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Commish Spins AT WILL Job Ordinance

Guest commentary by: SHARON ULLMAN, former Ada Commish Ada County Commish Fred Tilman can offer more “spin” than a Yo-Yo when it comes to talking about what he did or didn’t do to county employees’ job status. Recently on NewsRadio 580 KIDO, Tilman talked about the County’s new at-will employment policy: “I think a lot […]

GUARDIAN New Year Message

Happy New Year to one and all! We have been reflecting on the past year along with the new year and would like to share some thoughts about the GUARDIAN and what we feel and believe. I am sober (don’t drink) on this New Year’s eve and after a week in the Tampa Bay area […]

EMS Monopoly Ordinance Goes To Court

The issue of who has the ultimate authority to operate ambulance service, establish medical protocol and levy taxes is headed for the courts in what can be termed as a “test case.” Ada County Commishes passed the ordinance which was strongly opposed by fire chiefs and firefighters at last week’s meeting. The passage and resulting […]

EMS Losing Ground In Turf War?

LATE BREAKING UPDATE A reader directed us to the the Idaho Code and it looks like the cities–not the county holds the high ground in this turf battle. 31-3905. AMBULANCE SERVICE — OPERATION DEPENDENT UPON RESOLUTION OF EACH CITY — RIGHT TO TAX UNAFFECTED BY NONSERVICE. “All cities and villages within the county, upon resolution […]

Ada EMS Stiffs Fire Departments

Boise and Whitney fire departments got stuck with an unexpected bill for a new fire station after the Ada County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) backed out of an agreement to share in the cost of a housing an ambulance in Southwest Boise. In a plan to accommodate future urban sprawl, Boise built a new fire […]

Boise City Loses ANOTHER Legal Fight

Boise City’s legal department and Team Dave have preserved their losing record on high profile civil cases with yet another courtroom defeat. The city earlier this year sued Ada County over the approval of the Avimor planned community on Highway 55. Judge Duff McKee dismissed the city case Thursday saying they had “no standing” in […]

Tax Rates Low, But Changes Due

The 2006 tax levy numbers are in and Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade offers up a detailed series of charts and numbers so you can FIGURE YOUR TAX. The GUARDIAN cuts to the chase and will let you know the tax on your house will be right at 1.38% of the TAXABLE value–the assessed value […]

Sad Commentary On Growth

GUARDIAN GUEST POST BY: Joanne Pence Dry Creek Rural Neighborhood Association Twenty-three new planned communities are proposed for Ada County according to the Statesman’s front page article of October 11, 2006. If approved, these massive “planned communities” will give us sprawl as far as the eye can see. It’s this kind of mindless development that […]

Meridian Library Good For Boise

If the proposed $9.5 million bond for a new Meridian Library passes, it could be a benefit for Boiseans as well. Just take your Boise library card to Meridian and use it free in a great facility paid for by the Meridian Library District Patrons–thanks to an agreement already in place. A well organized “consortium” […]

Ada EMS Take Two

After getting conflicting reports–and reading a very positive KTRV Fox-12 on-line story– the GUARDIAN did additional research and came up with more data about the State of Ada Ambulance Service Despite “plans,” budget entries, and good intentions, the following glaring facts remain in the operation of the Ada County EMS system: –Staffing levels remain below […]

State of Ada Ambulance Service

A year and a half ago the Ada County Emergency Medical Service asked voters for a tax increase to fund the ailing ambulance service–with dire predictions from the Ada Commishes if it failed. Today they have enough extra staff, vehicles, and supplies to go after U.S. Forest Service contracts far outside Ada County. During the […]

Ada Candidates Say NO To Legal Fees

Four of the five candidates for Ada County Commishes have told the GUARDIAN if elected they will cutoff all funding for a legal battle over an alleged open meeting law violation in June 2005. Current Commishes Judy Peavey-Derr, Rick Yzaguirre, and Fred Tilman have been charged by the Idaho Attorney General with violating the open […]

Readers Red Flag Dibrom

The GUARDIAN posted a skeeter spraying story to give concerned readers a place to express their views on the chemical application currently being conducted by Ada County. One reader told us her doctor and the Central District Health Dept. confirmed through blood tests she has been suffering from the West Nile Virus for three weeks, […]

Standing Room Only

Sometimes boring press releases contain gems like this excerpt from Ada County announcing a new combat operation center near Meridian for the war on West Nile Skeeters and other pests. “The new facility will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified by the US Green Building Council, which is a national rating system […]

A Hump For The Cliffs

Ada County’s chief civil attorney made what some saw as a surprise appearance at the county P&Z meeting Thursday–looking to hump the CLIFFS development at Hammer Flats. Ted Argyle appeared with his fellow homeowners in the Surprise Valley subdivision asking for a berm along Highway 21 if the project is ever built. Wasn’t Surprise Valley […]

More Rooftops For Growthaphiles

JMM Dry Creek, LLC, today submitted their initial planned community application for the ‘Dry Creek Ranch’ Planned Community proposed for land on the east side of Highway 55 south of Shadow Valley Golf Course in unincorporated Ada County. The proposed 1,414-acre community would include approximately 4,300-residential units ranging from custom homes to multi-family residential buildings. […]

Chicago A Long Way From Hawaii

The Ada Commishes are headed for Chicago Aug. 4 for the annual NACO conference. That national county government group is the same one that met in Hawaii last year, causing a nationwide stir among indignant journalists and bloggers. Justice will prevail this year as anyone who has been in the hot humid midwest city can […]

West Nile Along The Boise

Ada County bug trappers have found West Nile virus in a mosquito trap off Joplin Road which is between Highway 20 and the Boise River. A trap like the one pictured is used to capture bugs in selected areas. Such traps should not be disturbed if discovered since they yield scientific data. This is the […]

Feds Pay Poop Farm Subsidy

One of Ada County’s biggest recipients of farm subsidy (welfare) payments from the U.S. Government last year was none other than Boise City’s “Poop Farm” which qualified for $30,577 in welfare. No word from the city if the money found its way into the general fund and got swallowed up or was added to the […]

Trashing Our Desert

Ada Commishes Wednesday trashed a proposed private landfill plan in the desert southeast of Boise along Kuna-Mora Road , subsequently making it more attractive to developers eager to cover our open spaces with houses. Allied Waste Systems, the parent of trash collector BFI, had applied to build a 500 acre landfill facility, but the Ada […]

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