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Broncos Win, Now Its On To Legislature

Now that BSU has won another Fiesta Bowl, there won’t be much to talk about until the legislature comes back to town to figure how to keep government afloat with less money. Oh sure, we will have a few days of news about how Boise still gets no respect, but the media pundits are ready […]

Bronco Nation Pays Well

Poet Paul offers this little diddy on Idaho’s highest paid state employee at a time when “Coach Pete” has the attention of most of Boise–if not much of the sports world. Peterson recently announced he will remain at the helm of BSU football for at least another half decade. There are those who work every […]

GUARDIAN Christmas Wish List

For those who believe in Santa Clause, we have a Christmas wish list which has plenty of room for additional items. A toy train for Dave Bieter so he will stop trying to force a trolley and AMTRAK upon the kind, decent inhabitants of the City of Trees. A toy ambulance for the Boise FD […]

Congress, National TV From Poet Paul

With the likes of Tiger Woods, Eastern Snow, overdoses of health care, overdoses of the Trolley hitting the news, this little ditty from Poet PAul on a congressional priority is worth a chuckle. Our congressmen have all vowed To pass laws making us proud They’re considering legislation To protect the nation… From TV ads played […]

How To Say “Yes” In 1,000 Words or More

Back on November 2 we ran a short story about what appeared to be a STAFF EXPANSION at City Hall in the office of Mayor. Turns out it is indeed an expansion–sort of. We repeatedly asked Team Dave’s press agent for information (was it expansion, replacement, shift of personnel, filling a vacancy, etc.?) and he […]

What To Do With The Big House On The Hill

Seems there is a move afoot for the State of Idaho to get out of the housing business for the Gov. The J. R. Simplot mansion at Bogus Basin and Cartwright Roads appeared to be a good deal for citizens and the price was right when J.R. Donated it a few years back. Now it […]

More On “Desire Named Street Car” (sorry)

EDITOR NOTE–We hate to keep beating this Trolley Horse, but the politicos and press just won’t let it die. Team Dave Just won’t quit Pushing this streetcar bit There is no way they can Cover this crazy plan They’ll just put a LID on it! –Poet Paul Both the DAILY PAPER and the BOISE WEEKLY […]

Poet Paul’s Black Friday

Poet Paul stayed on GUARDIAN duty Black Friday and offers two pieces today. Thanksgiving Day is done We all had a lot of fun In my festive mood I ate too much food I feel like I weigh a ton! BONUS VERSE Whenever we were young And could spend as we please We spent money […]

Thanksgiving Wishes From The GUARDIAN

From the entire GUARDIAN staff (1) we wish you all a safe Thanksgiving Weekend. Feel free to share any great adventures, recipes, or ideas with your fellow GUARDIAN readers. Be nice to those relatives and don’t be afraid to tell little white lies about the quality of food if need be! JOKE–What did the turkey […]

Poet Paul’s Post

On the change of command at Idaho’s transportation Department. Transportation was run by Pam Lowe Otter said she had to go Butch gave the whole mess to a Michiganer named Ness So much for “Buy Idaho”!

Trolley PR Transparency Not So Clear

FROM POET PAUL– The streetcar bid was Cronin’s wish Now there seems to be something amiss The facts are apparent And may not be transparent But we can certainly see through this! Chalk one up for the DAILY PAPER! Using the public records law and some good old fashioned reporting skills, Cynthia Sewell raises some […]

Homeless-No Solution, No End

FROM POET PAUL– Homeless have decided to sue These folks haven’t a place to sleep From he City we get nary a peep It’s objectionable to some No matter where from But there’s a difference Between Homeless and Bum As we travel around Boise these days, it seems like every corner–and every supermarket–has a homeless […]

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