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Canyon Fails Miserably On Jail Bond Vote

Canyon Politicos who just wouldn’t take NO for an answer got their lunch eaten Tuesday when voters turned down yet another attempt at a jail bond. This time around county officials and a well organized group of supporters were humiliated. When the tally ended at 10:35 p.m., jail-bond advocates had captured 43 percent of the […]

Hotline Summary Is Tip Of Iceberg

It’s no secret the GUARDIAN is not happy with the new policy at Team Dave to summarize calls to the Mayor’s Hotline rather than provide a transcript to City Councilors and the media as it has done for years. A call reported this week diminishes the true tenor of how business is handled. Here is […]

Mayor Hotline July 23 to 31

This is an edited version of the calls to the hotline, provided by the office Mayor Dave Bieter and may or may not reflect the tone and intent of callers. 7/26 Thomas Mort ISSUE: Owns property at 1401 Euclid Ave. Filed claim for basement damage from city sewer backup. City is suggesting it is not […]

Former Fair Mgr./Commish Weighs In On RV Park

Roger Simmons is a former manager of the Western Idaho Fair as well as a former Ada Commish. He offers a historical perspective on the recent post about the RV park and issues surrounding the proposed evictions and expansion. By ROGER SIMMONS In 1987 when I was hired as the Manager of the Western Idaho […]

Fair Report On Ada Fair Land Use

Twenty years ago Ada County Commishes inked a deal to allow an RV trailer park at the Fairgrounds along the river for $50 a year for a term of 20 years. The land has an estimated value in excess of $3 million today. Former Commish Mike Johnson told the GUARDIAN the intent was strictly to […]

Tumble Highlights Need To Develop Park

A teen aged girl took a tumble off Table Rock Sunday eve apparently while taking a photo. Boise firefighters and paramedics who responded to the call of a teenage girl falling off a 20-foot cliff on Table Rock say the young woman was taken to the hospital with injuries that appeared to be non-life threatening, […]

Boise PD Reports Arrest In “Bad Taste” Fight

Boise Coppers responded to a fight call Sunday night reminiscent of Mike Tyson–with a twist. Seems a couple of guys got in a fight and one enderd up with a bloody nose–at least what was left of it after his opponent bit it off. Police reported they searched the fight scene, but were unable to […]

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