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A Big Little Mainstream Paper

The Idaho Business Review is small in stature, but their news product and information content is right up there with the big boys. They have been all over the scams offered up by BoDo to get city land under the guise of building a new library. This week they offered up a front page piece […]

Cops Babysit Big Boise Broncos

We’ve discovered the most important thing in our fair city and most people already know what it is: BRONCO FOOTBALL! On Saturday we commented on a uniformed Louisiana state trooper packing heat in the stadium. Readers explained that we were out of touch and it is just a fact of life “in the south” that […]

New Pilot At Airport Control Stick

Mayor Dave Bieter named assistant Airport Director Garry Fraise as the interim director of Boise’s airport Tuesday following the sudden resignation of John Anderson. The GUARDIAN posted a story and comment from a reader saying John Anderson had been grounded by Mayor Dave Bieter and Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson was also “taxiing to a […]

Poop Hits The Propeller At Airport

Looks like the proverbial poop has hit the propeller at the airport. Confidential GUARDIAN sources tell us Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson is “retiring” and we hear not only will he not be replaced–the airport police agency he commanded is being DISSOLVED. For some reason the airport had its own police agency apart from BPD. […]

La Tech Gunmen at BSU?

While watching the Boise State Bronco football game on TV Saturday we noticed a state trooper dude toting a gun on his hip standing with the La. Tech team. Closer examination showed a shoulder patch shaped like the state of Louisiana! What the heck is a Louisiana copper doing at Bronco Stadium toting a pistol? […]

Airport Plans Should Be Grounded

If Boise airport officials get their way, increased traffic will not only be on our streets, but in the air. Despite the fact airport officials can’t get a simple parking garage built within the law and refuse to allow the citizens to vote on long term debt as mandated by the Idaho Supreme court, they […]

Hanian Lured To Otter Campaign

Guv candidate Butch Otter won’t have to worry about KBCI-TV 2 reporter Jon Hanian doing any expose’ stories about him. Taking a lesson from George Bush, Otter made a preemptive strike: He hired Hanion away from the news game. Otter already had former Associated Press reporter Mark Warbis on the payroll. If he gets Dan […]

Eastern Big City Mentality

Boise city councilor Alan Shealy did little to shed his big city “back east” personna when he pitched a proposal to bury Front Street and build more developments in downtown Boise. Shea Andersen at the Boise Weekly had a great story last week which spelled out Shealy’s plan. Shealy asked the rest of the council […]

Big Foot Reporter Scores

Katie Kreller at the Daily Paper may have some big feet, because she is filling Brad Hem’s shoes nicely if her first couple of offerings are any sign. Today she jumped on a story about all those bus stop benches that aren’t necessarily at bus stops. While there are only a few specific bus stops […]

Mayor Hotline Sept 25 to 29

TALKING TRASH, TRAFFIC, and GRAFFITI 9/25/06 BPR: Yes, I live on Kipling Road and you’ve got Crescent Rim blocked and you’ve got Latah blocked this morning. The race is wonderful but we need to be able to get into our homes. It was 9:00, I was on the intersection of Peasley and Crescent Rim. There […]

Quasar Proposes Illegal Development

Quasar Development continues to push for an illegal condo project on Park Blvd. at Park Center. City zoning law limits buildings to 45 feet at that location, but the developer wants to disregard the law and build a structure nearly double the legal limit at about 80 feet. They also want the city to let […]

BoDo Offers New Library Scheme

Dirk Kempthorne used to look into the camera and say, “We need to do it for the children”–whatever “it” happened to be. The preacher like solemn tone of voice was intended to offer creditability to the venture. It looks like Team Dave has latched onto “libraries” as his legacy–not a bad legacy if he can […]

Ada EMS Take Two

After getting conflicting reports–and reading a very positive KTRV Fox-12 on-line story– the GUARDIAN did additional research and came up with more data about the State of Ada Ambulance Service Despite “plans,” budget entries, and good intentions, the following glaring facts remain in the operation of the Ada County EMS system: –Staffing levels remain below […]

State of Ada Ambulance Service

A year and a half ago the Ada County Emergency Medical Service asked voters for a tax increase to fund the ailing ambulance service–with dire predictions from the Ada Commishes if it failed. Today they have enough extra staff, vehicles, and supplies to go after U.S. Forest Service contracts far outside Ada County. During the […]

Obits Prompt Thoughts of War

We try to keep the GUARDIAN a local exchange of ideas and opinions and there is nothing more local then reading the Sunday Obituaries in the Daily Paper. We noticed eight old guys made it to the page. Seven had served in the military and one was a preacher. Back in World War II it […]

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