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Guardian View In Daily Paper

THE STATESMAN PUBLISHED THE FOLLOWING IN SUNDAY’S EDITION Growth and a reluctance to allow the public a vote are the main issues facing Boise Citizens in the months ahead. The council has pursued a policy of circumventing voters with their legal battle over the airport parking garage–they still have not held a bond election, despite […]

County Provides Slave Labor

SLAVE– • a person who works very hard without proper remuneration… The Civil War may have ended slavery, but not in Ada County where children are working without pay at a commercial retail establishment. The GUARDIAN has received a complaint of slave labor–literally–right here in Ada County. It is a serious matter in need of […]

Tibbs Shoots Self In Foot AGAIN

Some say Jim Tibbs shot himself in the foot over allegations of ethics violations by the mayor and his fellow councilors. The ethics committee dropped the charges within minutes of reviewing them. Wednesday the Tibbs campaign fired a round into his other foot when he “challenged” Bieter in a press release that began, “Today Jim […]

Mayor Funds Lobby, Still No Signs

The GUARDIAN editor thought nothing could make the cramped seating on last week’s United Airlines flight more painful until he looked at the seat back magazine with pictures of Team Dave’s leader Dave Bieter and the sights of the city. Our taxes were used–in part–to pay the estimated $700,000 to publish the puff piece which […]

September 8 to 21

NOISY NORTHENDERS, FIX MY TICKET, GOOD COP BAD COP, WEDDING PARTY POOPERS AT DEPOT, COPS TREAT BEAR BETTER THAN ELK 9/19/07 Ryan Fisher 1917 N. 33rd St. Boise, ID Depot: My fiancé and I were planning on getting married in front of the Train Depot on October 20th; we’ve had it reserved since this spring […]

BooBoo Spared Despite Threat

FROM THE GUARDIAN CROUCH BUREAU CHIEF Boise is not the only place with bears this year. This is the second bear I’ve seen around our place at Crouch this fall. The other one was bigger than this one and did not have that distinctive white patch on its chest. In this case, I made a […]

Save A Tree Read On Line

This came in overnight to the GUARDIAN and brought back memories of the “old days” when newspapers were mostly printed on broad sheets–not narrow little pages we see today with type too small to read. “I have a tip about waste at BSU. Every Thursday they toss perhaps 2000 copys of last weeks campus newspaper. […]

Most Wanted People Violated The Court

When Larry Craig’s daughter posted bond recently in connection with contempt of court charges, the GUARDIAN noted she may not even have known she was “wanted.” That’s because so many warrants are out there. We did some more checking with the Ada County Sheriff’s office and found there are over 16,000 warrants outstanding at present. […]

Tibbs Presents A Real Issue

Boise City Councilor and candidate for Mayor Jim Tibbs offered up a statement today saying he opposed forced annexation without a vote of those being annexed. While the GUARDIAN will not be endorsing any candidates for public office, we do endorse the concept of allowing citizens to vote on major spending issues and things like […]

Minority Vote Could Win Council Race

Thanks to a self serving law passed by most of the incumbent city councilors, they will probably be re elected whether or not they get a majority of the vote. After the Brent Coles administration debacle, Councilors voted to “clean up city hall,” and among other things passed ordinances mandating that candidates must have a […]

Urban Wilderness Conflict

As Boise continues to grow houses into the foothills and desert surrounding the city, look for more incidents involving wildlife like Wednesday’s elk chase. The GUARDIAN editor spotted a deer standing in the middle of Federal Way near The Depot and the Capital-Vista intersection this summer. In a nutshell, at least 5 elk wandered into […]

Avimor Highway Access Problems?

Attend a public hearing for a proposed real estate development and you will likely hear the developer ask the regulatory authority to waive many of the codes, rules, and regulations pertaining to such projects. When an agency like Ada County or Idaho Transportation Department yields to such requests, a developer gets a good deal, and […]

Ada Commishes Spending Spree

A good story in the Daily Paper by reporter Cynthia Sewell last week got buried thanks to the antics of Sen. Larry Craig and family. She tells us in a positive manner the Commishes are running amok in the real estate game grabbing property all over the county for expansion of county facilities. It won’t […]

Craig Bungling Continues

On “America’s Most Wanted” television show, suspects often get identified after their pictures are aired. Such was the case when Larry Craig’s daughter, Shae Suzanne Howell appeared on ABC. Craig can add the arrest of his daughter to the list of unintended consequences he is racking up. This sad event proves that “no good deed […]

Craig Goes Back On His Word

While Senatorial observers are consumed with Larry Craig’s “intention” to resign, the GUARDIAN read beyond the sound bite and shows Craig is now offering Idahoans less than he has said they deserve. At what point did Craig forget his prudent reasoning, voiced Saturday at the Depot? “…to pursue my legal options, as I continue to […]

Craig Departure Like A Public Hanging

The city-owned Boise Depot was closed for a private wedding as usual Saturday when the national media crowded the parking lot for the Old West style public hanging of Senator Larry Craig who resigned his office. The Old Pen would have been a more appropriate site for the historical event, but the Boise Depot is […]

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