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No Werk In Progress For City Races

State Sen. Elliot Werk has decided against a race at the city level in Boise. “I will not be running for a seat on the Boise City Council,” Werk said in an email to the Statesman’s Dan Popkey. “I appreciate the appeals and the support that I received as I evaluated my decision. However, I’d […]

G-BAD Boy Gets Testy With G-Bad Girls

G-BAD politics has turned out downright nasty. We have been following the antics of the Greater Boise Auditorium District and the saga of the $24,500 check possibly destined to the Boise Convention and Visitor Bureau as matching funds for a state promotional grant. The board selected the figure to avoid the $25,000 threshold that requires […]

Sandy Point Water OK, No Pollution Source Named

By “flushing” the Sandy Point swimming area with more water flow from the depths of Luck Peak Reservoir, Idaho Parks officials have lowered the E.coli bacteria count to safe levels. In a press release from Parks they claim it is safe to swim at the popular spot, but warn swimmers to wash up after being […]

Peddle Pushers To Protest Prohibitions

The group calling itself the “Citizens for an Open Greenbelt” (COG) is planning a “demonstration of outrage” at Garden City along the greenbelt at the northwest corner of Glenwood and Riverside Drive (near the Moxie Java) on August 13. Organizer Gary Segers said the plan is to to tell Garden City “enough is enough – […]

Optimistic Developer Gambles On Boise “Hole”

Yet another developer has signed on to build something at 8th and Main –the site of the infamous downtown vacant lot known variously as “the hole, ground zero, and the pit.” A feasibility study is planned to decide just WHAT to build. If the Gardner Company wants to insure success, they will look toward something […]

Mayor Hotline July 16 to 22

7/19/11 Gary Evans N Keystone Boise, ID 83704 ISSUE: Disagrees with the proposed fee increases. Mayor

Still No Check To BCVB From G-BAD

As of late Tuesday still no record of the $24,500 check from the G-BAD boys (and girls) to the Boise Convention and Visitor Bureau. While the G-BAD board voted 3 to 2 to approve funds for promotion work by the BCVB, treasurer Stephanie Astorquia has yet to put her name to a check. She has […]

Yet Another Baseball Park Survey

Team Dave and a group calling itself the Better Boise Coalition is aiming to commission yet another survey about the feasibility of building a minor league baseball park in Boise. They are doing wonders for the consulting industry, but everything is predicated upon the “need” for a new ball park. The Boise Hawks team is […]

Yellowstone Is Green 23 Years After Fire

To GUARDIAN editor Dave Frazier it seemed like only yesterday when he experienced two fire storms in the same day covering the Yellowstone Fires of 1988 for NEWSWEEK. We took a little drive through the park last week and noted the growth of lodge pole pines and a new appreciation for the “natural reseeding” aspects […]

County Hikes Spending By 11%, No Tax Jump

The Obama administration and the Washington Repubs could use the talents of the Ada Commishes and budget planners when it comes to public spending and taxing within a balanced budget. Seems that Ada County plans to raise its SPENDING by 11%, but not increase taxes. This after four years of touting the fact they left […]

Speculation On Werk In Progress

While the legacy media pundits are speculating about what will happen in the next race for Guv if Luna runs, if Butch calls it quits, the GUARDIAN is hearing rumblings state Senator Elliot Werk may seek a Boise City Council seat. Here is how one tipster phrased it: “The only name I’ve heard is Elliot […]

As Predicted, Councilor Bows Out of Race

When Chamber of Commerce cheerleader Ben Quintana announced his bid for the Boise City Council, but refused to name which seat he would seek, the GUARDIAN predicted the fix was in. Sadly, we were correct. Councilor Alan Shealy sent a letter to his fellow Councilors informing them he would not run for re election. That […]

Firefighters Seek To Fill The Boot With “Stupid Person” Fees

Boise’s City Council approved a set of “stupid person” fees on behalf of the Fire Department Tuesday night. It must take one to know one. Here is the price list for “AT FAULT” fees these elected politicos approved. -Residential false alarm: second $75, three or more, $150 each. -Commercial false alarm: second $125, three or […]

Coppers Complicate Cleaning Contract Caper

Fourth District Judge Thomas Neville has issued a final decision “Denying in Larger Part and Granting in Smaller Part” the Boise City motion to keep certain e-mails secret in the saga of the Clearview Cleaning contracdt. BACKGROUND– In mid February Clearview was awarded a janitorial contract for about $368,000 to clean Boise’s City HAll, Police […]

Mayor Hotline July 2 to 8

7/6/11 Tyler David Scholl ISSUE: Concerned about violation of a no-contact order. BPD 7/6/11 Katie Fite N 5th Boise, ID 83702 ISSUE: Thinks tree-trimming is excessive, detrimental to birds and trees, and a waste of tax dollars. She’d like a full accounting of the cost. Forestry 7/6/11 Laura Sprague W Willow Lane Boise, ID 83703 […]

G-BAD Treasurer Stiffs Visitor Bureau

President Obama and the Washington Republicans don’t have an exclusive when it comes to spending public money and political brinkmanship. According to reports reaching the GUARDIAN today, the controversial payment of Greater Boise Auditorium cash to the Boise Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in the amount of $24,500 was held up for lack of a signature. […]

River To Open, Sandy Point Polluted With Poop

Ada County Parks announced today that tubing season will open Friday from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park on the Boise River. Check the BOISE RIVER site for details from the concession operator. Meanwhile the growing population of Canada geese is the prime suspect for E. Coli pollution at the Idaho State Park’s Sandy Point […]

Frazier Slide Show At Hillcrest Library!

GUARDIAN editor David R. Frazier has a day job that takes him around the world making educational and travel pictures for everyone from National Geographic books to World Book Encyclopedia. The good folks at the new Hillcrest Library! requested a slide show about Argentina which will be presented THURSDAY JULY 14 at 7 p.m. We […]

BIGGER Isn’t Better, BETTER Is Better

The downtown deciders need to take lesson from the previous Bronco Football God, Dan Hawkins who once proclaimed that “Bigger isn’t better, better is better.” The Sunday DAILY PAPER has a story by Cynthia Sewell detailing the the “options” for a new convention center. One of the ideas would involve demolishing a newly constructed county […]

Caldwell Gives Taxpayer Cash To City Employees

The City of Caldwell has quietly passed along tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to city employees at a time when unemployment is at historic high levels and property values are declining. Caldwell GUARDIAN editor Paul Alldredge caught the item on the “consent agenda” of the city council and obtained the resolution. Otherwise it would […]

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