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Dirty Pool At Canyon Fair

If the action of the Canyon Commishes and their Fair staff is any indication of how the county will conduct Tuesday’s Jail Bond Election, the name of the game is DIRTY POOL! The commishes set the Aug. 3 election at the last possible moment which was long past the deadline for applicants to get space […]

Poet Paul Fans Flames of BSU-U of I Feud

Boise State”s prez, Dr. Bob, has backed off a bit on his ill-thought comments about not playing ball with our northern in-state rivals. The legacy media has been all over it and Poet Paul has weighed in as well. BSU’s Kustra has lately been able To give the U of I a well-deserved label His […]

No F-35 For Gowen, Possible Italian Cargo Planes

Despite heavy lobbying, advertising banners and expenditure of public funds to get noisy F-35 fighters in Boise the U.S. Air Force has ignored the city of trees in favor of Hill AFB in Utah, Luke in Arizona, and the Burlington Air Guard facility in Vermont as potential F-35 sites. Instead we may get the C-27 […]

Wildfire Shows Why NOT to Allow Foothills Homes

The terms are all too familiar…”structures are threatened…trying to get a handle on the fire…lightning caused…man caused…” tallies on the number of engines, tankers, retardant aircraft, helicopters, and hotshot crews from other locations. The reason for the massive response is all too familiar as well–lives and property are endangered because people move into areas subject […]

City “Varnishes” Mayor Hotline Public Record

Mayor Dave Bieter’s “Team Dave” has decided to provide their own version of Hotline Calls made to the Mayor’s office after providing a word-for-word transcription to the media for years. We find it ironic the city spends $60,000 in public funds to “educate” voters about a political question on the November ballot, but eliminated a […]

Mayor Hotline July 17-23

BOISE CITY NO LONGER PROVIDES A TRANSCRIPT OF THE HOTLINE CALLS. THE SUMMARY VERSION IS CREATED BY THE OFFICE OF MAYOR STAFF AND REFLECTS THE VIEWS OF THE WRITER. 7/19/10 Don Nelson Tioga St. Boise, ID 83709 No trash pick-up/credit on bill ISSUE: His trash as well as others in his neighborhood was not picked […]

Potential Reduction For 2C Bus Service

Our transportation expert paints a sad picture of mismanagement and missed opportunities in the following GUARDIAN EXCLUSIVE special report. By Jimmy D. Bus Guardian Transportation Correspondent Canyon County residents face the prospect of reduced bus service if Valley Regional Transit plans become reality. The service changes would begin in October 2010 and cover both the […]

Did Flawed Intel Lead To Council Support Of F-35?

A group calling itself SaveOurValleyNow is claiming the endorsement of Boise City Councilors in support of the F-35 fighter at Gowen Field is based on flawed information. Citing what they claim are conflicting statements from Deputy Airport Director Matt Petja regarding noise levels, the group is actually offering the Council a face-saving way to back […]

Bench Taxpayers Fund Boise’s Valley Projects

When the proposed 30th Street Urban Renewal District came up at the Boise City Council meeting last week (a vote to create the district was postponed) it was noted by some that a total of nearly two square miles of Boise would be “off the tax rolls.” Hint: 640 acres to a square mile and […]

Mayor Hotline July 10 to 16

HOTLINE July 10 – 16, 2010 7/9/10 Anonymous Hillcrest Shopping Center ISSUE: She is curious about what is going on in the Hillcrest Shopping Center where they have torn down the old Grand Central building and the buildings around the new Hillcrest Library. Nobody has ever done a news story or told the public what […]

Council On AutoPilot, Approves $60K To “Educate Voters”

The council wants to educate us so cleverly By spending 60K of our public money So I will take my truth To the ballot booth To oust Shealy, Clegg, Jordan and Eberle! –Poet Paul On a 4 to 1 vote Tuesday evening the Boise City Council approved a deal with a public relations firm to […]

Will Council Ground Bieter’s PR Flight Of Fancy?

After seeing how the Daily Paper, Channel 6 TV, and the GUARDIAN shed the light of public scrutiny on Team Dave’s plan to seek $60,000 in taxpayer money in an effort to hire a PR firm to “educate” voters on a state constitutional amendment about airport debt, we predict it will crash and burn at […]

Team Dave Seeks $60K To Deny Citizen Voting Rights On Airport Debt Projects

Boise City Councilors will be asked to approve $60,000 for yet another public releations campaign to “educate” voters about the constitutional amendment on the November ballot relating to airports. Simply put, the GUARDIAN sees the effort as a thinly veiled effort to influence an election issue. Like the “outreach” for the streetcar, there is little […]

Boise PD Bans Cell Phone Texting In Cars

Citing his own distraction while driving, Boise’s top copper, Mike Masterson, announced a new policy banning texting on phones and mobile devices in BPD squad cars. The use of those front seat laptops will continue until new hands free and voice recognition equipment can be purchased and installed within the budget constraints and technological developments. […]

Mayor Hotline July 3 to 9

WEEDS, FIREWORKS, WEB SECURITY, OLD BILLS, NO TROLLEY, BAD BUDGET 7/3/10 Sherry Kandle Ridgeview Way Boise, ID City’s Website Security: I’m calling because last Tuesday I signed up for a class in the Parks and Recreation Department online. You guys have an unsecure website so when I put my credit card number in there something […]

Repub Claims To Be “On Target,” Denies Loyalty Oath

By ROD BECK Idaho Republican Party Executive Committee They say if you’re getting lots of flak, you must be over the target. Obviously the Idaho Republican Party is directly over the target. Witness the whining, moaning and gnashing of teeth of the Democrat party bosses and their willing instruments in the media regarding the Idaho […]

Boise City Active In Real Estate Speculation

The GUARDIAN got this query from a reader over the weekend and followed with an “official response” from an councilor. “Is the Boise Guradian aware of the City of Boise purchasing residential houses? I understand the plan is to fix, repair and update these houses and then sell them. If they cannot sell them, then […]

CCDC Seeks Expansion Despite Statewide Opposition

Boise’s Urban Renewal Agency–CCDC– seeks to double the acres where property taxes are diverted away from City, County, ACHD, and Schools with a new District in the 30th Street area. They will have to hustle to get ahead of growing opposition. The Daily Paper has a DETAILED REPORT. Urban Renewal agencies throughout the state have […]

Dam Plan Not Needed For Boise River

Another case of why GROTHOPHOBES have a good argument. Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers and Idaho Water Resource Board presented preliminary findings from the “Lower Boise River Interim Feasibility Study” of potential dam sites on the Boise River system They claim a new dam is needed for water supply and flood risk management, […]

Ada County Electric Trash Deal Is Shocking

Ada Commishes may be moving a bit hasty with plans for an incinerator at the Hidden Hollow landfill in an effort to get some of the “stimulus funds” from the Feds. On the face of it, a plan to allow an Eagle firm to build an incinerator and pay $1 a year for rent sounded […]

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