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Cleaning Contract Caper Awaits Court Ruling

Judge Thomas Neville heard arguments today from attorneys representing Boise City and Clearview Cleaning in a public records request case in which the city has refused to provide certain documents. After the City rescinded a $368,000 signed contract with Clearview Cleaning the night before the local firm was to begin work, owner Sylvia Hampel filed […]

Balanced Budget Amendment Is Grandstanding Politics

Idaho’s U.S. Senators, Junior Jim Risch and Senior Mike Crapo have joined a group of 47 who propose an amendment to the constitution of the United States of America to require a balanced budget. While that sounds great in concept, it will take years upon years to ever pass. The joint announcement is nothing but […]

Mayor Hotline June 18 to 24

6/20/11 Anonymous ISSUE: The water fountain on the south side of the river near mile post 1.5 or 1.6 by Parkcenter (on the Greenbelt) has not been turned on. He would like to request it be turned on before the season is over. Parks & Rec 6/21/11 Anonymous ISSUE: His house has decreased in value […]

Guv: Storage Business Purchase “Was A Mistake”

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has withdrawn his support for a controversial Land Board decision to own and operate a commercial storage business. The GUARDIAN revealed the state ownership–which competes directly with the private sector–in an EXCLUSIVE story last November. Otter told the IDAHO REPORTER his support of the decision to invest in the private retail […]

Chinese “Takeover” Is Like Japanese Boom Of 1980’s

Conservative American blogs have created a significant buzz over the issue of a “Chinese Takeover” of America and much of the fear mongering is centered in Boise–thanks to statements by politicos seeking the almighty Renminbi. Some of those concerns have a foundation in fact. In reality, the situation so far is much like the Japanese […]

Running Government Like A Business

A couple of stories we have noticed recently in rural Idaho media show just how to run government like a business AND turn a tidy profit for government workers. Some are legal, some are crooked, and some just stink. –The GUARDIAN detailed how Boise motorcycle coppers make $56 an hour using city equipment to patrol […]

“Table Rock Park” Needs To Be Reality

The GUARDIAN has publicly pushed to make Table Rock a public park for years, but there seems to be a lot of “pushback” from “stakeholders.” Today a survey has deemed it the best spot in the valley to watch a sunset. Ironically, the place voted as the best spot to WATCH A SUNSET in today’s […]

Summer Thunders Into Boise With A Flash

The Weather service reported a total of only 49 lightning strikes hitting the ground in a 24 hour period Wednesday, but the clouds were alive with a spectacular light show of thousands of flashes. The GUARDIAN “day job” at the David R. Frazier Photolibrary stretched into a night job as we set up the camera […]

Coppers On Choppers “Have Guns Will Travel”

If you notice any Boise coppers on choppers along the scenic byways of Boise County this summer, they aren’t lost. They’re just using the City-owned uniforms and BMW motorcycles to earn a little overtime–at about $56 an hour. It’s all part of a highway safety grant funded by U.S. taxpayers and administered by the Idaho […]

Megaload Group Curtails Use Of Idaho Official Seal

The Western Legacy Alliance–the “megaload” truckers along U.S. Highway 12–agreed Tuesday to discontinue use of the official Idaho State Seal in advertisements. The GUARDIAN received an inquiry and it turns out the Idaho Secretary of State, the custodian of the seal, was also notified of the appearance of a stateendorsement to the ad which touted […]

G-BAD Boys Sneaky As Ever

Somehow coming up with a figure of $24,500 which is just under the mandatory bid threshold of $25,000, the new Greater Boise Auditorium Board (G-BAD) restored funding to the Boise Visitor and Convention Bureau. The BVCB is nothing more than a non-profit ad agency that had its funding taken away by the G-BAD boys after […]

Mayor Hotline June 11 to 17

6/11/11 Alan Young ISSUE: He spent an hour and a half in a traffic jam because of the Ironman competition. He is dissatisfied with the route plan. No Contact 6/13/11 Jack Hourcade S White Fir Place Boise, ID ISSUE: He was badly inconvenienced by the traffic closures during the Ironman event. He feels that an […]

Cleaning Record Case Takes On “Life Threatening” Aspect

Boise City attorneys have ramped up the fear factor in the ongoing CLEANING CONTRACT CAPER. After the City rescinded a $368,000 signed contract with Clearview Cleaning the night before the local firm was to begin work, owner Sylvia Hampel filed a public records request to find out why she lost the contract. The city refused […]

State Senator Sits In Slammer

“UNDER PAR” took on a new meaning for Idaho State Senator John McGee, 38, after he left a Boise golf course Saturday night/Sunday morning and ended up in the Ada County slammer charged with DUI and Grand Theft of a 20 foot trailer and SUV. His blood alcohol level was reported at .15 which is […]

Boise Dusts Off Rule To Award Cleaning Bid

Sylvia Hampel and Brenda Tate, owners of Clearview Cleaning, claim they have been contacted by clients expressing concerns about recent news reports about their firm and a contract dispute with Boise City. Hampel reiterated that she has no knowledge of any irregularities involving her staff or the company. Saturday Hampel told the GUARDIAN she had […]

Legislative Staffers Get 42% Of All Bonuses

The IDAHO REPORTER has posted yet another hard hitting story you won’t find in the old legacy media. UPDATE— Saturday DAILY PAPER has the story as well as AP. This time they quote Legislative Services Office Director Jeff Youtz (the people who help draft the bills). “Because of these staff reductions and retirements, I had […]

Dirt On Cleaning Contract Turns Muddy

The saga of the city cleaning caper took another twist when it was learned Boise’s copper shop (city hall west), the Library!, and City Hall are being cleaned by the outfit that lost the bid earlier this year. Word is New York-based ABM with a claimed payroll of 91,000 employees got a 1 year contract […]

ACHD Spends Tax Dollars On Lobbyist

Those pesky people at the IDAHO REPORTER have revealed yet another case of public tax money being spent by one government to lobby another government–this time it’s $68,000 of Ada County Highway District cash going to a lobbying firm. This disturbing trend reenforces the notion that citizens have little voice in their government. Even government […]

Parrish: From STATESMAN to STAR

Idaho Statesman publisher Mi-Ai Parrish joins the growing alumni list of former staffers as she leaves town after only 5 years at the helm of the Idaho’s largest newspaper, heading for the Kansas City Star. In a twist of irony, we note the Statesman’s old press came from the Star, now the Star gets the […]

Update On City Cleaning Contract Caper

Note–If you haven’t read the previous CLEANING CONTRACT post, we suggest you scroll down and then come back to this update with most recent information. UPDATE 4p.m. TUESDAY– Judge Thomas Neville has set a hearing on June 30 at 10 a.m. for oral arguments on the issue of “Whether documents which are generated in response […]

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