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Two Wheelers Get 15 Free Parking Sites

Chalk up a big win for GUARDIAN reader Hillary Haymond. Team Dave’s parking czar John Eichmann today announced a massive downtown parking plan for two wheelers–in response to CITIZEN REQUESTS spearheaded by Ms. Haymond and GUARDIAN readers. PHOTO–HILLARY AND MAYOR DAVE BIETER In a press release Eichmann said, “ As a result of last year’s […]

Depot Doors Opened A Tiny Bit

The door to the Boise Depot is at least ajar for the public to visit. Team Dave announced today they will staff the historic Spanish Mission-style building on Sundays throughout the summer through September 30 from 10 A.m. to 6 p.m. and admission will be free. A press release from City Hall made no mention […]

Why Super Majority Vote Is Fair

A recent batch of bond elections for schools, library, and a community college have caused the old “super majority” issue to once again raise its ugly head. MOST of the recent bonds in the state have passed the 2/3 super majority. Those in FAVOR of the bonds–not unfairly labeled as “liberals”–see the 67% majority as […]

Supremes Issue Win, Loss, Draw Decision

The Supremes came out with their opinion on the Ada Commishes open meeting case today and it appears to the GUARDIAN the Commishes got off the hook for the $150 fine, but were found in technical violation of the open meeting law which has since been amended by the legislature. It would be fair to […]

Ada Voters Raise Canyon Tax

We noticed the community college election measure failed in Canyon County, but passed with enough margin in Ada County to create a passing grade in the two counties. A Canyon County reader came up with this observation: Can you please tell us how it is legal for Ada County and Canyon County voters to be […]

Voters Should Select Judges

With two upcoming vacancies on the Idaho Supreme Court it is time once again to debate the merits of appointing vs electing justices to the highest court in Idaho. Whenever there is an unscheduled vacancy, the seven member judicial council sends a list of names to the guv who appoints a replacement. The council is […]

Mayor Hotline May 12 to 18

OPEN THE DEPOT REPEATEDLY, SEX OFFENDERS UNWELCOME REPEATEDLY, IDLE COP Good calls with good opinions. Councilors please take notice–these people are voters. 5/15/07 Marge Wary 1105 Houston Rd. Boise, ID Depot: I’m calling to encourage opening the Depot more for public use. My friends and I love to water color paint in the Platt Gardens […]

De’Ja Vu’ University Land Deal

This is a story of how a $2 million land sale will obtain the $8 million East Jr. High from the Boise School District and finance part of a BSU athletic track complex for almost 45 years. As it sits now, we don’t like the look or the smell of the deal involving Boise Schools, […]

De’Ja Vu’ University Land Deal

This is a story of how a $2 million land sale will obtain the $8 million East Jr. High from the Boise School District and finance part of a BSU athletic track complex for almost 45 years. As it sits now, we don’t like the look or the smell of the deal involving Boise Schools, […]

Juice Demand High, Water Low

What’s up with Idaho Power wanting to raise rates to pay for growth? They claim to be spending $800 million to meet increased demand. They were trying to “soften up” customers to the impending price hike back in March with bill inserts. Not to short circuit their profitable power plans, but if more people get […]

Publisher Could Take $700,000 From Valley

We can’t tell if the Daily Paper got enticed by the Chamber of Commerce or if they are consenting adults, but a recent business page story was a bit off the mark in our opinion. United Airlines in-flight magazine publisher, Pace Communications, stands to take about $700,000 from Treasure Valley businesses if they sell 36 […]

Bridge Opens Gate To Development

The East Park Center bridge across the Boise River is about the only thing that stands between wildlife habitat on private ranch land and a mega subdivision with houses, shops, hotels and meeting facilities. BRIDGE WILL FACILITATE MORE HOUSES LIKE THOSE ABOVE IN HARRIS RANCH. The bridge has been a condition for the Harris Ranch […]

Irish Tenor Sings Swan Song

We don’t know if he is a tenor or if he can even sing, but we won’t have Mike Murphy to kick around any more. He has returned all his campaign contributions and offers this “swan song:” “For personal reasons (all very good ones fortunately), I have made the decision to drop-out of the Boise […]

Housing Inventory at 8,000

Recent reports from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) show about 8,000 unsold homes on the market in the Valley and many in the real estate industry say the backlog will translate into lower sales prices. That inventory increased from about 1,700 in January. Houses simply are not selling. The Daily Paper did a business piece […]

Mayor Hotline May 5 To May 11

OPEN THE DEPOT, FIX THE FOUNTAIN, WRITE SOME RED LIGHT TICKETS, NO BOOB SIGNS 5/7/07 John Hecht 2500 W. Jefferson Boise, ID 83702 Depot: I had the pleasure of seeing the Union Pacific train yesterday at the Depot. Unfortunately there were no on-train tours but that’s not the city’s fault; however I was very, very […]

Council To Consider Opening Depot

Wonder of wonders. Team Dave is talking about some limited access to the Boise Depot for the general public in addition to those who rent it nearly every weekend for close to $1,000. Election years are great fun. A plan by historian Todd Shallat would use some portions of the Depot for historic displays. Currently […]

CCDC Doles Out Promotion Cash

We have heard advertising on Boise State Public Radio touting the CCDC (Capital City Development Corp.). One script says “support comes from listeners like you and Capital City Development Corp., Boise’s urban renewal agency, partnering with businesses and residents in Old Boise to preserve and enhance the area’s unique character.” Why the heck does Boise’s […]

City of McCall Faces Bankruptcy

If you think growth pays for itself, talk to the 2,500 residents of McCall who will consider the option of bankruptcy for their city government at a town hall meeting Monday, May 14. Residents of this once tiny Valley County community need to come up with $6 million pronto as part of a federal court-ordered […]

Two More Planners Exit Ada County

The GUARDIAN has it on good authority two more employees of the Ada County Development Services have left. They are dropping like flies. The sudden departure Monday of veterans Mike McClenahan, who ran the “support services” and Scott Cook, a planner, have tongues wagging in the courthouse. Some speculate the departure of these two highly […]

Looking Down On Development

With the great weather Tuesday worthy of putting Boise on some magazine “Top Ten” list, we decided it was time to take a close look at the are we write about– from 500 feet in the sky. Amazing how different things looked from the helicopter! It had been seven years since our last aerial tour […]

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