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Homecoming Is Sweet Sorrow

After two weeks in “unruly” Brazil where everyone from cops to street vendors warned this camera-toting Gringo of potential violent assault and theft, it is good to be home in the number one rated “most secure” place in America. Checking the old news there was a double ax murder, a boy killed his school teacher […]

GUARDIAN Alive In Brazil Jungle

Dear loyal readers– The Guardian editor is alive and well, but really hot and humid in the jungle of the Brazilian Amazon. We will get back in action in a week or so, but had to make a living shooting pictures throughout Brazil. We have some great shots of IN FILL developments which should cure […]

Commish Spins AT WILL Job Ordinance

Guest commentary by: SHARON ULLMAN, former Ada Commish Ada County Commish Fred Tilman can offer more “spin” than a Yo-Yo when it comes to talking about what he did or didn’t do to county employees’ job status. Recently on NewsRadio 580 KIDO, Tilman talked about the County’s new at-will employment policy: “I think a lot […]

Public Employee Bonus Plan Take Two

We got to thinking about this bonus business for public employees and came up with a plan that should define the compensation system. It is really quite simple. Public employees are EXPECTED to do a good job, be on time and not absent from work. Those who do good things and follow the rules should […]

Bonuses Go To Good AND Bad Workers

Team Dave was a little late for Christmas stockings, but City employees got across the board bonuses in their latest pay envelopes–regardless of performance. KBCI TV-2 reports on Wednesday full-time employees got $200, part-time employees $150, and temporary employees $50. The council previously approved spending a $10 million budget surplus which included the one-time bonuses. […]

What Is The Status Of That?

We got a letter from a reader in Washington, D.C. asking whatever happened with Mark Johnson’s DUI case. That brought to mind some other “pending” stories. Here are some others that we would like to know about as well. –What is the status of the gas fired power plant the city council approved on public […]

Guv Butch Follows Guardian Advice

Guv Butch included the better part of a million bucks for a detox center in Boise in his budget proposal to the legislature Monday. Reaction from Boise’s Team Dave was swift and positive. “I know I speak for all of the members of the Mayor’s Detox Steering Committee when I say how thrilled I am […]

Bungled Bronco Bus Binge

We found some wild BLOG ACCOUNTS of the three bus charter convoy to the Fiesta Bowl which beat any of the sports stories and could rival the game itself for memories. With entries like, “I am so glad bus 1 finally got home. We were on bus 2 and all we did was get in […]


GUARDIAN editor David R. Frazier will be the featured guest on A.M. 580 talk radio on Friday January 5. Tune in at 9:05 am and feel free to call with comments and questions–good or bad.

Officials Fiesta Travel Style Differs

Guv Butch was reduced to hitch-hiking on his first official day in office. Seems he thumbed a ride to the Fiesta Bowl with ex-father-in-law J.R. Simplot on the company plane. J.R. is 98 today and recovering from a fall and bump on the head suffered outside the Fiesta Bowl. We wish him and the family […]

Do Fed Grants Influence Fire Staffing?

A reader tells us one of the possible reasons fire departments are adding paramedics to their staffs could be to qualify for federal money…Something to do with homeland security. One program–we don’t know if any of the locals are going for it or not–has a cutsie name of “Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response” […]

MAYOR HOTLINE December 25-29

12/26/06 Jeff Erwin 430 Summit Ridge Rd Boise, ID 83702 389-9847 ACHD: Two weeks ago we had a sign show up on our street showing our road was closed. Nobody knew what was going on. We got down to the end of our cul-de-sac and some people were digging up our street and over the […]

VIPS To Look Down On Bleacher Fans

We note that Boise State will ask the State Board of Education for approval at a Monday meeting to build a luxury suites-club seats-press box addition to Bronco Stadium. The project will cost $35.9 million, with $28 million financed through a bond sale. The athletic department will pay for the rest in cash. Nice deal […]

Boise Bus Blog

Julie Fanselow has a lot of time on her hands after her Demo candidate lost his bid for congress to Bill Sali. It’s a good thing she has extra time because the activist has taken to riding the bus and doing a blog about her travels. We wish her all the luck in the world […]

Post Game Fiesta Media Blitz

No doubt about it, the BSU football team and coach pete are winners. But PUH-LEEZE! Get real people. It is just football. It is just a game and lots of people from travel agents to bartenders made lots of money off the player’s efforts. Coach Pete made lots of money. HOWEVER. Let’s just go with […]

Fiesta Pre-Game Media Blitz

Just about everyone jumped on the pre-game Fiesta Bowl blitz. On Channel 7 we saw Mark Johnson leading cheers at the same time Channel 6 was doing a live report saying the pep rally had just finished. How did GUARDIAN readers see all the contests of local TV reports? Did KBCI even have a crew […]

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