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Supremes Say Cottage Lease Law Unconstitutional

In a ruling released Friday the Idaho Supreme Court eliminated the “home field advantage” for cottage leaseholders on state land at Payette and Priest Lakes. We have to hand it to Attorney General Lawrence Wasden for suing his fellow land board members over the issue–a 1990 law giving current lessees priority for lease renewals. He […]

Ullman Assassinates Case’s Character On Facebook

Defeated Ada Commish Sharon Ullman has now made it a clean sweep of fellow commishes she has publicly attacked. With a Facebook entry she claimed: “On December 14, 1992, David Case and four other ISP officers assassinated a Payette County reserve deputy inside the Payette County Courthouse.” The DAILY PAPER posted the story today. Several […]

Dynamis Power Project Continues To Short Circuit

The group calling itself Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government (Idaho Citizens) Thursday requested State County and Federal attorneys to investigate the Ada County Commission-Dynamis deal. The six page document prepared by private attorney Andrew T. Schoppe appears to have enough substance to warrant an investigation. However, under Idaho law only […]

Boise Copper Banned From Idaho Law Enforcement

After two years of investigation, internal hearings, and a formal complaint filed with the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST) a former Boise copper has been banned from ever holding a law enforcement job in Idaho. The case involved officer Robert M. Berrier, who worked in a narcotics unit with city, state, and […]

A Sign Of Things To Come?

The day job took the GUARDIAN to the resort town of Traverse City, Michigan last week where we enjoyed an easy visit thanks to directional signs posted at nearly every intersection. The locals call them “way signs,” but regardless of what they are called, they are just what we have been calling for in Boise […]

Former Trash Now Fuels Controversy

Seems there just isn’t enough trash to go around these days. When Ada County entered into a deal with Foristar to capture methane gas at Hidden Hollow Landfill and burn it in an engine turning a turbine generating electricity, it made sense. For several years the county has made a couple hundred thousand bucks annually […]

Should State Be In Business of Business?

Here is another opinion piece being presented at the Repub Convention at Twin Falls this week. Disclaimer: The GUARDIAN will gladly post rebuttals, comments, or other topical items from any other party or individual. By Bob Forrey The Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, Sec. Of State Ben Ysursa, Supt. of […]

Repubs Consider Urban Renewal Repeal

This post is a copy of a document to be presented at the Republican State Convention in Twin Falls. The GUARDIAN will gladly post similar items from the Dems. By Rachel S. Gilbert Do you wonder why your property taxes are so high and continue to rise year after year? Do you wonder why cities […]

Land Board Rewards Director

Idaho’s state Land Board has bumped state Lands Director Tom Schultz’s salary from $112,800 per year to $120,000. That’s keeping with a promised salary review when he was hired. He seems to be an OK guy, has a good resume and follows the will of the Board. We have a problem with the board’s decisions […]

Former Politicos McGee And Craig Charged

It hasn’t been a good week for GOP lawmakers. Former Repub state Senator John McGee and U.S. Senator Larry Craig were the object of formal charges filed in separate court cases this week. McGee, still on probation for his infamous D.U.I. in a stolen motorhome, has been hit with “disturbing the peace,” by the same […]

Personal Property Tax May End

Idaho’s personal property tax–an annual levy on equipment used in businesses–may end soon if industry lobbyists and Gov. Butch Otter get their way, according to a recent REPORT in the Daily Paper. At a weekend meeting of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) the Guv said his position is evolving on that issue. […]

Canyon Mayors Quietly Seek Tax Hike

FROM THE CALDWELL GUARDIAN The mayors of Canyon County’s largest cities have been quietly pushing behind the scenes to raise the taxes of their constituents in the wake of declining property values, according to confidential GUARDIAN sources. Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas and Tom Dale of Nampa have talked with the Canyon County Assessor about raising […]

Booze Chief Flips Over Polygamy Vodka

One of these days a government politico is gonna come out and say, “Sorry. I screwed up and I was wrong about that.” It apparently ain’t happening at the Idaho Liquor Dispensary. The booze office was threatened with a couple of lawsuits in federal court for banning “Five Wives” vodka, so they blinked. In a […]

GBAD “Directional Plan” Keeps Visitors Aimless

Since the GUARDIAN has advocated directional signs at major Boise intersections for more than 5 years, we were encouraged to receive the minutes from an April 6 Greater Boise Auditorium District (G-BAD) meeting which discussed “directional statements.” We read things like, “…meetings to determine directional statements…make sure we are on the right path…state how where […]

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