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Commishes Nix Chamber Cash

Kudos to the Ada Commishes for discontinuing an annual $70,000 to the Chamber of Commerce’s “Treasure Valley Partnership”–that group formed to drop big bucks into the national media market to increase our population. All three Commishes agreed it was not money well spent and decided to curtail the expense.  It was billed as a program […]

If Voters Say NO, Go To The Feds!

Those sneaky fellas at G-BAD (Greater Boise Auditorium District) got turned down twice by voters for a convention center.  Now they are stepping up to the welfare line in Washington, D.C. Every deal they have tried has failed and now one of our vigilant GUARDIAN readers offers up this little tidbit. “I found this tidbit […]

County Does Marketing Survey For Deli

 We got a message from a county worker who thought it a bit strange that official county e-mail was used to conduct a marketing survey for the deli located on the first floor of the Court House on Front Street. The county source sent us a link, but we were unable to open it.  Here […]

Levy Passed By 6.5% Of Eligible Voters

Meridian School officials got a resounding 74% approval for a $10,000,000 supplemental tax levy from a tiny fraction of the registered voters–about 6.5% of those who could have voted.   There are about 79,000 registered voters in the Meridian District which takes in parts of Boise and most of western Ada County including Eagle and […]

Owyhee Plaza Good Deed For Public

The management of the Owyhee Plaza Hotel gets a hearty  ATTABOY from the GUARDIAN for offering up a free room to downtown businesses opposed to the 10th Street Transit Center being pushed by some local politicos. The free room is adjacent to the one rented by Valley Regional Transit to push for a transit center […]

Mayor Hotline February 21 to 27

IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE TRANSIT COMMENTS , LOTS OF COMMANDMENTS, YEA DAVE, MAKE CATS STAY HOME! 2/26/09 Marc Clark 112 N. Wilson Boise, ID 345-6612 Transit Center: I’m commenting about the Treasure Valley High Capacity Transit Study.  I received a flyer in the mail.  I looked it over carefully and I see under “next steps”, it […]

ACHD Offers Street Sizes S,M, L, and XL

The Ada County Highway District is holding some OPEN HOUSE events during the next 10 days to see what size and price range citizens would like on their streets. We hate to always be so cynical, but if citizens indicate a desire for broad avenues with trees, bike lanes, and sidewalks, it really won’t make […]

GUARDIAN Asks Reader Support For Citizen Journalists

With the blessing and encouragement of some loyal GUARDIAN readers, we have decided to provide you with an “investment opportunity.” As part of the brave new world of publishing, we will accept contributions from one and all for any amount you care to toss into the pot. Click on the “DONATE” icon for details. The […]

GUARDIAN Primer On Local Governments

A recent reader comment requested that we post some sort of organizational chart explaining local government.  We will give it a go, but space will limit detailed explanations.  We will be glad to made additions based on reader comments from those in the know.   Click on MORE for the complete summary.

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