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Developer Seeks Welfare From Boise Citizens

Used to be developers planned their subdivisions around golf courses. These days, thanks to urban renewal, tax increment financing, special taxes like Auditorium Districts, and planning associations the developers have a virtual buffet of taxpayer-funded financing options surrounding sports stadiums. Such is the case with the plans revealed today in the STATESMAN by Sven Berg. […]

Idaho F&G Feeding 20,000 Big Game Animals

While ACHD commishes and Boise’s Team Dave are fighting about snow removal, Idaho Fish and Game staffers are in the midst of the largest wild animal feeding effort in more than two decades. Wildlife managers estimate the department is feeding about 10,000 mule deer, nearly 10,000 elk and about 100 pronghorn at various feeding sites […]

Merry Christmas 2016!

BSU Cactus Bowl Tickets At $4!

A GUARDIAN reader directed us to a “complete story” in the IDAHO PRESS TRIBUNE about the difficulty for BSU to sell more than 6,000 tickets for the BSU-BAYLOR Cactus Bowl in Phoenix at a minimum price of $39.50 when they can be had at $4-$6 on the secondary market. According to the IPT story, the […]

Seattle Bike Share Wobbly On Finances

If Seattle’s bike-share scheme with costs estimated at about $2 million per year is any indicator of what the future offers in Boise, peddling public bikes will hit taxpayers in their cushioned seats. Reporter Brier Dudley posted a well researched piece in the SEATTLE TIMES which offers a breakdown of per mile bike costs came […]

REMINDER: Election Day, Please Vote

Local elections today, PLEASE VOTE.

The Incumbent’s Advantage

Poor Judy. Judy Peavey-Derr filed at the last minute in a bid to unseat incumbent Dave Bieter who is seeking a fourth term which could carry him to a 16 year reign as Boise’s top politico. Peavey-Derr positioned herself as a champion of the Bench and southwest citizens. She didn’t count on Bieter standing in […]

County Elected Official Pay Scale

In the wake of last week’s GUARDIAN Treasurer Feud post and a well researched in-depth story in Today’s DAILY PAPER by Cynthia Sewell, we are offering the pay chart of  Ada elected officials.

Peavey-Derr “Dares” Bieter To Debate

The following is a press release from the Peavey-Derr Campaign Judy Peavey-Derr, candidate for Boise Mayor, was notified by Boise Chamber leaders that Mayor Dave Bieter has refused to debate Peavey-Derr in what has been a traditional debate in recent years. No clear excuse was given to the Chamber leadership. “The Mayor will likely dodge […]

Has Boise Shared Citizen Views In D.C.?

Boise Airport held an October 6th public meeting for the purpose of informing the public of the results of a new Joint Land Use airport noise study. A PowerPoint presentation was made by the airport manager. Monty Mericle opposes the F-35 or F-15 and his report is posted below. Of particular concern to the GUARDIAN […]

U.S. Judge Removes Gag from Idaho “Ag-Gag” Law

Senior U.S. Judge Lynn Winmill overturned Idaho’s “Ag-Gag” law Monday in an order for summary judgment. Winmill ruled against Gov. Butch Otter and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden who were sued by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). Winmill based his ruling on the constitutional violation of the First Amendment right to free speech and […]

Too Funny For Words?

Create A Problem, Pay For A solution

At the risk of yet another “negative GUARDIAN rant,” we feel compelled to comment on two developments which crossed our desk today. The DAILY PAPER posted a story informing us the City Council approved a proposed 173-home development IN THE FOOT HILLS adjacent to the Harris Ranch subdivision east of downtown. The current zoning is […]


Another ACHD Candidate Announces…

When John Franden announced his decision to not seek re-election, he touched off a flurry of candidate announcements for his seat. Stephanie Blake,the latest to announce, is no stranger to the Ada County Highway District. She was Secretary of the Board and Executive Assistant. Here is her announcement: BLAKE SEEKS ACHD COMMISSION SEAT
Stephanie Blake Announces […]

Last “Newspaperman” Goes To the Dark Side

Just yesterday a group of political has-beens and news junkies were chatting over coffee bemoaning the state of local journalism. “Popkey still has some pretty good sources. He is pretty much the go-to-guy at the Statesman if you want something printed,” said one of the old-time news guys. He added, “He has a list of […]

Former Boise City Employee To Run For ACHD

As predicted in a June 5 GUARDIAN POST Team Dave has found a candidate for the Ada County Highway District commission. Long time city middle management employee and former Ada County Commish Paul Woods has announced he will run for the north Ada County District 3 seat held by John Franden, who is retiring. We […]

Bikeboy’s Gentle Communication To ACHD

Frequent contributor “BIKEBOY” and long winded resident bike expert offers expertise on the bike lanes. Dear ACHD: I’m writing to share some observations about the “bike lane experiment” in downtown Boise. (I completed the online survey as well, but it didn’t allow for any details.) I’ve now ridden my bicycle along every inch of the […]

Boise Copper Quits After Domestic Charges

That Boise copper who was charged with domestic violence on his house mate and simple battery on an Ada County Sheriff’s Department CSI has left the department. The GUARDIAN confirmed former officer Gary Miller was allowed to resign effective last week.

Why Blogs Like GUARDIAN Needed

We don’t normally highlight links, but his just takes a minute. Our thanks to Conan for proving our point about substance over form. He leads off with Boise’s KBOI CHATTER. Actually, one of the reasons we don’t have new items every day is because there simply isn’t anything worth commenting about.

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