning WHO calls the shots regarding the Boise City position on state legislation has prompted increased communication among Boise Councilors. It seems council president Elaine Clegg gave direction to lobbyist Lyn Darrington on how to testify on a bill that would impact Boise’s urban renewal agency, the CCDC. She told the […]

Public Employee Bonus Plan Take Two

We got to thinking about this bonus business for public employees and came up with a plan that should define the compensation system. It is really quite simple. Public employees are EXPECTED to do a good job, be on time and not absent from work. Those who do good things and follow the rules should […]

GUARDIAN New Year Message

Happy New Year to one and all! We have been reflecting on the past year along with the new year and would like to share some thoughts about the GUARDIAN and what we feel and believe. I am sober (don’t drink) on this New Year’s eve and after a week in the Tampa Bay area […]

Bieter Proposes Illegal Spending

Boise City has almost $10 million in extra cash to spend, but don’t plan on getting any of it back in your Christmas stocking. Team Dave and the City Council will have no problem disposing of the citizen’s money at a December 19 meeting. Mayor Dave Bieter has a shopping list of items for the […]

MAYOR HOTLINENov. 27 to Dec.1

I LOVE A PARADE, GOOD COP, FORGOTTEN CARS BY ALZHEIMER UNIT 11/27/06 Curtis Williams 853 N. Sneed Pl Eagle Parade: Mayor, I have a suggestion. The BSU football team just won the WAC championship for the 5th time and is going to a national bowl. These kids have really stepped up that program and Boise […]

GUARDIAN Points To Ponder

BOISE PARKS has put a proposed 163 acre park Southwest of the city on hold until annexation issues can be worked out. It is a real catch 22. The City is eager to annex the area known as the Murgoitio farm in the area of Victory Road, but lack of funds and strong anti-annexation sentiment […]

Firemen Respond to 70% Medical Calls

As the turf war between Ada County EMS and the fire departments heats up again, it would be appropriate for the fire departments to take stock of their evolving role as providers of essential services. Under a well intended plan to get medical aid quickly to those in need, three firefighters aboard a $275,000 fire […]

MAYOR HOTLINE November 13-17

DOWNTOWN, POOR TALK, TRASH TALK 11/14/06 Jim Allen 1060 E. Washaki Meridian, ID 83646 Taxi/Vendor: Even though I’m not a resident of Boise, I do frequent the downtown area. As far as the problem with the push cart vendors and the taxi cabs, and the fights, I just want to weigh in there. The push […]

Council & Cops Indecisive On Space

It is high time the Boise City Council and Cops get serious about providing facilities for the department. And they need to be open about it. Instead of involving the citizens who consume the services and pay the bills, both the BPD and Team Dave have been dancing around trying to cut land deals, do […]

Zamboni Joy Riders Fired

Copyright BOISEGUARDIAN.COM Two Boise Parks Department Zamboni drivers who made a joy ride lunch run to a Burger King are out of work and may even face criminal prosecution. Boise Parks officials fired them immediately upon hearing of the stunt. The two employees decided it would be fun to drive the rigs half a mile […]

Boise City Loses ANOTHER Legal Fight

Boise City’s legal department and Team Dave have preserved their losing record on high profile civil cases with yet another courtroom defeat. The city earlier this year sued Ada County over the approval of the Avimor planned community on Highway 55. Judge Duff McKee dismissed the city case Thursday saying they had “no standing” in […]

Tax Rates Low, But Changes Due

The 2006 tax levy numbers are in and Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade offers up a detailed series of charts and numbers so you can FIGURE YOUR TAX. The GUARDIAN cuts to the chase and will let you know the tax on your house will be right at 1.38% of the TAXABLE value–the assessed value […]

Mayor Hotline August 14 to 18

No,no, no, no to Rivendell duplexes. Why sign? Thanks for signing. Cheney wastes resources. Tall weeds, abandoned cars and houses. 8/11/06 Jeff McVey 3708 Burke Avenue Boise, ID 83703 BFD Complaint: I’m calling about this practice that’s being exercised intermittingly by the BFD. Today is August 11th. They are doing this at the intersection of […]

Parking BooBoo At BoDo

Just when we thought they were dead, the daily paper’s Brad Hem enterprises a story about Team Dave cutting behind the scenes deals for preferred parking with the BoDo Boys. Seems the largest tenant at Bodo is Office Depot and they wanted special parking spots directly in front of their store on Broad Street for […]

MAYOR HOTLINE June 23 to 30

Looks like a lot of people are unhappy with the City this week. It is the longest complaint list we have seen, but leads off with a compliment for a business fix. Contractor has ignored an agreement with the city and neighbors are irritated, a guy wants help getting out of a mental institution, and […]

Boise Off Track on Locomotive Move

For starters the GUARDIAN thinks it would be neat to have a historic steam locomotive parked at the Boise Depot. It would also be neat to open the Depot to the public. That said, we can only hope the info from a reader is not true about the financal plan to move “Big Mike” –the […]

Firefighters-City Approve Contract

In an agreement lauded by Mayor Dave Bieter and his “Team Dave”, Boise City and the firefighters union have come to terms over labor negotiations. Bieter has not taken a raise since he was elected two and a half years ago. His salary is $91,229 a year. If he wants to make big bucks he […]

Boise To Offer Free Scooter Parking

Hillary Haymond’s May 2 suggestion to create scooter and cycle parking spots downtown drew a rapid response by government standards. After only two months of study, planning and action they have adopted her idea. Wednesday July 5 Team Dave and the Councilors have scheduled a photo op to unveil new signs and FREE parking for […]

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