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Mayor Hotline June 4 to 10

6/7/11 Anonymous ISSUE: She is frustrated with the Idaho Humane Society Clinic for not having a person answer the phones and for them taking many hours to return a call. They also do not give any hours of operation. She thinks the public would be better served if the Humane Society had better customer service. […]

More Dirt On City Cleaning Contract

The GUARDIAN has confirmed there is an active police investigation which could potentially result in felony charges being filed in the case of the city cleaning contract which was awarded, protested, defended, and rescinded by Boise City during the first few months of the year. The GUARDIAN broke the story of Sylvia Hanpel’s Clearview Cleaning […]

June 14 Is FLAG DAY

We share a collection of flags we have seen: FROM WIKIPEDIA– In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777. The June 14 date is also when Congress adopted […]

For Politicos It’s All In The Name

Anthony Weiner has dominated national political news with his name recognition so much, we thought it only appropriate to do some mix and match with fellow Dems at the local, state, and federal level who could advise the troubled Congressman. They could even form a consulting group: DINGLE, BIETER, and CHEW…specializing in treating a sick […]

Caldwell Urban Renewal Has Jitters Over Coffee

Espresso/Deli Café Space Available Caldwell Urban Renewal Agency seeks interested parties to lease a turn-key Espresso/Deli Café in the TVCC Building located in Caldwell. Interested parties who respond by June 17, 2011 by 4:00 p.m. will be considered. Responses may be mailed or delivered to Caldwell Economic Development Council, 117 South 9th Avenue, Suite #6, […]

Canyon County Corruption Continues

This time it is a Nampa City employee, but the pattern of government thievery apparently continues in Canyon County. Nampa reports discovering $30,000 missing from deposits made on behalf of the city prior to March. The Ada County Prosecutor is investigating…since Nampa has had its own problems with a deal at the Canyon prosecutor office. […]

HELP! We Need Some News

The GUARDIAN is hurting bad for news. The best we can offer is this shot of Sam the GUARDian dog romping through the wildflowers near Cascade. Sometimes the flowers will pin your ears back! Things are a couple weeks late, but with all the rain the displays should be fantastic in the usual spots near […]

Mayor Hotline May 28 to June 3

6/2/11 Marla Martin N Maidstone Place Boise, ID 83713 ISSUE: Her daughter stepped on the lid of their grey Allied Waste trash can, fell into it and hurt herself. Marla would like to file a complaint about the garbage can. EDITOR NOTE–Unclear if she fell into the lid or the can. Anonymous ISSUE: He has […]

Hot Potatoes Become Political

We have all heard of a political “hot potato,” but now we find that hot potatoes are also political. That news comes from politicians who seek to keep the tuber that made Idaho license plates famous on the dinner plates of healthy Americans–especially school lunch plates. Idaho Reps Labrador and Simpson joined others in a […]

Should Government Spend Tax $$ To Lobby?

A recent story in the IDAHO REPORTER about the Pocatello Auditorium District using $20,000 in taxes to lobby on its own behalf exposes only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to government influencing government. Perhaps the worst offender in the influence peddling game is the City of Boise. The city is awash […]

Mayor Hotline May 21 to 27

5/23/11 Trevor D. Hitchin N. 15th St. Boise, ID 83702 ISSUES: He would like to discuss the following issues with Mayor and City Council. 1. Bike/pedestrian safety – Three people he knows have been hit by cars on their bicycle or walking in the last two years. He would like to make some suggestions on […]

It’s Couponers, Not Readers Buying Newspapers

The DAILY PAPER published a sort of “good news, bad news” story today that is self serving and self deprecating. It’s about “extreme couponing.” Seems folks are stealing the STATESMAN–not for news, obituaries, the crossword puzzle, great pictures, or a craving to be informed. Nope. They raid the newsstands to get coupons. Thanks to the […]

Tim Woodward Explained Boise and Idaho To All of Us

By DAVID R. FRAZIER, editor At the top of his game like Oprah–but with considerably less cash–Tim Woodward signs off at the STATESMAN after nearly 40 years on Sunday. Like just about anyone who has ever met him, I can call him a friend. I can also remember the first day he walked into the […]

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