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Slip Sliding Away Generates Chilly Attitude

DISCLAIMER: The GUARDIAN has been off in Florida fishing with grandson in the gulf and apologizes for the lack of good stories the past 10 days. Unprecedented cold weather combined with wet snow has created a virtual obstacle course for Boise pedestrians and when the spokesman for Team Dave was featured on the TV news […]

Lobbyist, Reporter Too Close For Comfort?

GUARDIAN reader Clancy Anderson passed along some research on the issue of reporter vs lobbyist with the Idaho Freedom Foundation and its editor, Wayne Hoffman. By CLANCY ANDERSON I do not see enough separation between the Idaho Reporter and the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Mr. Hoffman states the day to day operations are independent of him […]

Controversy Over Video Record Of Legislature

Video coverage of the Idaho legislature, who can record the action, who owns the recording, and preserving the record–often punctuated with jokes and banter–is shaping up as a big issue at the legislature. Idaho Public Television records all the floor action by the politicos, but they have a deal that calls for the recordings to […]

Ada Director Of Administration Post Eliminated

Things are happening fast during the first two days at Ada County under the new Commishes Jim Tibbs and Dave Case. The post of “Director of Administration” has been eliminated, putting Rich Wright, a former TV newsy out of a $93,663 annual salary job. Wright had been a supporter and protege’ of sorts of former […]

Ada Elected Officers Sworn In Monday

ADA ELECTED OFFICERS (left to right) Treasurer Vicky McIntyre, Clerk Chris Rich, Sheriff Gary Raney, Commish Rick Yzaguirre, Commish Dave Case, Commish Jim Tibbs, Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg, Assessor Bob McQuade, Prosecutor Greg Bower Dave Case is the new chairman of the Ada County Board of County Commissioners (“Commish”) after the board met early Monday, January […]

State Salaries Show Spending Priorities

State Controller Brandon Woolf has launched a great new website called TRANSPARENT IDAHO which shines the light of public scrutiny on how our taxes are spent. He built the site for $28,000 using part of his annual budget to do it. That light was glaring with intensity when the GUARDIAN took a look at HIGHEST […]

Personal Property Tax Repeal Could Open Proverbial “Can Of Worms”

Before the personal property tax repeal has even been considered, the GUARDIAN got a call from a guy who has figured out how to beat the system–with a loophole that will be as bad as the current system. He predicts not only a loss of revenue from personal property taxes, but a steep decline in […]

Winter Doldrums, Not Much New To Blog

The GUARDIAN is still here, but there isn’t much new to share. Even the Statesman has resorted to devoting the front page to news that’s 100 years old–featuring Kuna and Eagle history books that have apparently hit the stores recently. Legislature is in town, Boise State football is over, Repubs and Tea Party still don’t […]

Can One Forget Details Of First Booze Encounter?

Senior Mike Crapo got the standard penalty Friday for first time DUI (DWI in Virginia)–drivers license is suspended for one year, he was ordered to pay a $250 fine and attend alcohol awareness classes for 10 weeks. He begged forgiveness and apologized outside the Alexandria, Virginia court after the sentence was handed down. Idaho media […]

Idaho Gas To Rescue Frozen Montana Town

With temperatures below zero in West Yellowstone, Montana it’s important to heat homes and places like fire stations with tanker trucks of water. The Idaho Public Utilities Commission today granted Intermountain Gas Company emergency authority to sell up to 100,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas from its Nampa LNG facility to aid residents of West […]

No Takers For Honor Code At Lesiglature

Despite coming off a year that included members being charged with or convicted of lying, cheating, and stealing none of the leadership would go on record at a Friday media conference to adopt of a version of the West Point honor code as the foundation for ethical behavior among legislators. The GUARDIAN noted lawmakers will […]

Drug Trade Is Profitable For Those Who Sell

With Obama Care, Fiscal Cliff, Health Insurance Exchanges, Medicare Part A, B, C, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Indigent Care, and more it’s no wonder we tune out when it comes to understanding who pays what and how much. There has been a string of settlements between drug companies and Idaho’s Attorney General over the past […]

Annual Report From GUARDIAN

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. The GUARDIAN was viewed about 390,000 times (unique visits) in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 7 years for that many people to see it! The GUARDIAN had more visits than a small country in Europe! In 2012, there were 238 new posts, growing the […]

Poet Paul’s View Of 2012

Occupy Boise was a bunch of tents Placed on the old Courthouse lawn But when they were removed The grass was all gone They overstayed their welcome So their permit was revoked The only grass not ruined Was that which was smoked!

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