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AP Braves Authorities, Court In Defense of Truth

Associated Press reporter Rebecca Boone works in the Boise bureau covering among other things, the courts. She released a WIRE STORY today of prison violence that is worthy of Pulitzer consideration. With the resources of the AP and a lot of good old fashioned journalism, the news organization has done itself proud with a frightening […]

Chamber Seeks Bankrupt Firms, Asian Boutiques

The DAILY PAPER ran a page one story Monday about a new guy at the helm of the Chamber of Commerce’s “Boise Valley Economic Partnership.” It’s a scheme aimed at attracting new businesses to the Valley. We certainly wish him luck, but after reading some of his plans and knowing the dismal failure of the […]

Generation Gap Has Many (electronic) Faces

We got a note from a typical “grumpy old GUARDIAN” reader today questioning the authority of the government to “get into our accounts” when we send them a check, prompted by the notice above. It brought to mind the half dozen clients who will pay us for the Day Job images only through direct deposit. […]

Land Board Defends Private Venture

After the GUARDIAN broke the story about the Idaho Land Board going into the private storage business last, Director George Bacon offered up a damage control missive in the DAILY PAPER Sunday justifying the need for the state to enter the tax exempt rental business. In addition to their $85,000 contract with the Guv’s election […]

Mayor Hotline November 13 to 19

11/19/10 Robert Tremewan Haines Boise, ID 83712 ISSUE: The value of his property between this year and last year went down, but his taxes went up; that’s a 19 percent increase when we’re in a recession. He would like to have an explanation of how the city has come up with this budget. Mayor’s Office

License Plates Sold Like Theater Tickets

Taking a page out of the concert and sports ticket business, Ada County’s assessor is now offering same day “will call” for license plates. The Motor Vehicles Division of the Ada County Assessor’s Office now offers a new “Will Call” window for pick up of vehicle registration renewals at the new Motor Vehicles office located […]

Idaho Urban Renewal Agencies Remain Unchecked

We figure Urban Renewal reform will be competing with the budget for legislative attention come January and it will be another round of Government vs the People. A Canyon County group is gaining momentum–and lots of facts to dump on the lawmakers and it is not a pretty picture. Once a city creates an urban […]

A New “Equal Rights” Amendment?

Of the hundreds of “spam” ideas that circulate on the internet, we got one recently that seems to make sense. Please take a look and share your thoughts. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally […]

Crapo Seeks To Import Foreign Guns

When Boston sought permission to have a single prototype locomotive built in Spain for a rapid transit project, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo opposed the import deal under the “Buy America Act.” Today that same “Buy America” patriotic Senator is co-sponsoring “The Collectible Firearms Protection Act” which would allow import of military rifles from South Korea…perhaps […]

Government PR Offers Economic Bright Spot

Rather than offer any “GUARDIAN prose,” we will just share what a reader sent Thursday on the actions of Idaho’s Land Board. This type of spending in the face of budget cuts and economic tough times is why our citizens feel so betrayed by those who rule us. I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday, […]

Touching Without The Junk

When news reports surfaced–repeatedly–on local TV about the MTF lady (male to female transgender) conducting free breast exams in local Boise bars, our staff Poet Paul couldn’t resist weighing in–especially in light of the increased attention to groping at airport TSA checkpoints. She posed as a doctor In order to cop a feel The “patients” […]

Mayor Hotline November 6 to 12

11/8/10 Nick Kopp He has called in before about the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau and was assured both times that they’re going to be around and they’re vital but nothing has happened. He hopes this isn’t an example of how this city is run because it’s a circus. Mayor’s Office 11/11/10 Michael Sullivan He […]

G-BAD Boys Consider Demolishing Qwest Arena

If you don’t like driving on Capitol or Front at rush hour, just wait to see what the G-BAD boys have up their sleeves for future ideas. The Idaho Business Review broke a story Tuesday morning revealing plans to potentially demolish the Qwest Arena to make room for a convention center–despite untold failed attempts at […]

Voter Rights Prompts Election Reflection

The Day Job took us to the Deep South following the election, hence a lack of new material on the site. By way of apology, we offer the following feature. Annie Pearl Townsend Avery proudly welcomes visitors to the NATIONAL VOTER RIGHTS MUSEUM in Selma, Alabama which is housed in a storefront at the foot […]

Garden City, State Force Bikers To Court

For almost three years the Citizens for an Open Greenbelt (COG) has attempted to reverse the bike riding ban in Garden City. The State and Garden City are resolute in maintaining no bike riding along this section in the Riverside Village area; the same section (our public trust lands) that had been called a “bike […]

G-Bad Boys To Get “Free Time” In Office

When the legislature consolidated the election process in Idaho to just two dates–May and November–some small agencies like The Greater Boise Auditorium District got caught in limbo because their election previously was held in February. The question arose about when to “transition” to the new system. The law calls for a November election for the […]

Mayor Hotline October 30 to November 5

11/2/10 Marge Crosby S. Owyhee St. Boise, ID 83705 ISSUE: Complained about the Design Review Committee that won’t pass the JUMP Project. She doesn’t understand what the members of the committee are objecting to and would like to know. PDS 11/3/10 Diane Ayres S. Garden Pl. Boise, ID ISSUE: Concern about the city’s financial situation […]

Self Storage Association Quizzes Idaho Land Board

The national president of the Self-storage Association in Washington, D.C.has asked the Idaho Land Board to curtail future purchases of retail storage businesses, investing instead in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) specializing in self storage. The letter to the board is dated November 5 and includes numerous questions and concerns about the practice of state-owned […]

Memories of My Father-In-Law and Freedom

The recent election with the nasty ads and the issue of citizen rights to vote on debt prompted GUARDIAN reader Victor Van Durme to pen the following message. As you read it, imagine the thick Flemmish accent of this proud American as he recounts memories from WWII. By VICTOR VAN DURME 1938–German kids are joining […]

Boise Council Hopefuls Avoid Election

On one hand it is nice to see so much interest from the 53 folks wishing to be appointed to the council seat being vacated by Vern Bisterfeldt, but on the other hand it is sad we can’t get viable candidates to run for election by the people. Mayor Dave Bieter appeared on KBOI 670 […]

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