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Local Government Tax Woes Could Worsen

As a follow up on the decline of about $3.5 billion in taxable property values, we did some checking with Ada Treasurer Cecil Ingram and find there is a trend among folks to NOT pay their property taxes, which is no surprise. Ada county has sent out “tax deed” notices for $1.3 million in unpaid […]

Mayor Hotline April 18 to 24

LOTS OF FUN STUFF: NO DOUBLE ENTENDRE SIGNS, GUNS AND ELECTRIC MOWERS, SHAGGY DOG BARKING STORY, TRASH TALK 4/21/09 Jenny Hampton Meridian, ID Boobie’s Restaurant: I’m calling because there is a business on Ustick Road, a restaurant called Boobies located between two elementary schools and their reader-board is getting more and more inappropriate. Today it […]

Cities Likely To Raise Tax Levy Rate

Faced with a projected $3.6 billion decline in assessed property values in Ada County, local governments will be hard pressed to balance budgets without raising the tax rates they levy. The median decline in property values will come to about 10%–bad news if you want to sell a house and possibly a little good news […]

GUARDIANS Discover $300,000 Missing Funds

GUARDIAN TEAM REPORT By Paul Alldredge, Caldwell GUARDIAN and David R. Frazier, Boise GUARDIAN While the legislature and governor are locked in a funding battle over transportation, the GUARDIANS have learned of $300,000 that seems to have slipped through the cyber cracks of the state computer– thanks to a seven year long Canyon County alleged […]

Team Dave Sees The Light–FINALLY!

After years of lame excuses and spending thousands of taxpayer dollars in Sun Valley to discuss local problems, Team Dave has finally written the Chamber of Commerce suggesting that just MAYBE it would be a good idea to hold the annual indoctrination of local “leaders” in Treasure Valley. KTVB CHannel 7 had a GOOD STORY […]

Would Be Track Operator, Mr. Lucky Isn’t

No trifecta, no quinella, and no daylight for Dave “Mr. Lucky” Parrie until he ponied up $10,000 to get out of jail. He bet on a long shot and lost. Seems the guy who wanted to operate the Les Bois Park race track had only bad luck Thursday and lost his bet–along with a bid […]

Daily Paper Wins Dope Award For Bad Taste

When a couple of inhumane lowlifes relieved themselves on a “sleeping man in the area of 6th and Main in downtown Boise, it was more than the Daily paper could resist on their website. Complete with a mug shot of one of the offensive offenders, the Daily offered the DETAILS of the police arrests which […]

COMPASS Action Politically Linked To Otter

THE GUARDIAN HAS OBTAINED THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC DOCUMENTS WHICH DEPICT A SAD BIT OF PARTISAN POLITICKING ON THE PART OF AN AGENCY SUPPOSEDLY DEVOTED TO PLANNING. If you are the veto-wielding governor of Idaho, you take friends wherever you can find them. Such was the case Wednesday when the Community Planning Association of southwest Idaho […]

Republican Activist Convicted Of Trespassing

In what can only be described as a legal atrocity, an official of the Republican Party was convicted Tuesday in Fourth District Court of trespass–in a public building. The conviction of Christopher Pentico came because a State copper told him to leave the Capitol Annex last March after making some legislators “uncomfortable.” The State copper […]

High Foreclosure Rates In Boise

Boise made another list today when the Associated Press noted the city of trees ranked #27 in the nation when it comes to home foreclosure rates. Much of that reason is thanks to inept government at tall levels and greedy developers. Local politicos worked hard to accommodate developers and builders with one stop shopping at […]

Nothing Is Better Than A Bad Something

Ada County Commishes said Tuesday “all bets are off” when it comes to selecting an operator of the Les Bois Park horse race track. Stung by past operators at the facility, they appear to have done some homework this time and didn’t like the results. Commishes said both proposals were bad bets for the use […]

Farmers Market Unlikely Despite Citizen Pleas

Even with the qualifier of being a “Northender,” we doubt the people who want fresh veggies during the growing season under the politically correct greenie label of “sustainable,” will be able to overcome the powerful CCDC urban renewal agency (Capital City Development Corp.) or the Downtown Business Association. Those outfits control the popular Saturday market. […]

Mayor Hotline April 11 to 17

CALLER CAMPAIGN FOR WEDNESDAY MARKET, LEGISLATIVE HEARINGS COST PARKING TICKETS 4/17/09 Cody Human 412-9695 Mid-week Market Support: I live in the North End of Boise. I wanted to leave a message for the Mayor to let him know that I am supporting a mid-week Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays. It would be great if it were […]

New Recycle Program Could Be Costly

We need to raise the yellow caution flag on Boise’s new trash program that includes “no-sort recycling.” Austin, Texas, often held up as a “Big Brother” for things Boise politicos favor, adopted the no sort recycle scheme last fall and suddenly finds itself nearly $1 million in the hole due to transportation costs brought about […]

Mayor Hotline April 4 to 10

TORCH 2, CITY MOVING TRUCK? AIR, WATER 4/7/09 Gail Arnold 576 Victoria Boise, ID Torch 2: I’m calling in regard to the seemingly limitless remodel that the Torch 2 has at 610 Vista. I attended the Boise City Planning & Zoning hearing pertaining to his building permit request, which was denied in the form submitted […]

Boise Considers “Trade War” Ordinance

While perhaps well intended, Boise City Councilors are set to consider an ordinance that very possibly is contrary to State bidding laws and the United States Constitution. Calling it a “local preference ordinance,” Boise Councilors will hold a first reading of an ordinance revision that would deny EQUAL PROTECTION under the city bid law to […]

“Rest of Us” Pay For Failed Development Costs

Reporter Cynthia Sewell has an interesting piece in the Daily Paper about life in AVIMOR for the five residents of the so-called planned community of 850 homes. But who pays for that quiet existance? A GUARDIAN reader pointed out “the rest of us” are already on the hook to take care of failed developments like […]

Government Workers Should Share Wage Cuts

A GUARDIAN GUEST OPINION By STEVE EDGAR Lots of recent talk from politicos about public employee compensation. I appreciate their concern and efforts to preserve this group’s compensation but a historical context is worthy of examination. In recent years elected leaders have worked to ensure “compensation parity” with the private sector for public servants. This […]

Texting Crash Should Be Lesson For Coppers

When the young guy texting on his cellphone smacked a Boise copper’s patrol unit over the weekend, the incident became THE major local story. The TV newsies came up with facts and figures of the dangers of inattentive driving along with in-car video of what it looks like behind the wheel when one texts. Coppers […]

Vern Celebrates 50 years In Public Service

Mention the name “Vern” to anyone who has lived in Boise more than a few years and it conjures up the image of a squinty eyed bald guy who carries a gruff demeanor that can explode into raucous laughter without notice. City Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt began his Boise City career 50 years ago on May […]

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