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Local Government vs Citizens

Things have been pretty slow at the GUARDIAN of late. Spring break plays a big part to be sure, but we think citizens are fed up with the legislature-governor bickering, cities and counties adversary relationship with citizens, and the never ending presidential race. We took a trip to the Everglades where we made this neat […]

Flood First Sandbags Second

Mike Baker is a 46 year resident of N. 9th in Boise and has seen his property flooded at least three times by runnoff from Hulls Gulch. When a Boy Scout left him a brochure urging him to “be prepared” in the event of flood, Mike took the message from Ada County Emergency Management office […]

Guard Offers Shooting Range To Cops

Nice gesture on the part of the Idaho National Guard to local cops to offer use of a shooting range. Besides, after the National Guard shooting team dude (who was also a BPD member) set fire to the foothills with an M-16 popping tracers, they probably OWE it to the citizens of Boise. They are […]

Mayor Hotline March 15 to 21

SIRENS-BUT NO SANDBAGS, SEND THE POLICE 3/17/08 Mike Baker 2217 N. 9th St. Boise, ID Flooding: I live in a flood plain right at the mouth of Hulls Gulch. Because we have some flooding every year, and this year because of the snow pack, I believe that we’re going to have a little higher flood […]

Insider Commodity Trading Stinks

We posted a story January 8 NO AVIMOR POOP FOR BOISE regarding City Council plans for a policy to preclude poop from the Avimor planned community on Highway 55 north of Eagle. Seems State and County officials approved Avimor’s plans to truck their poop to the Boise sewer plant after it is treated on site. […]

Defending The Idaho Constitution

The GUARDIAN editor appeared before the Senate State Affairs Committee Wednesday to testify against a proposed CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT aimed at limiting citizen oversight of long term debt by local government. To call the experience frustrating is an understatement. In short, they ate our lunch, punched us in the face, yawned, walked out as we spoke […]

ACHD Assets Used For Race

After the local TV newsies ran a press release from the Ada County Highway District about clearing snow for the Race to Robie Creek, the GUARDIAN got a couple of inquiries questioning the propriety of plowing the road for the event. ACHD maintains they remove snow on the road each spring and are just doing […]

Mayor Hotline MArch 8 to 14

BUTTERSCOTCH WANTS ONLINE PAYMENT, LONG BUS STORY, CITY HALL BLOWS SMOKE 3/12/08 Delbert Coon 1911 Spaulding St. Boise, ID Electronic Payments: I tried to renew my dog license over the phon for my little dog, Butterscotch, and called the City Clerk and they don’t take debit cards. I just wondered if there’s a logical reason […]

Developer Has Illegal Water Company

Ada County developer Greg Johnson has been operating an illegal water system without approval of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission according to 4th District Judge Michael McLoughlin. The judge ruled in favor of homeowners who became ensnared in a property owner nightmare when they hooked up to a community well owned and operated by Johnson. […]

March 15 Bike Protest Set

Civil disobedience is raising its noble head in Garden City Saturday as proponents of legalized biking plan to stage a Saturday demonstration. The two wheeler folks are calling for a peaceful protest and urge supporters to either walk or ride bikes along the stretch of Greenbelt which the City Council has declared “pedestrian only,” despite […]

Citizen Rights In Jeopardy

If a proposed amendment to Idaho’s constitution passes, citizens will be denied the right to approve certain long term debts. The constitution MANDATES that local government ask permission of voters. The cities and counties have steadfastly refused to take ANY bond issues to the voters since this decision. I believe BLAINE county passed a bond […]

Commishes and School In Bidding War

Seems that local governments in Idaho have a lot in common when it comes to money management. This piece is from our sister blog the CALDWELL GUARDIAN. By CALDWELL GUARDIAN THE GUARDIAN has determined the Canyon Commishes earnest money offer and announced purchase of the state Job Service building out by Larry Miller Ford is […]

More Concealed Gun Questions

No surprise, but the gun issue–like guns themselves won’t go away. Not only is a Canyon County Commish caught with a piece at airport security, but now the U.S. Supremes have decided to tackle the issue with regard to the gun ban in the Nation’s Capitol. Meanwhile Senator Mike “Junior” Crapo continues to garner headlines […]

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