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Ada Assumes Courthouse Parking Authority

Just as our sources PREDICTED two weeks ago, the Ada Courthouse will be more user friendly beginning Friday when the “first hour free” parking policy is reinstated. Additional hours or portions will cost just a dollar. The Ada Commishes are now running the show and seem to want the parking facility to serve the visitors […]

Simplot JUMP Project Hits Design Review Snag

PHOTO: Susan Desko Architects The Simplot family’s proposed down JUMP development hit a snag with Boise officials last night when the Design Review Commission deadlocked in a 3-3 tie over approval of the proposed project to be located between 9th and11th Streets bordered by Front and Myrtle in downtown Boise. Simplot spokesman David Cuoio told […]

Tax-Exempt Status In Campaign Finance Questioned

Idaho’s non-profit hospitals could face scrutiny from the I.R.S. if U.S. Senator Max Baucus of Montana gets his way. Baucus is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and wrote the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Tuesday expressing concerns that various organizations are abusing their tax-exempts status as improper conduits for campaign finances. In a NY TIMES […]

Mayor Hotline September 18 to 24

9/18/10 Tim Herring Boise, ID 83709 ISSUE: There is a business (Kukundo Marshall Arts Academy) operating out of a single-family dwelling in the Rivendel Subdivision. This neighborhood is zoned as a single-family neighborhood and it is creating problems in the adjacent subdivision. PDS 9/18/10 Sandy Averill ISSUE: Who pays for the police escorts for the […]

GUARDIAN Guest on Channel 4 Dialogue Show

GUARDIAN editor David R. Frazier will be on Idaho Public TV’s DIALOGUE show Thursday at 8:30 p.m. discussing the three constitutional amendments on the Nov. 2 ballot. State Senator Joe Stegner of Lewiston will also be featured on the show hosted by Marcia Franklin. We plan to discuss the importance–and what passage could mean–of HJR […]

Mayor Hotline September 11 to 17

9/15/10 Karen Cornellius ISSUE: She lost her retainer down the sewer when she was sick. Glen and another person from wastewater treatment came out and were very nice to her. She wanted to compliment them on their good deed. PW 9/15/10 Greg Solar Concepts ISSUE: Spoke w/Mayor & Council in the past about the new […]

Boise Depot Missed The Train

EDITOR NOTE–this person has probably has been reading the GUARDIAN far too long. The prose obviously reflect a profound institutional knowledge and GUARDIAN flair. SPECIAL REPORT BY “RAZZBAR” To make the experience as authentic as possible, UPRR 844 was 3 hours late. The Statesman is to be commended for announcing an event before it happens, rather […]

On-line Sting Attempt Ends With A Twist

The scenario has become common place. Sheriff gets on-line, poses as a minor, they meet at a remote location and the guy ends up in jail or star of a reality TV predator show. Here’s a tale of the stingER becoming the stingEE and neither party had sex on their mind. A couple days ago […]

Chinden Fire Station To Close Oct. 1

We don’t get the official word from the Boise Police/Fire press office, but other sources within the FD tell the GUARDIAN it looks like the fire station on Chinden will be closed October 1. The station is owned by North Ada Fire and Rescue, but operated under contract with Boise FD. The station has provided […]

Mayor Hotline September 4 to 10

NOTE TO READERS–Since the city has diluted the hotline we are able to publish the entire content in these few lines. Should we toss in the towel and discontinue publication or offer the bare bones version Team Dave provides? 9/8/10 Kelly Jossin Summerset Wy. Boise, ID 83709 ISSUE: Inter-county bus service and the Boise City […]

Statesman Editorial Dumps On Boise PR Effort

Today’s Idaho Statesman has a damning EDITORIAL about Boise City’s ill advised $60,000 PR effort to “educate voters” about a constitutional amendment aimed at denying citizens their constitutional right to vote on airport debt. The GUARDIAN provides the truth in a series of CONSTITUTION stories posted in recent weeks…and we do it for FREE! As […]

G-BAD Boys Keep Trying To Expand

The Greater Boise Auditorium District board, known affectionately as the “G-BAD Boys,” are still in GROWTH mode and this time they seek to move up…literally. The DAILY PAPER has a piece by reporter Cynthia Sewell in Tuesday’s edition explaining yet another expansion plan which includes adding a story atop the existing structure. It is fraught […]

Ada Courthouse Visitors To Get Parking Break

We hear from within the Ada Courthouse that plans to acquire the adjacent parking garage on Myrtle Street are progressing with an eye to giving visitors an hour of free parking. No word yet on the deal between the Commishes and the CCDC (Capital City Development Corp) which owns the structure, but it has been […]

Rep. Moyle Flips Over Airport Amendment

Idaho House majority leader Mike Moyle was one of the Representatives who approved the proposed constitutional amendment that would take away the existing right of voters to approve debt at airports, but yesterday he came out against the proposal. There will no doubt be more legislators who wished they had taken time to read HJR5 […]

Caution Advised On ANY Stadium Plans

Two GUARDIAN readers have sent us a NY TIMES LINK to a national story about stadium construction. It’s worth a read in light of the plans (apparently dormant) for a new HAWKS STADIUM in either Boise or Meridian and a major expansion of Boise State’s Football palace. It all boils down to money and no […]

Prompt Policeman Pulls Part From Pump

Since we don’t get the media reports from Boise PD anymore, we can’t tell you if this little story got reported to the rest of the media or not. However, based on our reader report, we think it was true and worth sharing. Now if we can just get the video! “True Story! Witnessed today […]

Wilderness Homes Seldom Pay Their Share For Fire Protection

The “big house on the hill” still hasn’t ponied up the $15 K the city of Boise claims they owe for fire fighting earlier this year. The mansion near Table Rock in the Wild Horse sub is outside the city and is in fact outside ANY fire protection districts–something insurance carriers for the 18 homes […]

Gov. Candidates Weigh In On Constitutional Issues

Both Repub Guv. Butch Otter and Dem opponent Keith Allred responded to a GUARDIAN question about the three proposed Idaho constitutional amendments on the November 2 ballot. In a nutshell the three proposals deal with the right of citizens to approve public debt at AIRPORTS, PUBLIC HOSPITALS, and CITY OWNED ELECTRICITY SYSTEMS. All three seek […]

Publicly Funded Website Gets “F” For Education

Using part of a $60,000 appropriation of public money from the Boise City Council, a new website claiming to be an “educational outreach” debuted recently in what can only be seen as a blatant campaign promotion to pass a constitutional amendment. Dubbed HJR5 Facts the one-sided website has a plethora of facts about airports in […]

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