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Growthophobe: Development Requests Absurd

Local governments are faced with deciding the fate of more than a dozen applications to build large developments in SW Idaho in the near future. We think it is time to act responsibly on behalf of the public and JUST SAY NO! The Daily Paper did a nice round up of the PROPOSED DEVELOPMENTS in […]

Short Of Breath, But Feeling Secure

ANATOMY OF “MANUFACTURED NEWS” The Daily Paper had a great story on page one Wednesday detailing all the evils of weather inversion and related health risks. They had charts, graphs, and quotes from officials who predict more bad air alerts. Below the inversion story was a teaser for a made up story from Farmers Insurance […]

Share BAD BOISE With Friends

After the Zamboni drivers midnight run to Burger King garnered international attention for Boise, a reader suggested we share more REAL Boise in an effort to slow the growth factor. The Chamber of Commerce claims to have raised about $5 million to spend on attracting new businesses and jobs to the Boise area. The GUARDIAN […]

Chamber Creates Growth Problems

Growthophobes are losing the battle daily as local governments and outside business interests continue to “pave Paradise and put up parking lots.” The Saturday edition of the Daily Paper makes the GUARDIAN want to pull out his three remaining hairs and scream at the inane remarks. On the business page a headline problems “Mayor says […]

Utilities Dominate Growth Decisions

THE FOLLOWING IS WRITTEN BY A GUARDIAN READER WHO HAS DISPLAYED A FIRM GRASP OF GROWTH ISSUES AND WE THOUGHT HIS RESPONSE TO “CANNING THE PLANNING SHOULD GET BETTER DISPLAY. Guest Post By CURIOUS GEORGE Less government? I’m not sure it’s possible to get less government unless we revert to Kurdish-style warlord-ruled fiefdoms. Hegemony anyone? […]

Time For Canning The Planning?

Following the Tuesday election, political observers have taken note of the growing gulf between Idaho’s conservative and liberal voters–and subsequently the politicos elected. Nowhere is the gap more apparent than in Boise–where the Dems have made some serious inroads–and Meridian where conservative “family values” people have made their voices heard at the polls…it is as […]

Sad Commentary On Growth

GUARDIAN GUEST POST BY: Joanne Pence Dry Creek Rural Neighborhood Association Twenty-three new planned communities are proposed for Ada County according to the Statesman’s front page article of October 11, 2006. If approved, these massive “planned communities” will give us sprawl as far as the eye can see. It’s this kind of mindless development that […]

Quasar Proposes Illegal Development

Quasar Development continues to push for an illegal condo project on Park Blvd. at Park Center. City zoning law limits buildings to 45 feet at that location, but the developer wants to disregard the law and build a structure nearly double the legal limit at about 80 feet. They also want the city to let […]

Die Hard Bronco Fans

No doubt about it, the smoke from forest fires is settling into the Boise valley. All the experts at DEQ acknowledge the fact, but they also caution that “already dirty air” is being trapped beneath the smoke. Dirty from too many people driving too many cars too far. Comes now the cheerleaders for growth and […]

Surface Runoff Into Boise Park

Here at the GUARDIAN we received word of some low profile dealings between the developer of those controversial condos on Crescent Rim, Drainage District #3, and Boise Parks. The short version is a plan is being hatched to dump surface runoff from the condos into Ann Morrison Park. We want to make certain the Boise […]

Library Scam Explained

We can’t tell if it was ignorance or deceit, but the daily paper ran a blatantly erroneous story entitled “Developer Envisions Library Blocks” in Friday’s edition. The short version is BoDo developer Mark Rivers wants to take over six blocks of of our city and include a library– which he will rent back to the […]

Boise And ACHD Launch Rockets

What were once minor terrorist attacks between Boise City and Ada County Highway District have become all out war over the size of Ustick Road. City wants three lanes and the district wants five. ACHD launched a surprise attack on the legally crippled Boise City government with a lawsuit on Tuesday. First it was the […]

Insurgent Developers Invade Ada

There has to be some kind of analogy to the mideast situation with all these invanders imposing their will on the peace-loving people of Boise and Ada county. The latest aggressor is Westpark Company with ‘Mayfield Springs.’ It is another of those mass subdivisions billed as a “Planned Community” proposed for land located northeast and […]

A Hump For The Cliffs

Ada County’s chief civil attorney made what some saw as a surprise appearance at the county P&Z meeting Thursday–looking to hump the CLIFFS development at Hammer Flats. Ted Argyle appeared with his fellow homeowners in the Surprise Valley subdivision asking for a berm along Highway 21 if the project is ever built. Wasn’t Surprise Valley […]

Why Ruin Our Nice Town

The local politicos are at it again trying to make Boise a big city by filling in every square foot of space they can fill to include that ill advised convention center plan. Narrow streets and limited space are not conducive to massive public buildings. We don’t have the broad avenues of Paris or Buenos […]

Developer After Public Land For Road

Looks like the Idaho Transportation Department not only holds the key, but they also own the door to the proposed Cliffs subdivision overlooking Lucky Peak Dam east of Boise. Long time opponent of the project, Tony Jones, claims ITD owns land that Skyline Development has designated as primary entrance to the plateau. He says the […]

Boise Spins Wheels On Ustick

The Idaho Attorney General’s office has issued a statement backing up the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) argument that Boise City councilors have no authority over ACHD decisions. At issue is the widening of Ustick Road from three lanes to five. ACHD says it is necessary due to traffic volumes and general growth of subdivisions […]

City Land Speculation Unabated

City government in Boise is in disarray as mayor and councilors are preoccupied with growth. We don’t know what is going on at City Hall, but neither do most of the city councilors. We do know they are hellbent on getting bigger at all costs and seek to create urban sprawl on a massive scale […]

Trashing Our Desert

Ada Commishes Wednesday trashed a proposed private landfill plan in the desert southeast of Boise along Kuna-Mora Road , subsequently making it more attractive to developers eager to cover our open spaces with houses. Allied Waste Systems, the parent of trash collector BFI, had applied to build a 500 acre landfill facility, but the Ada […]

As Simple As Breathing

Talk about a positive approach and “good news!” Three headlines in the printed paper Thursday demonstrate a certain “dope reporter “ mentality. They detail a problem with vehicle air pollution in one story and even acknowledge growth as a cause. The story below crows about 14% growth in Meridian and describes Boise’s .2% growth as […]

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