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Dynamis “Hot Potato” Probe Lands At Boise PD

The “hot potato” investigation of the Ada Commishes and Dynamis which no one wants to handle has finally landed in the lap of the Boise Police. The inquiry was begun when a CITIZENS GROUP wrote letters to the County, State, and Federal prosecutors demanding action The GUARDIAN started getting tips during the past week saying […]

Dynamis Circles Wagons, Conservation League Opposes Waste-to-Energy Project

The GUARDIAN has been skeptical from the beginning about the so-called trash to energy plant proposed at the town dump. Now it looks like just about everyone is against the project. Conservatives and libertarians oppose the financing, the neighborhood greenies question the environmental issues and now the Idaho Conservation League is on record against issuing […]

Dynamis Deal Declared DOA in Wyoming

Once on the list of “projects underway, in the works, awaiting completion, etc.” a garbage to energy plant in Riverton, Wyoming has joined the list of failed projects for Dynamis–the outfit with a 30 year contract and $2 million in Ada tax money. Seems like any news about Dynamis and its principals is bad these […]

Dynamis Power Project Continues To Short Circuit

The group calling itself Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government (Idaho Citizens) Thursday requested State County and Federal attorneys to investigate the Ada County Commission-Dynamis deal. The six page document prepared by private attorney Andrew T. Schoppe appears to have enough substance to warrant an investigation. However, under Idaho law only […]

Facebook Page Shocking To Dynamis, Politicos

A new Facebook page called STOP DYNAMIS has emerged and its Photoshop altered title picture is beyond reality. In fact, it may be the new wave of political editorial cartoons. Technology is interesting. The GUARDIAN has doubted the viability, voracity, finances of the trash to energy project proposed at the county dump, but this image […]

Dynamis Project Is A Major Power Outage After DEQ Suspends Work On Permit

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has stopped working on the Dynamis permit–which had been on a fast track application schedule. DEQ officials say the application is incomplete and cite details in a highly TECHNICAL LETTER to Dynamis which was released today. The GUARDIAN has also learned the plan called for water supplied by United Water […]

Dynamis Projects Continue To Short Circuit

Good Work by the DAILY PAPER on Dynamis and the application for a waste to energy plant at the Ada landfill. It looks like it is quickly evolving into a regional tire disposal plant and within 5 years “tipping fees” at the dump will also go to Dynamis. In other Dynamis news, the Idaho Falls […]

County Amps Up The Voltage On Dynamis Deal

When Ada Commishes Sharon Ullman and Rick Yzaguirre approved a last minute extension to the Dynamis “franchise agreement” at the landfill, they added “significant value” to the deal according to a GUARDIAN financial consultant. It appears the lease has jumped from 5 years to 30 years. Additionally, the contract now allows Dynamis to bring in […]

Politico Takes Dynamis And Beer Seller Payments

Looks like freshman Congressman Raul Labrador has taken money from Lloyd Mahaffey, the controversial CEO of Dynamis. Interesting to note back taxes in Boise County go unpaid while political payments are made. Betsy Russell of the SPOKESMAN-Review lists Mahaffey as a contributor to Labrador–who happens to live in Eagle where Dynamis is based–to the the […]

Sparks Fly As Dynamis Deal Short Circuits

Several interesting developments today in the saga of Dynamis Energy’s proposed waste-to-energy project at the Ada County landfill. Commissioner Sharon Ullman has publicly claimed Ada County spent $2 million for design plans for the waste-to-energy facility and the money will be repaid once construction begins or is approved. Today after long consideration the GUARDIAN has […]

Dynamis Looks Like “Garbage In, Garbage Out”

The DAILY PAPER posted a well done summary Thursday of the various short circuits experienced by an Eagle firm seeking to build a “waste-to-energy” facility at the county dump. Cynthia Sewell– publicly cited by Commish Sharon Ullman for her award winning reporting on the issue–told readers Dynamis and its CEO, Lloyd Mahaffey have refused to […]

Candidate Talks Trash Over Dynamis Plan

Dave Case is a Repub running against Sharon Ullman for Ada County Commish. He sent the following guest opinion unsolicited to the GUARDIAN. We have contacted Sharon Ullman and expect her response soon. By Dave Case Ada Commission Candidate It has been almost a month now since the Idaho Statesman ran its last story on […]

Skeptics Take Dim View Of Dynamis Power Plant

While the GUARDIAN has always been skeptical about the proposed “trash to energy” project at the county dump, more folks are jumping on the trash truck seeking to short circuit the plan. A Thursday meeting called by residents in the Hidden Springs area adjacent to the landfill was attended by Ada Commish candidates and reps […]

Dynamis Deal With Idaho Power Gets IPUC Approval

The so-called trash to energy project planned for the Ada County landfill has passed a hurdle with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The IPUC approved the rate contract Friday between Dynamis and Idaho Power saying, the agreement “contains acceptable contract provisions,” and is in the best interest of the parties and ratepayers. Dynamis was denied […]

Dynamis Rate Opposed by IPUC Staff

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission staff Friday came out against an agreement between Idaho Power and the Dynamis “trash to power” project at the Ada County landfill. There was strong written opposition to the plan before the IPUC, including a document filed by attorney Jon Steele. Much of the opposition was based upon the contemplated […]

Boise Attorney Opposed To Dynamis Deal

Boise attorney Jon Steele has released comments critical of the proposed Ada County “waste to energy” currently before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Steele, in a press release was critical of the proposed rate schedule between Idaho Power and Dynamis Energy, the outfit that already has $2 million from Ada taxpayers for the project. PRESS […]

PUC Plugs Into Dynamis-Idaho Power Deal

The Idaho PUC is now on the punch list for the “trash to electricity” deal proposed for the Ada County landfill. Idaho Power agreed to buy power from Dynamis’ project at the Ada County landfill for $92.35 per megawatt-hour. The proposal was submitted Tuesday to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Regulators will evaluate it for […]

GUARDIAN Reader Plugs Into Dynamis Deal

The following came into the GUARDIAN as a comment on the DYNAMIS story posted recently. We contacted Commish Vern Bisterfeldt and shared the details of the comment. Bisterfeldt told us, “This is all news to me. I have asked for much of that information for over a year and was unable to get it–that’s why […]

Dynamis Inks Deal With Ada Commishes

Dynamis Energy, the outfit that got $2,000,000 of taxpayer cash to design a “trash to electricity” generating plant signed a five year agreement with Ada County Tuesday. Commish Vern Bisterfeldt voted against the project, citing “serial meetings,” lack of a bid, no performance bond, improper loans (of public funds) and no payback as Commish Sharon […]

Legal Bills Continue To Mount For Ada Taxpayers

A 4th District Court Judge has issued a scathing order chastising Ada Commishes Jim Tibbs and Dave Case for their part in firing Rich Wright, former administrator for the county. A jury unanimously awarded Wright $1.6 million for his claims plus the attorney fees bring the total to be paid by the citizens to $2.46 […]

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