GUARDIAN Top 2009 Stories By Month

As the legacy media does its annual TOP TEN stories to fill space between the holidays, the GUARDIAN has done the same thing based on what we have posted in the past year.

In rereading some of the posts and comments, it appears we have an inordinate number of comments on police and fire stories. That isn’t by design. We didn’t do much on the tragic murder of Robert Manwill because the legacy media was all over it and the entire community was focused on the tale for several weeks. Any GUARDIAN coverage would have been futile for what was obviously the “NUMBER ONE” news story in the community in 2009.

We didn’t attempt to rank our choices, but they include our “awesome humility,” and are based mostly on the number of comments. If you have any choices we missed, feel free to comment. HINT: use the CATEGORIES list or the ARCHIVE button to check out the past year.

Thanks for reading and sharing your views as the GUARDIAN enters 2010. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

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  1. Time to reactivate the Goose Poop Plan. Not only Nike’s are under attack but try riding a bike through all of it without fenders.

  2. The efforts of the BG have a lot of people in the valley discussing (and cussing) the trolly issue.

    Involved citizens make this a better place for everyone.

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