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Despite Threats, No Fireworks Tickets

The GUARDIAN sympathizes with local police and fire officials in Boise when it comes to the dangers of illegal fireworks, but even after promises to crack down on violators, it seems no tickets were issued despite more than 300 reports of illegal fireworks over the July 4 weekend. Idaho law is without any teeth on […]

266 Fireworks Complaints, Just One Ticket

We did our best to put the fireworks complaints and responses in perspective July 5. Ada County dispatch reported 266 complaints about illegal fireworks which was almost identical to previous year’s complaints county-wide. Boise Police tell us there was, “at least one ticket issued.” Ada deputies did not write any citations and we have not […]

God Bless America AND Aerial Fireworks

Disclaimer: The following is NOT the opinion of the GUARDIAN. We accept opinions from all sides of issues. A guest opinion from TROY of Boise And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there. O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er […]

AG Sheds Light On Fireworks Opinion

At the request of State Rep. MAtt Erpelding, the office of Idaho Attorney General issued a legal OPINION about fireworks which was released to the media by Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan, a strong opponent of aerial fireworks. Today Attorney General Lawrence Wasden released the following “clarification:” “There’s been a considerable amount of confusion regarding […]

Firemen And Coppers Call For Fireworks Ban…FINALLY!

Some twelve years ago the GUARDIAN called for a fireworks ban, dubbing the July 4 incendiaries as “arson kits.” Now after we have suffered the disastrous Table Rock fire in 2016, there is a bill before the legislature to ban fireworks. It was always with a wink and a nod that folks would purchase aerial […]

Time To Ban All Private Fireworks

Thursday’s fireworks-caused fire which burned a house, an outbuilding and 2,500 acres of the Boise foothills brings up the annual issue of illegal fireworks. Possession of guns is protected by the U.S. Constitution, but fireworks are not a “right” of citizens. We say there is nothing patriotic about burning houses and injuring people with fireworks. […]

Commishes Make Annual Fireworks Threat

261 Illegal Fireworks Complaints

Ada Commishes Ban Fireworks

City Vows To Enforce Fireworks Laws

Education Over Enforcement

Idaho is getting more difficult to understand as time goes on. Apparently the politicos think we are all pretty stupid. They pass laws, but work to EDUCATE us rather than enforce the laws they pass. Perhaps they should pass a CURRICULUM. For instance, it is illegal to hold a phone or other device–even at a […]

Holiday Greetings And Year End Review

We are not offended at “Merry Christmas,” and want to wish one to everyone. Also to those whose beliefs may not include Christmas, “Happy Holidays.” This is also the time of year when we review the past year’s offerings from the GUARDIAN and ask readers to share thoughts about best, worst, and most stories we […]

Fiery Finale For Fourth

Scary Dog Tales And Little Kids

One man is sitting in the Ada slammer in lieu of $500,000 bond after his “pit bull-type dog” mauled a child. Police say both the child and dog were left unattended in a van in March, but the arrest was made over the weekend. Here is the Boise PD account: Boise Police, working with Ada […]

Boise Candidate Forum Uneventful

Not only were there no fireworks at Wednesday’s Boise City Council candidate forum, there were hardly any sparklers or firecrackers. Incumbents were all singing from the same choir book and even the challengers joined in at times. One of the few substantive topics was the proposed fire department and park bonds. All but two candidates […]

July 4th, Life Changing Date

By DAVID R. FRAZIER GUARDIAN editor Each year we Americans celebrate the birthday of our nation on July 4th. For most folks it means hot dogs, watermelon, picnics, camping and fireworks. In 1986 it was the 100th birthday of Lady Liberty–the statue given to all Americans by the French in 1886. Celebrations abounded, especially in […]

Ada Redistricting Could Spawn Commish Rivalry

The potential for some Ada County political fireworks and intrigue were opened up with the latest state redistricting plans. Ada was cleanly divided into nine legislative districts based on population and will likely remain unchanged. That makes a perfect fit for the Ada Commishes to each take three legislative districts to form the three county […]

Mayor Hotline July 3 to 9

WEEDS, FIREWORKS, WEB SECURITY, OLD BILLS, NO TROLLEY, BAD BUDGET 7/3/10 Sherry Kandle Ridgeview Way Boise, ID City’s Website Security: I’m calling because last Tuesday I signed up for a class in the Parks and Recreation Department online. You guys have an unsecure website so when I put my credit card number in there something […]

Our Take On Election Results

In the interests of space, we will use bullet points and allow GUARDIAN readers to take over the discussion on the election results. These three races were of most interest to us, but feel free to add your voice on any race. –Guv Butch Otter will have a November fight on his hands against Dem […]

Mayor Hotline July 5 to 11

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