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Boise Raises Tax Levy, Doles Out Cash To Unions, Elected Officials, One Citizen Calls It An “Exhibition Of Unprecedented Arrogance”

The city council gave each other praise Before voting themselves a nice raise The taxpayers got What they paid for – NOT! Therein the big problem lays. –POET PAUL We haven’t seen a lot in the legacy media, but Tuesday’s council session was sort of like a lottery jackpot for some–at the expense of most. […]

Idaho Has History Of Ignoring Citizens

It should have come as no surprise when the Garden City Council ignored the vote of the people and repealed an initiative requiring public approval regarding green belt use. Consider just these measures which come to mind: –Boise City refused to put the “Ten Commandments” monument removal on the ballot, despite a huge number of […]

Poet Paul On Garden City Bike Law Repeal

We will have an upcoming story about the arrogance of local government officials coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a ditty from Poet Paul and the Monday action of the Garden City council when they flipped their collective finger to the voters and biking enthusiasts who passed a measure on November 8 to limit authority of […]

More Stink Raised Over Dynamis Trash Deal

The Idaho Conservation League filed has filed a lawsuit in Fourth District Court challenging two recent actions taken by the Ada County Board of Commissioners to approve the controversial Dynamis “waste-to-energy” facility at the Ada County Landfill. The suit challenges the Commission’s 2-to-1 vote on Oct 23 to create an “industrial park” for the Dynamis […]

High Tech Devices Pose Issues For Government

When we posted the story about BOISE CITY COUNCILORS collecting $150 monthly for in-town automobile and cell phone use, we reasoned the text messages and phone records would be public. Their numbers should also be public. Third District Court in Caldwell was ahead of us as it turned out. During the trial of former prosecutor […]

Poet Paul On Black Friday

It’s a sure sign of our econo mee Bread lines as far as we see Clutching their coats and shuffling their feet They’re not in line for something to eat They’re at Best Buy for a flat screen TV! AND… The Statesman said it in type “Black Friday is meaningless hype” Merchants don’t think They’ll […]

Monkey Business Trumps Sexual Assault When It Comes To Outrage

THREE OF THE “OUT OF ORDER” BSU EMERGENCY PHONES PERSPECTIVE! We need to get things in Perspective. When a woman was assaulted near the BSU campus Sunday night, it drew only a couple paragraphs in the DAILY PAPER. There was no outrage among citizens, no call for extra security (while several security phones are out […]

4 of 5 Oppose Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Despite an orchestrated turnout at a public hearing on a proposed Boise City ordinance outlawing discrimination in housing and the workplace which exempts local governments, scouts, and religious organizations, four out of five calls to the Mayor’s Hotline oppose passage of the new law. The hotline contains no transcript of the callers reasoning–or even a […]

Records Of Publicly Funded Phones Are Public

If Boise City Councilors follow through with their move to take $150 a month for an auto and phone allowance, the GUARDIAN reasons those phone records should be available to the public. Boise coppers get iPhones with data packages so they can text, tweet, call as part of their duties–for$50 a month for each phone. […]

Ada Commishes Tell Dynamis To Pay Within 90 Days

Ada Commishes voted unanimously Wednesday to tell Dynamis to essentially “pay up or shut up” with regard to the proposed waste to energy project at the Ada County landfill. Commish Sharon Ullman–an avid supporter of the project to date–was the one who made the motion which called for a LETTER to Dynamis telling them to […]

Mom Of General’s “Friend” Lives In Boise

Amazing what you find on the “social media” these days. A Statesman online editor tells the TWITTER world she was “staking out” the Boise home of Paula Broadwell’s mother in Boise and was followed home by a reporter from the New York Post. Ms. Broadwell is the alleged subject of an affair with Gen. David […]

Election 2012 Boils Down To Physics

A reader directed us to a “creative commons” website created by a University of Michigan Prof who has created a series of red and blue maps which explain in vivid color why Obama won the election. Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan shows us why […]

Even With Payback, $2 Million Dynamis Deal Would Remain Illegal

Ada Commishes will consider a motion to demand repayment of a $2 million loan made to Dynamis back in 2010. The meeting is at 1p.m. Wednesday at the Court House on Front St. Under terms of the contract, the waste to energy company must repay the loan prior to construction of the processing plant. The […]

Boise Councilors To Propose Unneeded Ordinance

A couple of well intended Boise City Councilors are about to propose a gay rights ordinance which “would not apply to churches, religious schools, groups such as the Boy Scouts of America, and local, state and federal governments. Existing law limits how the city can regulate those organizations,” according to the DAILY PAPER. In Sandpoint […]

Dynamis Project Faces Court Challenge

After months of sabre rattling, the group opposed to the Dynamis trash to energy project at the Ada County landfill has filed a lawsuit in Fourth District Court challenging the legality of the project. You can read the 59 page COMPLAINT in its entirety, but it boils down to six allegations from Idaho Citizens for […]

Guv Observes Free Speech

We don’t normally drop “f-bombs” on the GUARDIAN, but this display of free speech with the familiar face of Idaho Guv Butch Otter is an example of democracy in action. It was sent to us by a reader who got the viral image from Face Book.

G.C. Bike Ban Lifted By Voters

Garden City voters passed one of the two initiatives on the Tuesday ballot, prompting the bicycling advocates to issue the following press release. Attorney T. J. Angstman said, “The passage of Initiative B renders the bike ban in Garden City void, effective immediately”, as it states that the People of Garden City ‘believe that all […]

Share Your Voting Stories

As an election day special the GUARDIAN will post your stories about voting today. Just make a comment and we will transfer it to this page. Tells us about meeting friends, long lines, short lines, parking, ANYTHING about the election. PHIL McCRANE, Ada election chief–Reminder to Voters: Early reports show that some voters are heading […]

Mayor Called First Time In Six Years

Got a call from Boise”s Team Dave Monday. When I heard the voice I thought, “Wow! They are finally talking to me again,” but it was just a robo call from the Mayor campaigning for a state legislator candidate. It seems we only communicate through legal briefs and public records requests. We would love to […]

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