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Like A Rudderless Ship, Fire Truck Crashes

It seems impossible to hear of a fire truck leaving the station without a driver, but that’s what happened Thursday when Boise’s Truck-5 responded to an alarm at Adams School, but forgot the “tillerman”–the guy who steers the back half of the 100 foot aerial ladder. When the truck–with only half the driving team–rounded the […]

Abuse Of Police Authority Not Tolerated

We gotta hand it to Boise PD chief Mike Masterson for “doing the right thing.” Here is a little true yarn that shows how the public can be served while the coppers are humbled. When a Boise copper blatantly ignored the law and parked his squad car in a “Motorcycle Only” zone in front of […]

Poet Paul’s Post

Commenting on the recent city council candidate “forums” and an announcement that Idaho Power is to get stimulus money for a long planned and partially implemented upgrade of meters. We could use a Power Company Smart Meter so we could vote for an intelligent leader It would be so grand to know where candidates stand […]

Ada Sheriff, State Pen Job Opportunities

The past week hasn’t been a good one for coppers. Ada Sheriff Gary Raney gets credit for acting quickly to shed a deputy who crashed a personal car into a fence while off duty in Meridian recently. The (former) deputy claimed problems with meds and booze. Then the jailer got caught sneaking skin-flick electronic images […]

“Chippendale” Hockey At Ice World!

We figured it would be impossible for Boise’s Ice World to beat the world-wide publicity garnered when two employees made a midnight food run to the Burger King drive-thru aboard a couple of Zamboni ice groomers, but this story of “Puck Naked” hockey may come close. Seems the Idaho Junior Steelhead hockey team rents ice […]

Mayor Hotline October 17 to 23

SKINNY SKATING, COLE SCHOOL, VALLEY RIDE, NO TO TROLLEY, 10/21/09 Anonymous IDAHO ICE WORLD: I would really like to know what the hell is going on out at Idaho Ice World. My wife and daughter were out there today and there was a hockey team out there skating practically naked. They were in their jock […]

How A Bad Idea Just Got Worse

Only Team Dave and a handful of people with blinders and earplugs think there is public support for a $60 million trolley to nowhere in downtown Boise. Just when we figured the issue was off track, council candidate Dave Litster sends us a lettter he received from the CCDC confirming the agency is budgeting $75,000 […]

City Tells Residents How and Where To Vote

Boise citizens have no excused this year when it comes to voting in the city council election. The city has provided a neat new interactive voter map available HERE. Just type in your address and it should not only tell you where to vote, it will provide a map with the most direct route to […]

Home Stretch In Boise Political Campaign

As we enter the final days of the political season for local elections, the GUARDIAN will try to keep moving this post to the top of the list to afford candidates and voters a forum to exchange questions, answers, and opinions. The Sunday DAILY PAPER endorsed TJ Thomson over Dave Litster for the seat being […]

Historic Public Health Event Fighting The Flu We Don’t Call Swine

The free vaccine program for the H1N1 flu–the one we don’t call swine–is being billed as the most massive public health effort in more than 50 years in the USA. For anyone over 60 it brought back childhood memories of when we stood in line for the first polio vaccine in 1955. Fearful parents throughout […]

Poet Paul’s Post

On the subject of two ISP motorcycle coppers being struck by an apparently outraged motorist on I-84 east of Boise… To avenge a ticket he got in town He ran a couple of troopers down This act of road rage Made the news front page Please throw the book at this clown!

Canyon Prosecutor Says Cop Rally Wrong

Canyon Prosecuting Attorney John Bujak reacted quickly and properly Friday when he learned local on-duty coppers in uniform attended a rally advocating a “yes” vote for a jail bond issue on the November 3 election ballot. Officers and chiefs from Nampa Caldwell, and the Canyon County sheriff appeared for a rally Thursday carrying signs saying […]

Poet Paul’s Post

In the foothills dog owners refuse to pick up their doggy do-dos It’s where I hike and I jog pick up after your dog so I don’t have to scrape my shoes!

Target Audience?

Canyon Coppers Violate Public Purpose Law

We noticed a front page picture on the Friday IDAHO PRESS TRIBUNE showing police chiefs from Nampa and Caldwell posing with the Canyon Sheriff and about 20 other police in uniform. Each of them held campaign signs urging a “YES” vote on a ballot question for a new jail. While well intentioned in their minds, […]

Force Feed The Taliban Halloween Candy

We read a story on the Daily Paper site about a dentist in Eagle who has a brilliant plan to fight tooth decay–and get some publicity in the process. He is offering to pay $1 a pound for trick-or-treat candy collected by local kids. It has to be wrapped and unopened so he can send […]

Boise Taxpayers Pay Bill For Eagle Bus

In a move that defies logic, Boise taxpayers are spending at the rate of $1,000 a year per round trip passenger that Eagle City officials have refused to pay. It all started when Valley Transit–the regional bus outfit–said they would discontinue the “Highway 44 Express” which ran twice daily out State Street to Eaqgle, Star, […]

Flu and Health System Make Us Sick

We are not impressed with the way any of the players have handled the “pandemic” assosciated with either the seasonal flu or the one we don’t call swine flu. On one hand we read that it is a worldwide disease that could kill millions and on the other hand we hear it is no worse […]

Poet Paul’s Post

The Canyon Jail doesn’t have enough space so many criminals they can’t keep pace It will cost a wad to have them live in a “pod” but they’ll sure have a “whale” of a place

Early Voting Open In Boise Council Race

Several candidates for Boise City Council have reminded us folks can vote early, starting today, October 18th, Monday through Friday for the next two weeks, from 10AM to 4PM. The early voting poll location is 400 N. Benjamin Lane (behind Target near the mall between Franklin and Emerald in a warehouse district). It is the […]

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