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Treasure Valley Taxes Compared

GUEST POST BY RON HARRIMAN In the chart below are the tax amounts from the budgets of Boise, Meridian, Caldwell and Nampa. The data is from the Idaho Tax Commission and Idaho Census. Calculations of the taxes are per person on budget expenditures and then per household. The average household is statistically adjusted by 2011 […]

Meridian Rings Bell On North Star Charter

In a fiscally wise move, the Meridian School Board has rung the bell on the North Star charter school in Eagle which is mired in debt and pulled its charter. While the North Star charter school is a “public school,” it is not part of the Meridian District, but in essence “licensed” by Meridian. Meridian […]

GBAD Violates Rules, Installs State Dem Party Official

The Greater Boise Auditorium District had its first meeting Monday with the newly elected board members and promptly solidified its Democrat leaning by hiring Susan Eastlake, the Idaho Dem party treasurer to act as secretary/treasurer for the District. The GBAD legal counsel told the board he felt the GBAD bylaw was in conflict with state […]

Former Mayor Portrayed As Dead Philanthropist

It’s been awhile since we have issued a DOPE REPORTER award, but someone at KTVB gets the honor for this morning’s photo mix up. The early report on KTVB Channel 7 news Monday headlined the death of Velma Morrison, the millionaire philanthropist, but the image on the screen was that of former mayor and city […]

Spain/France Visit Enrich Life’s Experiences

A day job trip and summer vacation with Mrs. GUARDIAN is the reason we have offered so little to our readers the past few weeks. By way of apology, here is an expanded post with “my vacation” photos. It was 14 years ago when Oxford University law student Davina came to America and spent a […]

Prisons Need To Be Government Operated

The move by the Idaho Board of Corrections to dump the private contractor running part of the prison system is good, but it only goes half way. Idaho Department of Correction won’t be allowed to submit its own bid or take over operations at the prison south of Boise, because Board of Correction Chairwoman Robin […]

Bieter Not So Subtle In Run For Gov.

The past few days of news in the Daily Paper citing Boise’s mayor and his wisdom on jobs, highway impact fees, Guv Butch Otter, attracting business, all lead us to conclude he is running for governor. According to an ACHD press release, the mayor spouts anecdotes like Ronald Reagan–worth a laugh, but shy on facts. […]

Famed Equal Rights Lawyer Allen Derr Dies

The GUARDIAN has received word Allen Derr has died within the hour, following a prolonged illness. His wife, Judy Peavey-Derr was at his side in their Boise residence. The local attorney who made a name for himself and changed the way American courts consider women’s rights had a long history of championing fairness causes. His […]

Iron Man Good For Some Businesses, Traffic Nightmare

Several tales of “you can’t get there from here” over road closures due to the Iron Man event Saturday have reached the GUARDIAN. We would like to hear your take on it. Anything from delayed trips to the market, increased business at your restaurant or hotel, to cost for coppers. Who benefits, who suffers? Are […]

Up In The Air Over Political Spending

Recent news accounts from Boise and Mountain Home make us pause over the reasons public money is being spent for political reasons–all ultimately aimed at “helping business” by keeping airplanes flying. Our friends at the Mountain Home News report local politicos are worried about yet another round of potential Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC). The […]

Reader: Motorcyclists Should Pay $40, Forget The Ride

GUARDIAN reader Erico49 sent us a self-described rant today after a weekend of hearing Rolling Thunder along Interstate 84. He also sent a copy to the Idaho Transportation Department. “I question whether it’s a good idea to slow down traffic on the Interstate for 50 miles twice in one day with a caravan of motorcycles–regardless […]

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