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Lame Duck Quacks

The lame duck quacked Tuesday when the Boise City Council considered the mess with the skinny houses being moved onto lots on Euclid St. and the rest of the flock followed his call. Councilor Jerome Mapp weighed in and cut to the heart of the entire debate–which ran into the waning minutes of the day. […]

Hide the Statehouse?

A social engineering project is underway for Boise’s downtown in the form of a welfare housing project atop the trendy Piper Pub and Grill at 8th and Main. It is complicated bunch of tax credits and public financing, but the bottom line is people who can’t afford to pay market rates for rent are slated […]

Kudos to Kemp

State Rep. Jana Kemp stood up for the people last week when she “kept her seat” in a committee room while her fellow Republicans legislators retired to caucus behind closed doors. The issue at hand was about changing the overall structure of state employee’s pay system–important stuff. With the overwhelming Republican majority, a party discussion […]

Freeways Are For Cars

Few motorists will be impressed with a “gateway landscaping” project –like the plans currently being offered for the Wye interchange at I-84 and the Connector (I-184). For locals at 70 m.p.h. on the daily commute or visitors nervously navigating an exit ramp, the quality of landscaping is a low priority. Texas at the behest of […]

Business Briefs

Business news makes you proud to live in Idaho! MICRON Statesman headline says “Samsung pleads guilty in price-fixing” and a sub head proclaims “Micron says it is cooperating with justice officials.” All true, but Micron gets immunity from prosecution because they turned state’s evidence. The feds claimed Micron conspired to fix prices of its products…same […]

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