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Mayor Hotline November 28 to December 5

MORE AND MORE ANTI STREET CAR, HOMELESS FIRE SAFETY, SMOKE FREE PLEA, TRASH TALK Note–The GUARDIAN deleted one particularly rude rant aimed at the Mayor which was of a personal nature. 11/29/09 Jerry T. Fields 806 E. Riverpark Ln. Boise, ID 83706 342-4478 Streetcar: In regards to the streetcar to nowhere and the proposal to […]

Urban Renewal Agencies Plot State Law Revisions

While most of us are planning for the holidays and trying to finance toys for the kids, urban renewal agencies around the state are plotting legislation that will give them unbridled control of spending public funds for projects that belong under city control–like sewers, transportation, and public buildings. Their plan to get the state law […]

City, Simplot Can’t Agree On New Building

A proposal for an agricultural museum and new offices for the J. R. Simplot Company to be built by the family foundation for about $100 million in downtown Boise is apparently on hold. Simplot and City officials have been meeting to hash out designs issues after the city declared the initial Simplot idea was not […]

City Allows “Other Side” Into Open House

Early visitors to the City’s street car open house had a chance to get information from at least one opponent of the proposed $60 million project. Jim Monihan, known to GUARDIAN readers as “Cyclops,” had made repreated requests of Team Dave’s press agent, Adam Park, to have space at the Street Car Open House being […]

Local Coppers Head For Seattle Funeral

Query from reader: “Have you heard anything about local police (Boise city, ACS, Garden City) sending people or cars at our expense to the service for the four officers shot in Washington? I think it’s early next week. I object for a number of reasons. Following the tragic execution style killings of four Seattle area […]

Boise FD Expands Service Area With Takeover

When Boise Fire Department closed #6 station at Liberty and Fairview 15 or more years ago, they turned around and PAID what is now the North Ada District to provide fire service to that station and the surrounding area along Fairview. Now, after years of “fee for service,” the BFD is doing a flip flop […]

Mayor Hotline November 21 to 27

MOST FOLKS WERE BUSY WITH FOOTBALL AND TURKEY, SO JUST ONE ANTI STREET CAR, ONE BLACK FRIDAY, ONE TAXES TOO HIGH 11/22/09 Nick Brizzi 12105 W. Bowmont St. Boise, ID 83713 323-7260 Streetcar: My comment and concern is over your proposal for the streetcar. I personally feel it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars. You had […]

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