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Commish Cited For Packing Heat At Airport

When Canyon County Commish Dave Ferdinand came through the security lane at the Boise Airport packing heat he didn’t get far. The TSA X-ray tech tipped the cops and in addition to his electronic ticket and boarding pass, the Commish had a paper ticket–charging him with a misdemeanor. He reportedly made his flight but the […]

Most Crimes Unsolved Despite Rate Drop

The Boise PD has provided us with their ANNUAL REPORT presentation to the mayor and council touting the drop in crime and a generally positive report. Any way you cut it, Chief Mike Masterson and his troops can be proud of 37% less crime. As the GUARDIAN is wont to do (for you non-library types […]

Sign Posted AFTER Ticket Issued

By Steve Stuebner The other day, I walked to my Honda Odyssey after work in Bodo, and I got doubled-punched in the gut by a $36 parking ticket. Now, wait a minute, I thought. My van’s been here for only 1.5 hours, and I don’t see any “No Parking” signs here. Turns out I was […]

Growth is Sour Note For Idaho Future

Guv Butch Otter wants a flat rate automobile registration fee of $150 to add some badly needed cash to the state’s road building program. Probably a good idea. Butch has enough business savvy to know when you are in trouble the last thing you do is increase your staff and plant size. Makes a lot […]

False Alarms Planned For Sirens

No need to duck and cover or even head for high ground if you hear sirens in the next few days. The county is planning on some flash flood “false alarms.” The Ada City-County Emergency Management Department plans to conduct routine maintenance on the flash flood siren system located in the Boise foothills this week. […]

Mayor Hotline February 16 to 22

TOO MANY LOGS AND DOGS 2/22/08 Anita Odenkirk Kimberly One Townhouses Walnut St. (along the Greenbelt) Flood Control: Since November I have spoken to someone from Parks & Rec, the Fire Department, and Flood Control District and I was assured that a log jam that is in a little tributary adjacent to the river between […]

Big Brother Google Is Watching YOU!

THIS IS A MUST READ AND A MUST CLICK ON THE LINKS THIS IS WHAT THE GOOGLE STREET VIEW IMAGE LOOKS LIKE ON SCREEN. Everybody is watching everybody else and you can too! A reader recently asked if the GUARDIAN had any concerns about the new STREET VIEW feature on Google Maps. We clicked it […]

Bike-In At GC Council Meeting

Gary Segers, the greenbelt biker guy, is set to do battle with the Garden City Council next week. Citizens for An Open Greenbelt (COG) Will Address the Garden City Council Regarding the Banning of Bicycles on the Riverside Village Greenbelt–a move the group says violates an agreement with the State of idaho 30 years ago. […]

Campus Gun Lobby: Guns Save Lives

The following is a guest opinion rejected by the Daily Paper. We offered this military retiree and self described conservative a shot at GUARDIAN readers. We warned him he is likely to trigger some return fire and be the target of some pot shots. By JIM VERDOLINI Boise Last week we had another 4 mass […]

Tamarack: Not Our Fault

While the bankruptcy of the principals of Tamarack is being passed off as “just a business tactic,” The GUARDIAN sees it as another “Elkhorn At Sun Valley” and a growing trend among developers. We figure there will be local folks who get stiffed before it is all over so we asked for a legal opinion. […]

Temblor Talk–Quake Stories

We got a cell phone call from a GUARDIAN reader who was awakened from a sound sleep at Cactus Pete’s Casino by the 7:17 a.m. earthquake. He said some folks just stayed at the slots if they were winning, but there was wide spread panic as guest streamed out into the parking lot. He did […]

Hanneman Looks Toward Minnesota

Deputy Chief Dave Hanneman of the BFD is one of three finalists for the job of fire chief in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic. The GUARDIAN was contacted directly by a Rochester cop assigned to do the backgrounder on Hanneman. The big question from Rochester was, “what was the problem with Hanneman that […]

Mayor Hotline February 9 to 15

2/12/08 Erin Brennan 6025 Plano Ln. Boise, ID 83703 Foothills Development: I’m calling regarding a subdivision that is being proposed to be built between Plano Lane and Collister in the foothills. I don’t know if the Mayor is attuned to this yet, but it’s a major subdivision with 155 lots that will be effectively cutting […]

Argentina and Chile Photos Ready

Since we missed all the snow in Boise during the first two weeks of February, it is only fair to share ARGENTINA and CHILE PHOTOS with our readers. Click on the blue link for a peek at the GUARDIAN’S “day job.” For larger views of any of those images, just click on the specific picture.

Guardian On AM 580 Tuesday

The GUARDIAN editor is scheduled for a live radio broadcast on AM 580 Tuesday from 9-10 a.m. We will be talking about everything from photography and travel to current events in local government. We always like to connect with readers, so feel free to call with any comments or ideas. It isn’t our show, but […]

Mayor Hotline February 2 to 8

POLITICAN PAYBACK, SNOW PROBLEMS, REAL ESTATE INVESITGATION 2/7/08 John Hetherington 3400 N. Kampton Wy Boise, ID Fire Chief: This is a message for Mayor Dave Bieter. I am deeply disappointed by your selfish and politically self-serving decision to appoint Dennis Doan as Chief of the Boise City Fire Department. As a candidate, Mr. Doan’s only […]

From The South End Of The Earth

USHUAIA, ARGENTINA–Dining with folks from England, France, and Argentina this evening at the “southernmost town in the world,” the GUARDIAN editor bragged that he had also visited Hammerfest, Norway which claims to be the “northernmost town in the world.” Eventually forced to detail the location of Boise on the world map for my new friends, […]

Fire Captain To Respond As New Chief

Dennis Doan has his work cut out for him as Boise’s new fire chief. According to a press release from Team Dave, the former captain has only “fire station commander” in his administrative background. That could be risky since the 17 year veteran firefighter will now be in charge of more than 200 firefighters AND […]

No Bikes Past River McMansions

We have heard from Gary Segers who uncovered Garden City bike path info in records at the State Lands Office. Segers claims the intent of the riverside path is for mix of bikes and pedestrians and a GC councilor says otherwise. Seems the money folks lead by developer/ John Evans want to keep the two […]

Warm Thoughts From Argentina

Driving across the Andes Mountains from Argentina to Chile today I couldn’t help but have warm thoughts of Idaho and the USA. The first couple of switch backs reminded me of the old White Bird Hill. The other 30 left the old Highway 95 route a dull memory. Have to say the Sawtooths really do […]

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