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I-84 In Caldwell Hosts “Forest” Of Weeds

Looks as though the financial settlement with former Idaho Transportation Department director Pam Lowe has cut into the state highway maintenance budget. Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas has made several attempts to get the ITD to cut unsightly and dangerously tall weeds in the I-84 median within Caldwell City limits to no avail. The worst area […]

Statesman Dynamis Story Reveals Sad Commentary On Local Governments

Once again we have to offer compliments to the Daily Paper’s Cynthia Sewell for some tedious reporting efforts on the Dynamis-Ada County scandal. Her SUNDAY STORY should serve as a Bible for the investigator looking into the irregularities both the Statesman and the GUARDIAN have uncovered. Inflated hourly rates, purchase of computers, consultants, a lobbyist, […]

Canyon Mayors Quietly Seek Tax Hike

FROM THE CALDWELL GUARDIAN The mayors of Canyon County’s largest cities have been quietly pushing behind the scenes to raise the taxes of their constituents in the wake of declining property values, according to confidential GUARDIAN sources. Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas and Tom Dale of Nampa have talked with the Canyon County Assessor about raising […]

AG Needs Permanent Canyon Corruption Office

Idaho’s Attorney General seems to have enough criminal business among Canyon County staffers to open a branch office in Caldwell. A “clean sweep” revealed problems even with the janitor. Our recent memory includes the former prosecutor embezzlement case, another former prosecutor’s son with kiddie porn, a pair of DMV clerks making off with nearly three […]

Ada, Canyon Clerks Urge Supremes To “Get ‘er Done”

Ada County Clerk Chris Rich and Canyon’s Chris Yamamoto have filed “friend of the court” briefs with the Idaho Supreme Court essentially urging the justices to act quickly on several lawsuits brought by other counties contesting the newest state and federal legislative district boundaries. The problem lies with the Idaho law which requires candidates to […]

Probation Officer Probe Moves To Canyon

The grand theft case against Ada County Misdemeanor Probation officer Austin Plew was moved to the Canyon County prosecutor Monday at the request of the Ada County prosecutor. A preliminary hearing is set for December 22. In the poorly worded complaint, Plew is charged with taking cash in the amount of “more than $1,000” over […]

Can’t Find Local Officials? Try Valley County’s Tamarack Resort

If you can’t find your local mayor, city councilor, or county commish, try looking at Tamarack Resort in Valley County. These members of the “Treasure Valley Partnership”–comprised of local elected officials–are spending YOUR tax money for hotel rooms, travel, and rental houses to meet and discuss a topic near and dear to Treasure Valley residents: […]

Leave Town To Attract Boise Tourism, Business

Treasure Valley Politicos just “DON’T GET IT.” They want to attract people to the Treasure Valley for tourism and economic development, but they choose to do their backroom deals clear up at TAMARACK in Valley County of all places. It makes no sense to the GUARDIAN for all the citizens of the various units of […]

Canyon County Corruption Continues

This time it is a Nampa City employee, but the pattern of government thievery apparently continues in Canyon County. Nampa reports discovering $30,000 missing from deposits made on behalf of the city prior to March. The Ada County Prosecutor is investigating…since Nampa has had its own problems with a deal at the Canyon prosecutor office. […]

Crapo Warns Of Choppy Waters For Lake Lowell Users

Idaho Senior Senator Mike Crapo issued a press release Friday warning users of Lake Lowell within the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge of potential boating restrictions in the near future. Not wanting to make waves among boaters, fishermen, and wildlife managers, Crapo points to a 100 year record of co-existance among the groups AND the waterfowl […]

Canyon Government Workers Earn Top $$$

The Idaho Press-Tribune ran a salary roundup of top paid government workers which shows that Canyon County is a great place to work if you like to benefit from taxpayer largess…not so good if you are one of those taxpayers. While the story shows half a dozen Nampa coppers earned (received?) well in excess of […]

Nampa Cheese Plant Noisy As Promised

Nearly two and a half years ago the GUARDIAN published a CHEESY STORY about an impending noisy, smelly new whey tower that would have caused Little Miss Muffet to fall off her tuffet. Here’s what a nearby frustrated neighbor has to say about the noise at Sorrento Lactalis’ cheese plant. By TOM FLANARY Eight and […]

AG: Officials Not Entitled To YMCA Memberships

Results of an eight month Attorney General’s investigation of Caldwell urban renewal will not result in criminal charges, but it reveal serious flaws in existing laws. The investigation was requested by former prosecutor John Bujak–before he became subject of criminal and civil investigations himself.  Bujak handed it off after Caldwell GUARDIAN editor Paul Alldredge discovered […]

2C Commishes Ignored GUARDIAN Warning

The DAILY PAPER ran a story today–fair and balanced–about the financial debacle in 2C land which left the county trying to squeeze $288,000 out of a turnip. The BOISE and CALDWELL GUARDIANS on June 17 warned everyone emphatically saying, “One glaring issue for us was the plan for the county to invoice Bujak’s private firm […]

No Surprise, Canyon Prosecutor Resigns

The 2C prosecutor resigned Friday amidst a shroud of financial dealings that have become all too common in Canyon County. John Bujak called it quits, apparently over his convoluted agreement with the city of Nampa which saw funds going to his private law firm account, with promises to repay the county by the end of […]

Canyon Fails Miserably On Jail Bond Vote

Canyon Politicos who just wouldn’t take NO for an answer got their lunch eaten Tuesday when voters turned down yet another attempt at a jail bond. This time around county officials and a well organized group of supporters were humiliated. When the tally ended at 10:35 p.m., jail-bond advocates had captured 43 percent of the […]

Dirty Pool At Canyon Fair

If the action of the Canyon Commishes and their Fair staff is any indication of how the county will conduct Tuesday’s Jail Bond Election, the name of the game is DIRTY POOL! The commishes set the Aug. 3 election at the last possible moment which was long past the deadline for applicants to get space […]

Potential Reduction For 2C Bus Service

Our transportation expert paints a sad picture of mismanagement and missed opportunities in the following GUARDIAN EXCLUSIVE special report. By Jimmy D. Bus Guardian Transportation Correspondent Canyon County residents face the prospect of reduced bus service if Valley Regional Transit plans become reality. The service changes would begin in October 2010 and cover both the […]

2C Prosecutor Deal Typical Local Government

Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak finds himself in a big financial mess with personal debts overwhelming his ability to repay and a murky agreement with the city of Nampa to provide private prosecutor legal services through his public Canyon County elected job. The Nampa-Canyon-Bujak deal has caught the attention of the legal community–both public and […]

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