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Not Married, Just Friends

We have noticed a recent trend in the Boise media market toward alliances between print and broadcast journalism. The political pundits have always been unpaid guests on television and radio shows. That is great for the ego and gets the name of the print publication before the listening and viewing public. The print people lend […]

GUARDIAN Calls The Races

Here is how the GUARDIAN predicts the election results. You can all either bow or laugh a week from today. We did not pick the legislative races. The real vote is the IRAQ WAR and control of the U.S. Congress and Senate. Like it or not, much of America will be voicing their opinions of […]

MAYOR HOTLINE October 23-27

VOTE FOR FRAISE, VOTE MR. POTATO HEAD, FREEZE THE POOR Linda Steiner Airport Director: I am reading the article in the paper about the city police vs the airport police and combining them. I think it’s an absolutely wonderful idea. It should have been done a long time ago. But what is bothering me is […]

Why Not Capitol Blvd Garage?

This sign on Myrtle Street at the New Hampton Inn at the planned community of BoDo makes as much sense as the hotel entrance. We are going to need on-duty AND off-duty cops along with professional flaggers in orange vests to take care of the traffic mess for strangers trying to get to the hotel […]

Political Litter Abounds

The political landscape is littered with signs. The colors change, the names change, but how many voters cast their ballot based on the signs screaming for attention? The vacant lot near Vista and Targee is a breeding ground for those ubiquitous signs. (for you non-library types that is “ever present, appearing or found everywhere”) We […]

I Wanna Put You In The Movies

The movie dude hitting the Daily Paper front page and Channel 7 news stories with his subdivision dream has appealed to the collective quest of Idaho business, media, and education to be recognized. The growthophiles have been duped in our humble opinion. Like the ill-fated “Sweetwater Junction” that was supposed to be in Nampa about […]

When Is A Cop Not A Cop?

After the lighthearted piece about two Boise coppers traveling with the football team as quasi baby-sitters, we got a note about the police providing private security for multi-millionaire Larry Johnston. Turns out the BPD drew up their own contract and Albertson’s paid the tab. Chief Mike Masterson told the GUARDIAN it was for a limited […]

MAYOR HOTLINE October 16-20

SPEEDERS, GAS, TRASH, TAXIS & DRUNKS 10/13/06 Nameless Boise, ID 83702 Speeding: I’m calling this evening to register a complaint on behalf of a number of residents who live on Boise Hills Rd above 8th street in the north end of Boise. I’m calling because Boise Hills Rd is actually a downhill descent towards 8th […]

Boeing Comes To Idaho

For many years various Idaho firms have been after the big bucks from aviation giant Boeing. There was even a dream of an airport of some sort south of Kuna at one point. Now Idaho finally has something from Boeing–HAZARDOUS WASTE! Boise-based American Ecology Corp. proudly announced Friday in the Daily Paper they have a […]

Bikers Need Enforcement Too

GUEST OPINION By BIKEBOY Early Thursday morning, before the sun came up, a 12-year-old South Jr. High student was hit as he rode his bike to school, by a motorist. As of this writing, he’s in the hospital with what are described as life-threatening injuries. (He was riding in the dark, wearing dark clothes, no […]

Prop 2 Advocates Threaten Broadcasters

The battle over Proposition 2–the eminent domain initiative–took a strange turn Thursday when legal counsel for the supporters threatened television stations with “legal and FCC action” if ads sponsored by opponents to the measure are not jerked from the airwaves by 5 p.m. The GUARDIAN talked to KTVB Channel 7 general manager Doug Armstrong who […]

G-BAD Convention Center Take IV

The bungling efforts of the Greater Boise Auditorium District have reached epic proportions as they announced Wednesday at least their fourth try to build a convention center in downtown Boise. –Voters have turned them down twice. On the first go around they couldn’t even get 50% of the required 67% majority required by law. –Round […]

Ada Commish Race, Who Cares?

Granted there wasn’t a huge publicity campaign and there are a lot of candidates, but the Ada County Commishes debate Monday sponsored by the Woman’s League of Voters was sparsely attended at best. There were only about 6 non-candidate related people in the entire room. Clerk-Auditor Dave Navarro’s opponent didn’t even show up. Written questions […]

Sad Commentary On Growth

GUARDIAN GUEST POST BY: Joanne Pence Dry Creek Rural Neighborhood Association Twenty-three new planned communities are proposed for Ada County according to the Statesman’s front page article of October 11, 2006. If approved, these massive “planned communities” will give us sprawl as far as the eye can see. It’s this kind of mindless development that […]

Meridian Library Good For Boise

If the proposed $9.5 million bond for a new Meridian Library passes, it could be a benefit for Boiseans as well. Just take your Boise library card to Meridian and use it free in a great facility paid for by the Meridian Library District Patrons–thanks to an agreement already in place. A well organized “consortium” […]

Two Wheeler Parking To Stay

Congratulations to GUARDIAN reader Hillary Haymond for her two wheeler PARKING IDEA. Insiders tell us the two parking experimental spots will become permanent and Team Dave may even expand with more. She sent a letter to Mayor Dave Bieter on May 2 and two months later Team Dave had the signs in place and had […]

Height Of Political Debates

In the realm of meaningless political trivia, backhanded compliments, and dirty tricks we note Andy Hedden-Nicely sent a letter to KTVB Channel 7 with glowing compliments about the congressional debate the station lured away from Public Television. United Party candidate Hedden-Nicely tossed out a zinger asking why Bill Sali was allowed to stand on a […]

Warning To Absentee Voters

A GUARDIAN reader complained Wednesday that her request for an absentee ballot was sent to all the candidates by the county….she has been inundated with junk mail letters from politicos. Turns out she was absolutely right. Ada County Clerk and chief election officer Dave Navarro tells us the REQUESTS for absentee ballots are a public […]


SWEEPING CONCERNS, NO BoDo LIBRARY, DIRTY NEIGHBORS, CHOPPERS! (In the interests of space and reader interest, we have eliminated the graffiti calls.) 10/2/06 Sandy Shields Street Sweeping Concern: We just had the city street sweepers come by and my request is there is so many people that work there during the day and this is […]

One BPD And New Policies

ONLY ONE BPD NEEDED The on again off again resignation/retirement of Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson has the future of airport cops and in limbo. The GUARDIAN has talked to several insiders who concede the cleanest way to handle law enforcement at BOI is to do it with the Boise PD only and have a […]

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