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No Emission Tests For Canyon Traffic

CANYON COUNTY RUSH HOUR looked like this in the old days more often than not. This scene was captured Sunday on the Lower Dam at Lake Lowell as a band (or is it a flock?) of sheep were moved to the “lambing pens” in the area. Sheepherders from Peru are the norm these days, but […]

Idle Coppers Copy Canyon Commishes

A GUARDIAN reader observed a quintet of copper’s cars idling for at least 40 minutes at the Friday night swap held at the Cole Village Shopping Center. He certainly doesn’t sound “anti cop.” The GUARDIAN isn’t anti-cop either, but given what we have seen in the past, there certainly is a shared attitude between some […]

We Are In Midst Of Economic Civil War

The Daily Paper’s print edition has competing headlines on the front page today that offer a prophetic sign of the times. “SOME EDUCATORS GET RAISES IN IDAHO” screams the bold type on the left. The message to the right is “FURLOUGHS COMING TO U of I” . Bottom line in good stories by Statesman reporters […]

F-35 Fighter By Unanimous Consent

Congressman Mike Simpson apparently doesn’t care what people think about locating the F-35 in Idaho. He recently used his free mail privilege to send folks a colorful mailer with a return post card. He said, “If you support bringing this mission to Idaho, please fill out the attached postcard and return it to me. I […]

Boise Fire Beyond The Limits

THIS IS A REVISED STORY WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING I-84 RESPONSES. SOME COMMENTS BELOW MAY NO LONGER APPLY. We have to side up with Boise FD Chief Dennis Doan and the City Attorney when it comes to collecting $15,000 from the owner of a $500,000 house outside the city which caught fire in 2007. Boise […]

Mayor Hotline Feb 13 to 19

STILL UNANIMOUS “NO” TO TROLLEY, TRASH TALK, FIRE TASER COPPERS, NO F-35s 2/17/10 Nick Brizzi 12105 W. Bowmont St. Boise, ID 83713 Trolley: My call is concerning the trolley follie. I would like to remind the Mayor and the City Council, both, and anyone else that may be concerned on this issue, it’s continually mentioned […]

Amendment Seeks To Deny Voter Rights

The Idaho legislature will soon be considering HJR 005 which looks pretty tame at first glance, but it is designed to deny citizens the right to approve long term debt at airports and allow airports to go into the real estate speculation and rental business. Here is the GUARDIAN’s take on the bill. The net […]

No Stopping a Runaway Train (Trolley) Enthusiast

Team Dave is still pushing for a trolley, and can’t seem to understand the meaning of NO, despite public opinion and denial of U.S. Government funds. Last week the Feds turned down Boise’s request for about $40 million in “TIGER” funds for the Desire Named Street Car (also affectionately known as the “Trolley Folly”). The […]

No Unemployment Concerns For Eagle Mayor

Nice work of you can get it! Eagle Mayor Phil Bandy has a full time job with his city and another 30 hour gig with BSU, prompting at least one Eagle citizen to call for a rollback in his city salary by city councilors. THE GUARDIAN WILL GLADLY POST AN UNEDITED RESPONSE FROM THE EAGLE […]

Mayor Hotline Feb 6 to 12

TRASH TALK, NO TO F-35, VET STORE (SOLDIERS NOT DOGS), BOISE TRAFFIC, CODE ENFORCEMENT TROUBLE 2/9/10 Dwight Magnison 890-7594 Code Enforcement: I have called a person in Planning & Zoning a half a dozen times since August, about a fence sitting in the front yard, a new house that’s at 30th and Gavin. This fence […]

Court Rules Against Boise City In Records Case

BOISE GUARDIAN editor David R. Frazier has a right to a copy of security video showing a game of “strip hockey” at Boise City’s Ice World, despite Boise City’s denial of a public records request. Senior Judge George D. Carey issued a judgement following a Tuesday trial in Fourth District Court overturning the City’s denial. […]

Attorney General Asked To Investigate Caldwell Urban Renewal

Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak announced Today he will petition the office of Idaho Attorney General to investigate information revealed yesterday by the Boise and Caldwell GUARDIAN news blogs. “Based on the information presented and the check register of the agency, the case certainly merits further investigation,” said Bujak. He explained the case will start […]

Audit Of Caldwell Urban Renewal Imperative

Caldwell GUARDIAN editor Paul Alldredge has been working tirelessly to shed light on the excesses and deceptive activities of urban renewal agencies in Canyon County. In his latest effort he obtained the check register of the Caldwell Urban Renewal Agency which reveals a pattern of abuse and deception. This report will draw attention of law […]

Update On Desire Named Street Car

The DAILY PAPER has joined the long list of opponents to Team Dave’s “Desire Named Street Car” with a HUGE EDITORIAL in Sunday’s edition. They didn’t go soa as advocating a massive increase in the bus system, but it is clear (to us) the Statesman has come over to the GUARDIAN side. Reporter Cynthia Sewell […]

City Has Poor Record On Land Speculation

The Daily Paper ran a lengthy story Saturday detailing plans by Team Dave to sell a bunch of “surplus property” to finance other projects intended to stimulate the economy through GROWTH. The City can’t be trusted to follow through. Since the inception of the GUARDIAN we have watched the city buy land with grandiose plans […]

F-35 Could Double F-15 Noise Level At Gowen

An interesting report on the noise levels of the F-35 fighter jet proposed for Boise’s Gowen Field. According to the AIR FORCE TIMES–the unofficial newspaper of the Air Force–noise levels of the F-35 are double those of the F-15s which were here this past summer from the Oregon Air Guard. The AF Times went on […]

Mayor Hotline Jan. 30 to Feb 5

EDITOR NOTE–Word on the street is Idaho Power ripped up the park on a muddy day, but has stepped up and will fix it. There are signs at the park saying they are good for the fix. Aimee Moran Bacon Dr. (next to Quarry View Park) 861-0055 Quarry View Park: I just wanted to say […]

ACHD To Install New Style Left Turn Signal

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is installing the first of several new-design signals with flashing yellow, left-turn arrows at State Street/Bloom Drive/Plantation River Drive Tuesday morning. They replace the traditional green ball with a flashing arrow to tell drivers they can turn left if it is safe to do so with no oncoming traffic. […]

Boise Pays Off In Bum Taser Case

The GUARDIAN has it on good authority the City of Boise has paid off the guy who was Tasered in on or near his bum and threatened by a copper with having an electrical treatment to his family jewels last Valentine’s Day. Gerald Amidon had previously filed a suit against Boise City in U.S. District […]

Governments Fight Each Other With PR Efforts

The last minute “panic attack” to to get the Air Force to locate not one, but two bases of F-35 fighter jets in Idaho brings to mind some the other ill fated government-funded Public Relations efforts we have seen over the years. If the F-35 follows in the footsteps of most of the other projects […]

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