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Volunteer Report on GBAD Meeting

The GUARDIAN is working the day job while there is still summer sun. The following report comes from a reader who attended Tuesday’s GBAD meeting. It was posted as a comment, so bear in mind the lack of vetting. BY ERIC WEISS Today’s GBAD meeting was just like the others except for 3 simple events. […]

Tuesday’s Daily Paper A Pleasant Surprise

We honestly doubt the GUARDIAN can take any credit, but Tuesday’s STATESMAN was chock full of local news of substance! They even offered up an editorial opinion. –The Simplot family JUMP project got unanimous approval from the City P&Z commission and in the process the design review committee was publicly spanked for “overstepping the bounds […]

No Stopping a Runaway Train (Trolley) Enthusiast

Team Dave is still pushing for a trolley, and can’t seem to understand the meaning of NO, despite public opinion and denial of U.S. Government funds. Last week the Feds turned down Boise’s request for about $40 million in “TIGER” funds for the Desire Named Street Car (also affectionately known as the “Trolley Folly”). The […]

GUARDIAN Top 2009 Stories By Month

As the legacy media does its annual TOP TEN stories to fill space between the holidays, the GUARDIAN has done the same thing based on what we have posted in the past year. In rereading some of the posts and comments, it appears we have an inordinate number of comments on police and fire stories. […]

Wisconsin Has A better Transportation Idea

Seems like the cheesehead state is getting a lot of attention these days here in Idaho. Team Dave holds out Kenosha, Wisconsin as the poster child for a Trolley Folly, former Greenbay Packer Bret Favre has everyone’s attention, we got a police chief from the capital city of Madison and now the politicos in Madison […]

STATESMAN Readers Bash Bieter Trolley

Mayor Dave Bieter continued his pitch for a trolley in the narrow streets of Downtown Boise with an op-ed piece in the Daily Paper Wednesday. Out of 10 comments posted so far, there was one flat out supporter, one “sorta for it” and eight who flat out were against it. Count the GUARDIAN in the […]

Bogota, Colombia Adopts GUARDIAN Bus Plan

A reader sent us a link to a NEW YORK TIMES story about the South American City of Bogota, Colombia adopting a plan espoused by the GUARDIAN to establish a “bus rapid transit system” in Boise. Despite the success in other cities and the simplicity of the idea–using buses on a grid route much like […]

Transit Experts Vindicate GUARDIAN

For years the GUARDIAN has been poking fun at Team Dave. Senator Senior Crappo, and all the rest of those who favor trains. Each time we poked holes in their ill advised dreams, survey, and yes–SCAMS, we pointed out the need for a decent bus system before anything else can even be considered. Here is […]

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