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Close Main To Cars, Protect Drunks

Looks like the Boise cops and city council have taken a logic lesson from the Bush administration. When Osama Bin Laden and a bunch of Saudi terrorists hit the World Trade Center and hid in Afghanistan, Bush bombed IRAQ. In raucous downtown Boise the drunks pee in the alley, push each other through windows, shoot […]

Media Rides Scooter Story

Scooter user Hillary Haymond–”HH” to GUARDIAN readers–got 15 minutes of fame Wednesday and secured a neat little parking perk for two wheel drivers…free parking at two downtown Boise locations. Like the activist she is, Hillary deftly handled on camera interviews and schmoozed with the mayor and council president. Hillary wrote to Mayor Dave Bieter and […]

Auditor! What Auditor?

Boise city councilor Vern Bisterfeldt has previously declared the internal auditor was, “worth his weight in gold.” Trouble is we don’t have an auditor and none is on the horizon at present. The office of internal auditor was set up in the wake of the scandal surrounding former mayor Brent Coles. Coles, and two city […]

Boise Council Starts 2006

The first Boise City Council meeting of 2006 looked more like a 60’s love-in than new millennium meeting of hard boiled politicians. Lots of hugs and kisses as Jerome Mapp said his farewells and just as many as Councilors Vern Bisterfeldt and Maryanne Jordan took their oaths of office. Former councilor Mike Wetherell, dressed in […]

Mapp Gone–Almost

While we are not as exercised as a GUARDIAN reader about former city councilor Jerome Mapp remaining on the board of the urban renewal agency (CCDC), we fail to understand why only council members are appointed to a pair of seats, but they keep their CCDC positions after being voted out of office. Former Councilor […]

In With New Out With Old

Jim Tibbs gets sworn in as new City Councilor Tuesday as he takes the chair Jerome Mapp has occupied for the past twelve years. To his credit, Tibbs has been doing his homework. He campaigned hard to get elected and then made it a point to attend council meetings after the election and prior to […]

Tale of Two Cities

Eagle and Boise represent a tale of two cities when it comes to development philosophy. A proposed high end development in Eagle built around a designer golf course along with a designer swimming, tennis, and soccer sports programs is a far cry from Boise’s penchant for “infill.” Boise provides those amenities at taxpayer expense. Both […]

To Which Drum Do They March?

The Boise City Council vs Ada County Highway District feud drew a strong rebuke from the IDAHO STATESMAN editorial board Saturday over the widening of Ustick Road. The gist of the editorial was “play nice,” but the GUARDIAN got to thinking: Other than the Chamber of Commerce, what group is really happy with the city […]

Swindell vs Jordan

Talk About Rehabilitation! Brandi Swindell was sentenced to 25 hours of community service for her role in a protest over removal of the Ten Commandments rock in Julia Davis Park. Now she wants to do it full time. To hear incumbent city councilors tell it, she will do 25 hours community service the first day […]

Tibbs for Mayor?

The mainstream media got the announcement this week–only 6 weeks after the GUARDIAN reported former Boise cop Jim Tibbs would take aim at Jerome Mapp’s council seat in the November election. If Tibbs unseats the veteran councilor–and he has a good chance–Mayor Dave Bieter could have an incumbent councilor (Tibbs) gunning for his own BIG […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

When citizens show up to voice their opinions at public hearings and on the “placebo phone” (mayor’s hotline 384-4404) Boise officials are not noted for jumping very high or issuing glowing press releases coated with sugar and spice. However, after the city spent seventeen grand on a

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