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Trooper or Dog Has Defective Nose

We have been reluctant to weigh in on the controversial traffic stop by the Idaho State Trooper who is subject of an internal investigation after detaining a Colorado man for two and a half hours on suspicion of marijuana possession. The driver is alleging the trooper “profiled” him based on the Colorado license plates. The […]

Ada Sheriff Applauds Gun Nullification Law

Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney told the GUARDIAN he endorsed a law signed Thursday by Gov. Butch Otter that would make it a crime for Idaho coppers or officials to follow ANY edicts from Washington regarding guns and ammo. Raney said, “Last year I and many other law enforcement leaders opposed HB 219 because it […]

Governments Run Amok

Where do we start? The GUARDIAN has been in warmer climes for three weeks and comes home to chaos–or is always like this? –Top item in the foolishness file is the Idaho legislature’s apparent push to get guns on campus. The amazing thing to us is not the wacko legislators–we always have them–but the fact […]

Land Board Gets Out Of Future Commercial Deals

For the past few years the GUARDIAN has urged the Idaho Land Board to stay out of commercial real estate deals after we revealed the purchase and operation of a storage business in Boise. They steadfastly claimed a “constitutional mandate” to get the best bang for the buck. Cathy Opp, recently resigned deputy director, was […]

Masterson, Other Coppers Ignored At Gun Hearing

The folowing opinion is representative of coppers from Boise, Nampa, Moscow and Canyon County, to name a few who were muzzeled at an Idaho Senate hearing last week. The GUARDIAN will offer the forum not allowed in the Idaho Legislature. We may be a bit slow to approve comments as we are in the South […]

Opp Out Could Signal Land Policy Shift

The resignation of Dept. of Lands Deputy Director Cathy Opp and the revelation by the Statesman’s Dan Popkey that legislators have turned down donations from leaseholders of state-owned recreation lots at Payette and Priest Lakes, signals a possible policy shift of Idaho Land Board activities. The board is comprised of the five state elected officers […]

Grumpy Guardian Government Gripes

Its silly season with the legislature in town making us all proud to live in Idaho and see these folks for what they are. Here are some recent gripes: –Senators were spiteful and fool hearted when the voted to change their rules for one day, just to keep former Senator Nicole LeFavour off the floor. […]

Fed Court Backs McLean,GUARDIAN God Bless

U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge ruled Thursday on a civil rights action filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and two individuals. His order essentially puts enforcement of Boise’s panhandling law on “hold.” In September we noted the lonely position of Councilor Lauren McLean for “Being the voice for democracy, fair play, and equal rights” […]

Horse Race Slots Face Constitutional Challenge

The bid by a group to “preserve the horse racing industry” may be galloping toward a constitutional challenge that is anything but a sure bet. Despite legislation that says otherwise, there is a valid argument over the definition of what constitutes a SLOT MACHINE or CASINO GAMBLING–both specifically prohibited under the Idaho Constitution. Ada County […]

“NO” Means “We’re Coming At You Again And We Need To Change The Law To Make It Easier To Tax”

Mayor Dave Bieter spoke to the Chamber of Commerce “Leadership Boise” this week vowing to come back for another shot at the failed bonds and working to change the Idaho Constitution to make it easier to impose taxes on citizens, according to a Boise WEEKLY report. Bieter termed the results as “tyranny of the minority,” […]

Former Legislator Questions Land Board Action

Former Idaho Representative Bob Forrey has been an ardent opponent of recent Land Board actions regarding cottage leases, trades of state land for commercial property, and the Land Board going into commercial business operations like the storage unit venture in Boise. The following is a guest opinion from him. By BOB FORREY Despite a constitutional […]

Boise’s Top Copper Wants Your Opinion

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson wants to hear from GUARDIAN readers regarding their thoughts about various technologies used in law enforcement today. By MIKE MASTERSON Boise Police Chief Technological gains over the last decade have allowed society and businesses to do their jobs more efficiently. Policing is no different where it often seems every new […]

Dept. of Lands Business Policy Short Sighted

Three years ago when the GUARDIAN exposed the state ownership of Affordable Storage in Boise, politicos dug in their heels on both sides of the state owning businesses. We pointed out at the time there was a significant loss of local property taxes when commercial property is owned by the tax-exempt state. Since then, the […]

Lady Copper Needs To Apologize

Time to call an end to the controversy of the copper caper and the viral video. The now infamous YOU TUBE video of the Boise police sergeant engaged in a verbal altercation with a guy who has made it a personal campaign to “assert his rights” by shooting video of on duty coppers has gone […]

Boise Lady Copper Big Hit On You Tube

A female Boise PD sergeant is a big hit on YOU TUBE, but the national and international publicity isn’t the type the city wants or needs. In the approximately 15 minute clip the copper, identified as “Sergeant Lori Sperry,” walks right into the typical baiting by the video guy calling himself Gavin Seim. While conducting […]

“Buck-A-Month” Sales Pitch Ignores $51 Million Debt and $18 Million Interest For Boise Bond

Gotta hand it to Team Dave on the sales campaign for the proposed debt question before voters in November. The NorthEnders have been mobilized and the council candidates have all avoided the issue in a joint campaign brochure. Even the DAILY PAPER editorial has offered an endorsement while addressing–almost point by point–the GUARDIAN concerns. We […]

“Mr. Everyman” Pens Note To Congressman Simpson Et Al

The following letter was actually sent to Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson and should be read by the entire Congress. The author has requested anonymity, but is well known to the GUARDIAN and soon, no doubt, to Congressman Simpson. The GUARDIAN felt it brilliantly expresses the sentiments of many frustrated Americans. Dear Congressman Simpson, I am […]

Idaho Land Dept. Under Fire On Land Swap

A a non-profit, voluntary group calling itself The Tax Accountability committee (“TAC”), will hold a press conference Monday morning at the Statehouse to call attention to a land swap they say cost the education endowment fund $1.3 million due to faulty appraisals. According to TAC, the Idaho Department of Lands traded 14 acres of endowment […]

Bronco Boozer Club Gets Tailgate OK

Boise’s City councilors passed an ordinance for one year that will allow tailgating in specified areas during the upcoming season. The new ordinance was brought forth by the coppers who say they are trying to “decriminalize” open cantainer violations associated with tailgating parties at football games. The GUARDIAN agrees with the concept, but questions the […]

Boise Lives Beyond Its Means, Bieter To Ask For $34M Bond Debt

Two days after the city annexed an additional 1.5 square miles–increasing the need to provide services–and only a week or so after announcing a joint agreement with emergency service providers, plans are afoot to go into debt to buy $34,000,000 worth of “infrastructure” improvements and expansions for police, fire, and parks. The good news is […]

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