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Mayor Hotline June 20 To 26

NO TROLLEY and UNLIMITED TRASH, UNHAPPY TRASH TALK, CIRCUS WITHOUT ELEPHANTS, 6/19/09 Don Day 1504 S. Arcadia Boise, ID 83705 344-0894 Curb It & Streetcars: Just a couple of comments; I’m really disappointed in you. I know this is a little late, but on your new trash program. This is something that the city dealt […]

Highway District Driver Saves Canyon Home

The folks at Lincoln Road and Middleton Road were visibly grateful to a Canyon County Highway District Driver who saved their home from advancing flames Monday afternoon. It appeared that a weed burning project got out of control, igniting a hedge of 20 feet tall arbor vitae running along the wall of the frame home. […]

Wise Voters Behind New Library, Police Digs

Thanks to the wisdom of Boise citizens dedicated to fiscal responsibility, a new library is set to open Tuesday at Ustick and Cole for under $5 million. It joins recently opened store front facilities at Hillcrest and Collister shopping centers. Boise Councilors along with Team Dave wanted to spend $38 million for grandiose library projects, […]

North Beach At Payette Lake To Remain Open

Acting State Park Director Dave Ricks tells the GUARDIAN there are no plans to close North Beach at Ponderosa State Park over the July 4th weekend. Reader “Justin” contacted us in a panic claiming that North Beach was to be closed as a “pre-emptive strike” to eliminate rowdy partying over the July 4th Weekend. Ricks […]

Coppers To Increase Scrutiny Of Bike Laws

The Boise Depot became a motion picture set Wednesday when as many as 200 cyclists showed up as extras for a a public service announcement (PSA) produced by Cable One. The big name of course was local Olympian Kristin Armstrong. Along with a cast including a politico, paramedic, fireman, construction worker, and others, she made […]

Boise Bicycle Nerd Survives On Attention

To say Bob Tencate likes attention is an understatement. When he hits the street it is impossible to NOT notice him and that’s the way he wants it. He really stands out in a crowd. Tencate is among a growing community of “transportation cyclists” in Boise who have forsaken automobiles in favor of bikes to […]

Mayor Hotline June 13 to 19

TONS OF CALLS ON BOTCHED IRONMAN EVENT, CALLS FOR BIKE SAFETY 6/13/09 Peggy Natchi 389-1089 Bike Safety: I think we need to have a Towne Hall meeting about bicyclists and public transportation and cars. I think it’s vital that it happen soon and if I can help organize that, I would love to do that. […]

Ramblings From Guardian

We are back from 10 days in France and frankly find ourselves at a loss for content. Here are some unconnected thoughts and facts: France is outrageously expensive. Mrs. Guardian has a taste for Diet Coke and they go for about US$4 to $5 many places…leading to several tense discussions. US Credit cards with magnetic […]

Nampa Mayor Race Just Got Interesting

Nampa is about to take center stage with its fall city election, thanks to a former Michigan businessman who is now a Nampa woman. Now that we have have your attention, here is the press release we received this morning: My name is Melissa Sue Robinson and I am a Male to Female post-op transgendered […]

More Join GUARDIAN With Trolley Concerns

Looks like at least some of Boise’s business folks–even those appointed by Team Dave to promote a trolley–are leaning just a little toward the GUARDIAN point of view that a trolley is a surefire folly as it stands today. We continue the mantra: LET THE PEOPLE VOTE ON THE FINANCING! If they vote to tax […]

State Workers Targeted By Boise Parking?

Complaints from several state workers have reached the GUARDIAN regarding the following memo circulated among staffers regarding parking tickets from Boise City. They characterize the enforcement action as the work of Nazis, but we think it is just the Parking Czar’s people enjoying a fresh crop of cherries to pick. CAPITOL MALL PARKING NOTICE Concerning […]

Toll Are Answer To Costly Highways

The GUARDIAN is currently driving around France for the day job and spending more Euros than we like on tolls, but it is obviously the only fair way to finance highways. The surfaces are flawless and drivers are courteous and competent–despite what you may hear about speed and disregard for safety in Europe. The exception […]

We’re #4! We’re #4! YEA!

We love Boise. You have to love it to stay here for 41 years with the kind of politicos and CEOs we have. We have witnessed the rise and fall of MK, Boise Cascade, Ore-Ida, Albertson, and now H-P and Micron. These once great companies were a source of pride before the big guys took […]

Mayor Hotline May 30 to June 5

SOME INTERESTING CALLS THIS WEEK. DOWNTOWN HASSLE, ADANDONED HOUSES, HISTORIC PRESERVATION HAS EXPENSIVE TASTE, IRRIGATION IRRITATION, GREENBELT TRAFFIC JAM, WEEDS 6/2/09 Don Crow 9207 Black Eagle Dr. Boise, ID 83709 340-5446 Parking: I was a little bit frustrated. I had a business lunch in downtown Boise and got a parking ticket because the meters only […]

Boise City Has Yet Another “End Run” Ready

Team Dave has found another way around the will of the people in the form of a Local Improvement District (LID)in lieu of asking for permission of voters–or even property owners to fund the Mayor’s pet “Folly Trolley” project. The GUARDIAN did some cursory research and finds the law to creat a LID has so […]

New Guy Shoo-In For Boise Council

Team Dave looks like it is about to have a “Dream Team” when a local Democrat named T.J. Thomson wins the landslide election for Boise city council in November. From what we can gather, he is a relative newcomer to Boise and so far will run unopposed. TJ as he is known, will have a […]

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