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Big Foot Reporter Scores

Katie Kreller at the Daily Paper may have some big feet, because she is filling Brad Hem’s shoes nicely if her first couple of offerings are any sign. Today she jumped on a story about all those bus stop benches that aren’t necessarily at bus stops. While there are only a few specific bus stops […]

New Skipper Takes The Helm

It is not only politics that makes strange bedfellows. Newspapering makes strange “bedpersons” in the case of the local daily in Boise where a 35-year-old “veteran” of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has just been appointed as publisher. Mi-Ai Parish takes the helm after Mike Petrak jumped ship over the weekend. If the McClatchey group can get […]

Skipper Jumps Ship

Boise’s daily newspaper remains in disarray and now even the latest publisher, Mike Petrak, has bailed out. They had three owners in less than a year and changed the format to compete with YAHOO web sites. With top editors on well deserved vacations, those who read the local paper are treated to reruns of two […]

Monday Morning Media Madness

Even the GUARDIAN sometimes runs short of material. But we NEVER, NEVER publish two year old reruns of stories written by former employees who work as media spin doctors for state government. Not even with our twisted sense of absurd humor would we run a picture of a horse’s patute–with tail raised no less–under the […]

Hedden-Nicely Claims Victory

Andy-Hidden Nicely has claimed the first victory in his third party congressional race. He issued the following statement regarding a clash he had with the Idaho Statesman: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the cessation of all boycott activities against the Idaho Statesman.   “As of this week they have started listing all […]

Screw The Statesman, But Nicely

Andy Hedden-Nicely is living up to his name as he has urged supporters of his third party congressional campaign to do their best to inflict pain and suffering on the Idaho Statesman, but in a civilized manner. Last week Hedden-Nicely and Statesman publisher Mike Petrak exchanged e-mails in which Petrak threatened Nicely with legal action, […]

Statesman Threatens Congressional Candidate

If nothing else, Andy Hedden-Nicely has a knack for pushing hot buttons. Of late he has appeared on KBCI-TV channel 2 (8cable) in a point-counterpoint segment. Now he is running for congress as an independent on something called the United Party and demanding coverage in the Idaho Statesman–coverage they are reluctant to provide. Hedde- Nicely […]

Everything Old Is New Again

Like a television station with a new format and broadcast studio, the Idaho Statesman is proud as punch about a change in the product they plan to offer readers April 19. Thursday the new editors and publisher made a gracious gesture to the “Statesman Alumni” living in Boise (most work for government agencies), sharing their […]

Statesman and Others Evolve

The impending sale of the Idaho Statesman’s terminally ill adoptive parent has caused many in the newsroom to ponder the question “who’s your daddy now.” The mood in the newsroom was euphoria that they escaped reacquisition by Gannett, muted optimism about McClatchy, and a little remorse at the loss of Knight-Ridder before anyone really got […]

Brandi Gets Boost?

If past storms are any indication, the Idaho Statesman’s lightning rod reporter, Dan Popkey, will attract some high voltage strikes from the Christians after endorsing Maryanne Jordan for Boise City Council. In the Sunday edition Popkey fired some less than friendly sniper shots at challenger Brandi Swindell, calling her “an extremist who opposes condom use […]

Leaving Town

Idaho Statesman’s Joe Estrella had a well written story in Sunday’s paper about the dilemma faced by Boise City officials and Boise School District on the issue of “urban flight.” “Urban flight” really means people don’t like living in Boise and they are following the advice of old time newspaper publisher Horace Greeley–”Go West young […]


BULLETIN–Idaho’s largest newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, long a profit center for the GANNETT news chain has been sold to the KNIGHT-RIDDER chain. Knight is known for such award winning newspapers as the DETROIT FREE PRESS and the MIAMI HERALD. The Gannett chain has journalistically been known as the “McNEWSPAPER” for its lackluster attention to news […]

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