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Bush Leaguers in National Spotlight

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and other local cheerleaders wanted to get some national publicity for the MPC Computer Bowl. They were successful. Here is a sample of how Boise fared in the national media: BOSTON HERALD BOISE, Idaho — After an 8-3 regular season, Boston College thought it deserved a better destination than the MPC […]

The Price of Junk Food Junk

The IDAHO FOODBANK sent us a batch of press releases proclaiming that while there are plenty of needy folks in Idaho, the rest of us pretty much “stepped up to the plate” and provided turkeys and cash for the Holiday Season to feed the hungry. They also included a national report which explains why it […]

Green Light on Red Flag

The GUARDIAN has talked to Ada County’s civil attorney and he assures us the planned destruction of records is necessary and that NO RECORDS will be destroyed on any pending or known litigation. The GUARDIAN raised the red flag question when an item appeared on the County Commish agenda along with a resolution that appeared […]

Poop Farm Proprietor Position

Boise City has placed a “help wanted” ad in several publications and it looks like the 20 Mile South farm manager position requires a lot fewer skills than MECHANIC JOB. “FARM SUPERVISOR Boise City Biosolids Application site: Requires knowledge of agribusiness, large farming operations and supervisory experience. Oversees soil preparation, crop production and daily activities […]

Of Politics and Football

Only because readers have demanded it, the GUARDIAN will comment on BSU football and the guy reveled and reviled by fans. Dan Hawkins will earn more coaching the final 2005 Boise State gridiron battle against Boston College than Guv Dirk makes in a year–in salary that is. Hawk makes more than the President, but he […]

Hope For State Detox Compliance

We are not certain why the state of Idaho has decided to suddenly comply with the legislative mandate to act as the state authority to provide alcohol detox and substance abuse services, but we hope it was in part due to light shined on the problem by the GUARDIAN. When Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney […]

Personnel Poop at Poop Farm

It looks like the folks at Boise City forgot to mention to the public they have an opening at the “Poop Farm.” We can’t tell if they are looking for Superman or a husband. No explanation of why they don’t want “outsiders”, but it looks like the job will go to a pre selected candidate. […]

Recruiting GUARDIAN Staff

After a holiday break to rejuvenate mind and body, we came up with an idea based on the on-line encyclopedia, WICKIPEDIA. If someone has expertise, they can write stories and even edit entries. We would like to try it at the GUARDIAN. Pay is the same as the editor–NOTHING. If you have an interest, expertise, […]

The Price of Justice

Justice doesn’t come cheaply in Ada County. The bill for the private counsel representing the Ada County Commishes has reached over $14,000 in that secret meeting case. The commishes met with Boise City Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt last June in a closed session, claiming it was to discuss potential legal matters. Bisterfeldt has testified (by deposition) […]

ALERT! County Records Destruction

The Ada County Prosecuting attorney and his deputy may need to avail themselves of the outside legal services the commishes granted them earlier this year if they follow through with a plan to DESTROY LEGAL DOCUMENTS. The GUARDIAN hopes the resolution tucked away in the commishes Tuesday meeting agenda is just a “housekeeping measure” which […]

Boise’s Spin Doctor

A tip of the GUARDIAN hat to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s spin doctor, Michael Zuzel, for his treatment of the Poop Farm case and former City farm manager Dave Skinner. Skinner has been charged with felony misuse of public funds. How Dr. Zuzel was able to get Dan Hawkins to take therapy in the form […]

Prosecuting Poor Performance at The Poop Farm

UPDATED 5 p.m. Wednesday Boise City Hall was rocked by scandal Wednesday when it was revealed that felony charges have been filed against the former manager of Boise’s Twenty Mile south “Poop Farm.” David C. Skinner is charged with “misuse of public funds.” The complaint filed in 4th District Court alleges that “without authority of […]


An audit of state drug abuse treatment services released by the Idaho Legislature’s office of “Operational Performance” concludes the Governor’s office and the Department of Health and Welfare have knowingly and brazenly ignored state law–for 10 years. State officials have been able to flip the bird at the legislature and with good reason. While the […]


Thanks to all of you who read the GUARDIAN and those in local government who KNOW or WORRY that you read it, we have become a voice for the people, however small. Here are some of the highlights over the past six months since we got started. THE POOP FARM story came “over the transom” […]

Library Ballot Important

With a $38 million library bond election approaching, it is important to have some citizen input BEFORE the ballot is printed. The City Council is set to approve the ballot language Tuesday. It is confusing, lengthy, and full of loopholes. Take a look: QUESTION: Shall the City of Boise City, Idaho, be authorized to issue […]

GUARDIAN Holiday (Christmas) Present

If you want to score with a significant other or just impress family and friends with your sophistication, try this elegant coffee dessert drink we first encountered in a hotel pub across from Windson Castle in England. Ingredients: Wine glass, sugar, coffee, cinnamon or nutmeg, cream (MUST be whipping or “heavy” cream). FILL average sized […]

Logic Prevails in Homeless Plight

Instead of rushing to build a tent city in the back yard of the Jewish synagogue at 11 N. Latah, an interfaith group has met with the city and agreed to house needy homeless people in various churches until a central temporary facility can be found. Council President Maryanne Jordan said there were just too […]

Plug To Be Pulled on Poop Farm Pool

Whoever gets the job as resident manager of Boise’s Twenty Mile South “Poop Farm” will probably have to manage without an indoor swimming pool. The Boise Public Works Commission met Thursday at the farm residence and toured the pool & hot tub prior to their regular meeting. Before you have visions of a wild pool […]

Tragic, Sad, Fire Protection Lesson

Steve Tupper’s house burned to the ground Wednesday night in rural Ada County south of Kuna-Mora Road and because he lived outside any fire protection district, no fire trucks responded. KTVB-TV had Tupper on camera and he felt “someone” should have responded. Tupper’s tragedy is a common tale and a risk accepted by everyone who […]

Tent Camping at Christmas?

We all want to help those less fortunate–especially at Christmas. Just like we all wanted to help the hurricane victims in the Gulf Coast. Many of Idaho’s efforts to help were not needed then and they may not be needed at home. The “Fear Factor” is alive and well in Boise. A “crises” for the […]

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