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Cheatgrass And Growth Are Hot Topic

Range managers and scientists from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management are meeting in Boise this week to figure out a way to reduce the invasive cheatgrass species found throughout the southwest Idaho desert, according to a DAILY PAPER report. If they find a solution it could save Ada taxpayers some money. Last summer in […]

Mayor Hotline January 15 to 21

1/17/11 Anonymous ISSUE: Concerned about the roof at the Cole and Ustick Library. Every time it rains, the roof leaks, and it’s a brand new building. Library 1/17/11 William Martin Metro Express Car Wash Front St. (between 13th & 14th) ISSUE: As cars enter the driveway to his business, vehicles are stopping for panhandlers and […]

Elected Officials Actually Eat With Commoners!

Boise City Councilors can take a lesson from State Legislators when it comes to being approachable. The new dining digs at the Statehouse are now “open to the public” for breakfast and lunch, according to The DAILY PAPER’S Dan Popkey. Combined with actually TALKING to citizens and asking for advice like the JFAC hearings, perhaps […]

Gun Raffle To Benefit Shot Copper

A Nampa copper who got shot in the line of duty stands to benefit from the raffle of a handgun at a fund raising concert, according to KTVB. For some reason the name of the copper is being kept secret, but he is being nicknamed the “Miracle on 4th Street” in light of his surviving […]

Sunshine On Wind, Solar Finances, Politics

For folks investing in those mandatory “PURPA” electricity generating projects, their plans could face a short circuit, thanks to recent developments in science, business, and politics. The most important issue for Idaho consumers is a report from Idaho Power Company telling the GUARDIAN they are approaching enough wind generating capacity to meet their minimum daily […]

Mayor Hotline January 8 to 14

1/7/11 Linda March ISSUE: She has a complaint about these Chinese companies eying Boise. She doesn’t want China building plants here because they are a Communist country. She suggests that the Mayor and Governor pull back because people don’t want them here. Mayor’s Office 1/10/11 Anna Resnick Brick Oven Bistro Graffiti outside on planters Action […]

F-35 May Not Fly In Congress (or Boise)

Despite the endorsement of the Boise City Council and Team Dave, it looks like the skies over Boise won’t soon be bothered by F-35 fighter jets. The program is grossly over budget. Here is a WEBPOST from last Friday detailing the problems. No word from the State, Feds, or Boise about mixing military fighters […]

How To Buy Friends And Influence People

It just never stops!! We are working the Day Job on a summer shoot in Argentina and depend upon our great readers for tips. This came in today showing Boise’s plan to spend taxpayer dollars for some sort of influence peddling scheme with CCDC. A legal notice published in the Daily Paper: LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE […]

Urban Renewal Gives Financing A Bad Name

Idaho’s Urban Renewal law is coming under fire this session of the legislature and the politicos are going to be forced to choose sides and not sit on the fence this go around. A group of mostly conservative citizens from Canyon County are getting organized and they already have some draft legislation in the works. […]

Ada Landfill Gas To Double Electric Output

Ada County’s Hidden Hollow Landfill apparently is rotting away at a rate that will double the potential to capture methane and burn it to power two more electrical generators, doubling the current capacity. Idaho Power will enter into an agreement with Fortistar Methjane Group, the owner of the plant, to use the electricity as an […]

Channel 7 Is 800lb Gorilla In News Ratings

Michal Deeds, the media, entertainment, restaurant, music guru at the DAILY PAPER posted a tantalizing little CHART Thursday with the latest Neilsen ratings for local TV. As usual KTVB, channel 7 dominates the standings–to the extent the newsies at the other stations appear to be talking mostly to themselves. Any time slot where they share […]

Marketing The Fear Factor In Wake Of Tragedy

Following the tragic “Safeway Massacare” in Tucson, the airwaves and internet are alive with exchanges of blame game, gun nuts, anti-gun nuts, calls for more laws, more guns to every shopper, and hate mongers vowing to disrupt funerals. And a sobering account from SLATE. We are a violent nation with people being shot all day […]

Some Grist For The Coffee Shop Mill

We offer a round up today of some topics of conversation, bearing in mind the legislative crazy season will soon be upon us. That means the legacy media will do their “one stop shopping” at the Statehouse instead of Bronco Stadium. –The G-BAD boys will get a report from a consultant on Monday saying it’s […]

AARP Release Aims To Intimidate Legislators, Guv.

A message to Idaho legislators from the old people lobby–AARP–could certainly provide an explanation why Idaho students, workers, and others under the age of 50 don’t fare well with legislative issues. It’s the oldtimers who vote and its the oldtimers who lean toward conservative values. The kids who hit the streets demanding the vote at […]

Avimor Parent Could Leave Arizona Buyers On The Hook

One of our GUARDIAN admirers in Arizona sent this news story regarding a planned community in that state developed by the same outfit that built the Avimor development off Highway 55 north of Eagle. The story points out the potential nightmare Idaho buyers could face if infrastructure is financed using a law that SunCor/Avimor lobbied […]

Ada Commishes Get “Personal” At New Term

Despite public statements to the contrary, it will be hard to imagine a harmonious atmosphere at the Ada County Commishes’ office in the coming months. The IDAHO STATESMAN finally went public with a “dirty secret” that many media folks (including the GUARDIAN) were aware of, but reluctant to publish. In a nutshell Commish Sharon Ullman’s […]

Ada County Explains Scope of Magistrate Court Litigation

Here is the latest round of dueling press releases between Boise and Ada County over the issue of magistrate court space. This one is from Ada County. On December 21, 2010, Ada County filed suit against Boise, Meridian and Garden City seeking relief from the undo financial burden their actions have brought to all Ada […]

Cities Ask Ada To Drop Courtroom Lawsuit

The mayors of Boise, Meridian, and Garden City issued a media release Monday asking Ada County to withdraw the lawsuit filed against the cities last month. Link to LAWSUIT POST. The cities claim the lawsuit, filed by the Ada County Board of Commissioners on Dec. 21, 2010, seeks to tax residents of the three cities […]

Garden City Seeks Bridge Funds From Public

Garden City has taken its thinly disguised campaign to keep bicycles off the Greenbelt to the DAILY PAPER and Idaho Parks in an effort to find nearly $1 million to build a pedestrian-bike bridge across the Boise River to silence the call to allow bikes on the north side of the river. The Idaho Statesman […]

Cockpit Voice On Flight Rage Case

The GUARDIAN contacted a working airline captain to put last week’s story of flight rage into perspective. It is a little long–he may be the one who chatters on the P.A. when you are trying to grab a power nap. Here is his informative report. THIS IS THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING As a starter, all airlines […]

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